5 Best Cycling Shorts for Heavy Riders [2022]

There are many reasons why cyclists should not part with this type of accessory. The cycling shorts are the essential which gives them maximum comfort and safety. It strongly contributes to improve their performance. So, it is important to choose it well.

The majority base their options on the quality of the insert, the ease of maintenance and the sturdiness of the item.

If you are bored with the multiple offers on the market, find what you need from the following suggestions. In first place, Sundried SD0298 XS Black is among the most popular models, because it does not have many layers of material in order to remain light.

You may also be tempted by X-bionic IN-BB05W19Mwhich is equipped with endurance pads. These promote relief of sensitive blood vessels and nerves.

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BALEAF Men’s Padded Bike Shorts Cycling Underwear

As the main interface between the rider and the saddle, the cycling shorts play an essential role in the practice of cycling. It conditions and acts definitively on the performance of the athlete. Hence the importance of taking your time to choose it well. To help you, we present below our selection of the best articles on the market.

BALEAF Men's Padded Bike Shorts Cycling Underwear 3D Padding...
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Sundried Cycle Quilted Women

It is essential to be well equipped when cycling, hence the need to wear shorts. Thus, this model is chosen in this comparison, because its design meets all the requirements. Specially tailored for women, it is made with high quality Italian luxury fabric.

One of the great things about wearing this shorts is that it is made with a compression fit. This effectively improves blood circulation while reducing fatigue. In addition, the type of fabric adopted provides good protection against UV rays. In addition, the manufacturer has added silicone clamps at the legs to eliminate friction.

This is a bib shorts, so it stays in place despite your movements. The preferred textile dries very quickly and it does not retain moisture either. In any case, this equipment is not too tight, despite appearances. In addition, the bottom of the shorts does not go up either.


Design: These shorts benefit from ISO cutting technology which does not require the use of many layers of material. This makes it much lighter in order to be comfortable to wear. The straps are also stretchy and they do not interfere with movement either.

Effectiveness: The shorts incorporate a chamois pad which brings more flexibility to the thighs. This element is also used to eliminate friction and pain caused by a saddle that is too hard.


A Little Tight: When ordering, it’s best to take one size down to avoid feeling cramped in these shorts.

X-bionic Invent 4.0

By wanting to compare the different models of shorts on the market, you could waste a lot of time. Having said that, we recommend the X-bionic Invent 4.0 which is a men’s model. These are high quality lightweight pants with every element designed to increase your abilities.

It incorporates “sweat TRAPS”, the positioning of which is well thought out for maximum absorption of perspiration which evaporates easily. This allows precise cooling to be obtained in strategic areas. In addition, the “4000 fx endurance pad” relieves sensitive blood vessels and nerves.

The straps provide a better fit as well as an optimal hold. The shorts also have foam pads, the front part of which is designed in a smooth knit to adapt to sensitive areas. The maintenance of this garment is also facilitated by following the manufacturer’s instructions. In all cases, the comfort is indeed there.


Innovative Design: This cycling shorts supports the 3D Bionic Sphere system. This provides temperature compensation depending on the situation. That is, it warms you up when you are cold and cools you down when you sweat.

Reliable: The fabric selected to design this product is composed of 89% polyamide, 7% elastane and 4% polypropylene. It also helps keep you dry even if you sweat a lot.


Average comfort: Some of the cyclists complain of buttocks pain despite the presence of pad in the crotch area.

BALEAF Men’s Cycling Shorts 3D Padded Bike Bicycle

Faced with the characteristics of these shorts, it can be adapted to cyclists of all levels. In terms of workmanship, this suit is made from recycled polyester. It is a breathable fabric that does not promote perspiration. Therefore, moisture is optimally evacuated to eliminate any feelings of discomfort.

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These cycling shorts also feature green 95 chamois leather. This component helps ensure your comfort even if you ride your bike for a long time. Also, the bottom padding is very well thought out to reduce butt pain when you ride for hours.

It’s not finished, because the manufacturer has added suspenders that offer excellent support. In addition, the preformed multi-zone design provides maximum fit. On the other hand, every rider is completely free in his movements with the fit that is well adjusted.


Comfortable: The fabric used on this product dries fairly quickly in case of intense perspiration since it does not retain moisture. The multi-panel construction also provides maximum fit. Thus, the shorts can be worn under your clothes.

