6 Best Compression Socks for Swelling [2022 Updated ]

Compression socks are a useful piece of clothing, whether you are an athlete or struggle with pain and swelling in your legs. During active sports, it is worth wearing Sesto Senso socks .

They are universal, they are suitable for both women and men. They are made of breathable material, and the seamless structure protects against abrasions. Socks protect and stabilize the foot, reducing the risk of injury. They can be used at any time of the year.

It is also worth considering the purchase of Compressport T2 socks . They work well when running, stimulate circulation and support muscle regeneration.

The tabs on the surface of the socks gently massage the feet and help in better air exchange. The material from which they are made is pleasant to the touch and does not cause allergies.

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6 Best Compression Socks for Swelling [2022 Updated ]

3 Pairs Copper Compression Socks – Compression Socks

Athletes often wear appropriate clothing to improve blood circulation during training. Sesto Senso sports compression socks for runners are an indispensable element of clothing. They are universal, they can be used by both men and women. Good and cheap compression socks are available in three sizes: 35 – 38, 39 – 42 and 43 – 46. They are made of polyamide, which ensures adequate air exchange, which reduces foot sweating.

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Running compression socks fit snugly around the feet and calves to improve blood circulation in the legs. As a result, the muscles regenerate faster and can endure more effort. The socks additionally stabilize the foot and protect the Achilles tendon, so they minimize the risk of injury. Seamless construction ensures comfort, preventing unpleasant abrasions and abrasions. There is a welt at the top of the socks, thanks to which the material adheres better to the leg. The material used has quick-drying properties, wicks away moisture well and provides heat control.

Athletes conducted a test of Sesto Senso compression socks and expressed a positive opinion about them. Consumers like the quality of workmanship and the seamless construction. The material ensures good air exchange and improves blood flow.

FITRELL 3 Pairs Compression Socks 

Every person who regularly practices sports, such as running or football, should equip themselves with Compressport T2 regenerative compression socks. They are made of natural wood fiber from eucalyptus and pine trees. As a result, they are pleasant to the touch, durable and breathable. Men’s Compressport T2 compression socks support muscle regeneration after intense exercise. They use gradual compression, which stimulates blood circulation and metabolism in cells.

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The special, seamless construction ensures great comfort of use, as it prevents abrasions on the skin. The socks are made of water-repellent material that dries quickly. The ArchStim technology was used in the production process, which provides support for the arch of the foot. Compressport compression socks precisely fit the shape of the foot and calf, and special tabs provide a massage of the skin and allow better air exchange. Gradual compression not only stimulates circulation, but also minimizes the risk of injury.

User reviews of Compressport compression socks are positive. The material is breathable, reduces perspiration and keeps feet warm. Consumers like the interesting design with insets and the quick regeneration of muscles.

Aoliks Compression Socks

Nie tylko mężczyźni potrzebują odpowiedniej odzieży podczas treningów. Mięśnie kobiet również wymagają regeneracji i właściwego wsparcia. Dlatego z pewnością przydadzą Ci się damskie skarpety kompresyjne Cep 3.0. Uszyto je z przyjemnego w dotyku, miękkiego materiału o dużej elastyczności. W efekcie dobrze przylegają do nogi. Efekt stopniowanej kompresji pobudza krążenie krwi oraz przyspiesza proces regeneracji mięśni. Skarpety dodatkowo stabilizują nogę i chronią stopę przed wstrząsami.

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Women’s compression socks are available in several colors and sizes. They are perfect for sports, Nordic walking, cycling and jogging. The material from which they are made is breathable, which makes the feet sweat less. The fabric also has quick-drying properties. Extreme Air technology wicks moisture during hot days, and retains heat in winter. The anatomical shape of the socks ensures a proper fit to the foot.

Users emphasize that the Cep model is a multifunctional compression socks for cycling and training, and they are useful during recovery after exercise. They are comfortable, made of flexible materials. The fabric ensures adequate air exchange, and the construction of the socks protects against injuries.

Copper Medical Compression Socks

Every woman will surely like Cep W compression socks in trendy, pastel colors. They are perfect for practicing yoga and various team sports, as well as running. They are made of flexible material that adapts to the shape of the foot. A special welt at the top of the sock keeps it in place. The material does not irritate or rub the skin. The socks feature gradual compression, which stimulates circulation and supports the process of muscle regeneration after training.

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Cep compression socks are designed to minimize shock and vibration that could lead to micro-injuries. Additional reinforcements in areas exposed to abrasion increase the durability of the material. As a result, the socks are solid and you can be sure that they will serve you for a long time. The material provides adequate ventilation, which reduces foot sweating during exercise. It is also quick-drying.

The good Cep compression socks have received a lot of positive feedback from users. Consumers are pleased with the protection they provide and the way they affect the muscle recovery process. The material is soft and pleasant to the skin, it does not cause irritation.

3 Pack Medical Compression Sock

Not only athletes use underwear to stimulate circulation. If you have problems with proper blood flow and the flight makes your ailments even worse, it is worth buying Cabeau compression socks. They are made of a combination of several materials, most of which are bamboo fabric. It has antibacterial properties and drains moisture well. As a result, there is no unpleasant smell on the socks. The material is pleasant to the touch and does not cause allergies. Airplane compression socks are comfortable and invisible under clothes.

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The socks fit snugly around the body and improve blood circulation, also increasing its flow to the heart. They are also equipped with a special massage surface that minimizes the risk of edema. Socks work well in the treatment of varicose veins. So if you are struggling with obstructed blood flow, take some compression socks with you on a long flight.

People who have purchased Cabeau compression socks are satisfied with the choice. They work well when traveling by plane, improve circulation and protect against edema. They can also be used at home as part of therapy.

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks

If you often struggle with pain in the area of ​​the feet and calves and you experience leg fatigue, therapeutic thermal compression socks will be a good choice. They are made of breathable material which, thanks to the appropriate air flow, does not cause the feet to sweat. The socks can be worn alone or under another pair of socks. The seamless construction does not cause pressure points. Socks are used for ailments caused by lifestyle, type of work, pregnancy, sports or injuries.

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Medical compression socks stimulate blood circulation, reducing swelling and pain. They have seven compression zones of varying intensity, which makes them effective. The socks do not put pressure on the calves, and the toe-free design provides greater wearing comfort. Adequate support for the feet and ankles reduces the risk of injury. Socks also work well for athletes because they accelerate muscle regeneration.

Opinions of both athletes and others who use medical socks for therapeutic purposes are positive. The socks are comfortable, they help reduce pain and discomfort. The material is breathable and reduces sweating of the feet.

Shopping guide – which compression socks to buy?

Compression socks are something worth having in your wardrobe. They are most often used by athletes, wearing them during or even after training. However, compression socks also work well in the case of circulation problems and related complications. You can find a lot of different models in stores, so many people ask themselves how to choose the right one? We’ve created a guide to tell you what the best compression socks are.

Why are compression socks worn?

Compression socks are taller than traditional underwear, usually reaching mid-calf. They can also end at the ankle, it depends primarily on their purpose. They are properly designed to put pressure on the leg, stimulating blood flow. Socks are often used by athletes, in part because the circulating blood carries more oxygen to the muscles. As a result, they recover faster after intense exercise. Socks are also used in the treatment of diseases caused by abnormal blood flow.

Material and construction

The first consideration when choosing the best compression socks is the material. First of all, it should ensure good air exchange to minimize sweating of the legs. It is also worth checking if the material wicks moisture properly. A compression sock should be flexible but durable. When looking for a model for yourself, pay attention to whether it is reinforced in areas particularly exposed to abrasion. If you need steam for sports in the fall and winter, it is worth making sure that the material retains heat. Good compression socks must not sensitize or rub your feet. Therefore, seamless versions will be a good choice. To be able to put on your socks at any time, even after a recent training session, it is worth choosing a quick-drying material.

Extra security

A compression sock, especially intended for athletes, should not only stimulate blood circulation, but also protect the leg from injuries. For this purpose, manufacturers use reinforcements in certain places, for example, on the ankle or heel. The leg in the compression sock must be stable. An interesting solution is the use of shock and vibration absorbing protection. As a result, the sock protects the user against micro-injuries that may arise during physical activity.