Care: The shape and color of these shorts do not change, as long as the washing instructions are followed. Moreover, it can be put in the machine at a temperature of 30 ° C and the drying should be done in the open air.


Lack of flexibility: The straps are not stretchy enough according to the observations of a few customers who have nevertheless chosen the right size.

Sportneer Mens Mountain Bike Shorts

Cycling isn’t just for grown-ups. Our cherubs also appreciate this discipline and practice it on a daily basis, hence the interest in equipping them as best as possible to protect them from injuries and to help them improve their performance. It is for this purpose that the following model is then proposed. Small in size, this accessory was designed for kids.

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It has a 6-panel cut which gives it better stretching. It adapts perfectly to the morphology of the child. For optimal support, the lower edge of the shorts is sewn with non-slip rubber bands. This prevents the garment from rising or slipping over the thighs and lower back. Its Cool Max padding is a major asset of this product. The structure is both breathable and antibacterial. This plus offers a healthier lifestyle. The material dries quickly and there is no risk of smelling bad after the efforts.


Cool Max technology : It is associated with the nature of the fabric and the seat which covers the shorts. Soft, it contributes to the well-being of the mini athlete. When he starts to sweat, his sweat is evacuated to the outside to keep the heat on the skin.

Increased performance: Indeed, it seems trivial, but yes the use of this best brand of cycling shorts shows an impact on the power and endurance of the little one. This thanks to its impact on blood circulation in the thighs.


Limited time of use : As children grow quickly, the product will only suit them for a long time. Thus, they are encouraged to put it on as many times as possible.

sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts Padded Bicycle

All the products offered by this brand are the result of hard work in design and testing. This fact guarantees the quality of these shorts which, moreover, have benefited from updates in comparison with other models of the same manufacturer. Indeed, it has been revisited and this results in the installation of a new generation insert very powerful which is named EVO S7 team.

sponeed Men's Bike Shorts Padded Race Fit Bicycle Bottoms...
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sponeed Men's Bike Shorts Padded Race Fit Bicycle Bottoms...
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It is ideal for cyclists who perform very long races thanks to its ventilation system located on the front of the garment. These are openings that allow air to circulate for better ventilation. This provides great refreshment for the delicate areas of your body.

The textile used in its design is Type 439 Diadema, which is a unique material because of its weaving pattern. This is because it is made from the combination of 2 distinct levels of 4-way stretch. This makes the shorts very elastic and resistant for more comfort. Then, the simple seam of the product paces the legs so that the shorts enclose the thighs and the compresses.

You will have great freedom in your movements thanks to goldenGate Assos technology which will increase the performance of the insert tenfold. In addition, it has an odor Control system which is an antibacterial treatment acting in the reduction of odors. This is assisted by the iceColor which forms the fabric so that it reflects the sun’s rays so that the heat absorbed is less.


Breathable: The textile used in its manufacture is embossed, this results in the triple layer foam of the insert which has perforations through which the skin can breathe. The technology of this model helps reduce the rate of heat ingestion, which will keep you cool.

Elastic: It ensures great comfort in your movements thanks to the flexibility of its fabric. The goldenGate Assos system is the guarantee of this, because it gives good fluidity.


Color: Even though this item is very practical and has many strengths, its unique shade of black might not appeal to everyone.

Purchase guide

There is no shortage of alternatives on the market. Only, it is important to find the product best suited to our morphology, but also to our expectations and our requirements. It is in this perspective that we will show you the essential points to approach before relying on any variation.

Elasticity and size

The degree of elasticity of the product affects the ability and performance of the rider. The brands offer multiple variations which differ according to the lightness of their compressions. Models that best sheath the thighs are advantageous on a few points. First, they mold and tighten the muscles during the course. This helps to promote venous return. The body therefore benefits from better blood circulation. And there are fewer toxins in the thigh, which increases the power of the athlete.

On the other hand, if you make the wrong article and choose a specimen that is too useful, then you will be hampered in your movements. The discomfort sets in and will minimize your performance. In this regard, it becomes important to properly determine the size of the specimen. The product must imperatively adjust to our morphology while adhering perfectly to our body. It is necessary to turn to a variation which respects our anatomy and which highlights it.