When considering which compression socks to choose, pay attention not only to the material and design, but also to the correct size. Only a well-chosen model will ensure the right results. If the socks are too big, they will not fit snugly to the leg and thus will not stimulate the circulation properly. The same applies to the too small size. A very tight-fitting sock may obstruct the blood flow rather than support it. Many manufacturers sew a separate model for each size. However, it often happens that one pair is intended for people with different foot sizes. So you can find, for example, three possible variants of socks ranging in sizes from 36 to even 45. In such a situation, it is worth following the size table, if it is provided by the manufacturer.


When looking for compression socks, it is also worth paying attention to their cut. This is not the most important point, but it may affect the wearing comfort. In stores, there are high socks in the type of knee socks or shorter, reaching only the ankle. Before making a purchase, consider which option will be best for you. For sports, especially in the autumn and winter season, it is worth choosing higher socks, which will additionally provide warmth.

Compression sock prices

Compression socks at good prices are available in online and stationary stores. When choosing a pair for yourself, it is worth reading the opinions of other users and choosing the product they recommend. In order for compression socks to have the desired effect, they must be well made of high-quality materials. It is also an investment for a long time, so choosing a more expensive, but proven model is the best solution. The prices of compression socks start from around PLN 40 and can reach up to PLN 180 per pair. Medical products that help in the treatment of edema and varicose veins are available for about PLN 50. Socks also work well when traveling by plane, and you can buy special underwear for a flight for around PLN 90.


Q1: What do compression socks do?

Compression socks are eagerly used by athletes because they stimulate circulation. As a result, the muscles are better oxygenated and regenerate faster. By applying pressure to the lower limbs, the work of the heart also improves. Compression socks are used not only in sports. They are also useful in treating conditions caused by abnormal blood flow in the veins. That is why they are used by people struggling with varicose veins, swelling, as well as fatigue and pain in the legs. From a sedentary lifestyle to pregnancy, discomfort in the lower extremities can be influenced by many factors. Socks help regulate blood flow and thus have a positive effect on the work of the heart. As a result, swelling, pain and fatigue are reduced.

Q2: What is compression socks?

Compression socks differ from traditional socks in the way they are sewn, the material used, their purpose and length. They are used to improve blood circulation. They are often put on by athletes to ensure better metabolism in the muscles, and thus faster recovery after training. Compression socks are made of flexible materials as they must fit snugly against the leg. They usually reach the middle of the calf or the knee, but sometimes only the ankle. Due to the possibility of stimulating circulation, compression socks are also used by people struggling with edema and varicose veins. Each pair should be individually tailored to the user. The socks must not be too loose, but they should not put too much pressure on the legs.

Q3: How do compression socks work?

The way compression socks work is based on compression. This phenomenon stimulates the blood, thanks to which it flows more efficiently through the veins to the heart. Compression has long been used in the treatment and prevention of varicose veins. Currently, it is also eagerly used by athletes, which is why specially designed socks are becoming more and more popular. Good underwear for physically active people should, however, use graded compression. This means that the pressure is different in different places on the leg. At the lowest level, the blood has the greatest tendency to congeal, which is why the compression is greatest in the area of ​​the feet. The higher the pressure becomes, the softer the pressure becomes. Thanks to this, the blood flows with the right intensity everywhere in the leg.

Q4: When to use compression socks?

If you use compression socks for health reasons, if you want to prevent or get rid of varicose veins, consult your doctor before wearing them. Athletes should also remember a few rules. First of all, compression socks should be properly selected, and you cannot wear them every day. It is also not recommended to use them in every training session. It is worth using them primarily during important games or competitions, when the effort is greater than during regular exercises. You can also wear them only for a few selected workouts to get used to them. Compression socks can be used after training or competition to relieve leg fatigue and accelerate muscle recovery.

Q5: How long can compression socks be worn?

When buying compression socks, it is worth remembering a few rules important when wearing them. First of all, you shouldn’t put them on every day. Also, if you train regularly, you don’t have to use them in every training session. There are many opinions that frequent and long wearing of compression socks weakens their effect, because the muscles get used to constant pressure. Therefore, the best solution is to rarely use socks, for example in competitions. During training, you can put them on for several minutes to get used to the feeling of pressure. However, you shouldn’t wear socks longer than necessary, especially not all day long.

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