And on the contrary, it is out of the question to get a device that is too large, which is not tight to the body. Models that are too wide will raise the temperature in the seat. Since the fabric is not stuck to the skin, there is a good chance that the friction will increase. The area then begins to heat up leading to burns or injury. The insert moves everywhere and no longer serves as an interface between the saddle and the posterior of the wearer.


Between the doubts expressed on how to buy a better value for money cycling shorts, which model to choose and many other questions, customers are unable to sort through the proposals that fall under their arms. To get it right, it is important to focus on the basic design of the accessory before making your final choice.

Adjustments: to limit sliding movements such as climbing or descending the shorts, some brands add an anti-slip strip inside the structure or at the seams. These details become important as they serve to keep the device in the right place. By controlling them, you must also measure their degree of compression, once glued to your physique. If the accessory tightens your thigh too much, it will block your blood flow. If the opposite happens, then the tape is useless since it does not hold the structure in place.

Men’s or women’s models: indeed, before finding the best cycling shorts on the market, the customer must check whether it is an item intended for a male or female user. This specificity manifests itself in particular in terms of the cut and the nature of the insert. The advice of the pros forbids women to wear men’s shorts during their sports sessions. Especially since the trade is full of multiple variations dedicated to each genre.

Short or long shorts: this option depends on your training frequency, but also on the period during which you start in this sport. Shorts are more versatile and are suitable all year round. The degree of sensitivity to cold of the individual also comes into consideration. But, we can not part with it during the summer seasons. If we set our sights on these short versions even for winter, it is at the level of the thickness of the article that we must work more to provide us with maximum heat. In any case, nothing also prevents us from moving towards long models. They are more suitable to accommodate temperatures hovering below 5 ° C.

Comfort in use and maintenance

This detail is confirmed if and only if we manage to find a product suited to our morphology. Thus, a close look at the structure of the straps is essential. The height of the shorts at the level of the belly can act on the comfort of the wearer. Some models are much higher than others. In this regard, adding an adjustment system to this accessory solves this problem. To avoid having to deal with this type of problem, you can opt for classic, simple and strapless shorts.

In addition, do not skimp on how to clean the item either. This particularly depends on the quality of the fabric which composes it and the nature of the insert. So, don’t forget to focus on the product label before deciding which cycling shorts to choose.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: Why wear cycling shorts?

This element serves as an interface between the saddle of the bicycle and the seat of the cyclist. It plays the role of intermediary which helps to protect the person from shocks and knocks during hooks with the ground. It is on this equipment that the comfort during the race depends. The insert which improves the well-being of the wearer is held as a protection. With movement during pedaling, blisters or injuries may appear at this level. Wearing shorts becomes necessary to limit the damage.

Still in terms of comfort, this equipment has optimal ventilation. This helps to regulate perspiration and accentuate the drying of the coating. The aerodynamics obtained and maintained by the existence of this product also contributes to improving the performance of the athlete. The article guarantees optimal blood circulation in order to avoid cramps and fatigue. Normal venous return increases power in the athlete’s legs and thighs.

Q2: How to wear cycling shorts?

These are shorts that stick to the skin. Thus, it is worn without artifice. You just have to put a top on top, and you are ready for mountain sports or for riding. Additional accessories complete this set for maximum comfort and safety.

Q3: How to choose the size of my cycling shorts?

Normally, size guides accompany or are available on the product sheets. To avoid making mistakes, do not hesitate to consult them.

Q4: Cycling shorts with or without straps?

It depends on each person. The models with shoulder straps seem more practical because these elements guarantee optimal support of the structure. These devices can be regulated according to the length of the wearer. Their presence reduces the obligation to put on the shorts after a few meters of effort.

However, these suspenders hamper a category of cyclists. This encourages customers to turn to classic items lacking this element. Often times, the garment not being properly adjusted to the person’s anatomy causes countless abnormalities such as the slipping of the accessory. To remedy this, it is necessary to determine its size. Anti-slip bands really help in various situations. The essential in both cases is then based on the purchase of a specimen adapted to our morphology.

Q5: How to wash a cycling shorts?

The advice of specialists in the field ask you not to exceed 30 ° C during machine cleaning. As the fabric of this equipment seems fragile and specific, it is important not to use aggressive detergents that could affect the elasticity of the product. It is also important to remember never to put the device in the dryer. Instead, exposing the garment to the open air helps maintain its quality.

For more precautions, prefer hand washing. However, avoid using a brush and do the task gently. Refer to the instructions marked on the label.

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