10 Best City Bikes under 500 [2022 Updated ]

Those who want above all to protect the environment from the harmful gases emitted by 4-wheelers and who have the possibility, are increasingly using city bikes to get to work, to school or to visit places. the family in the countryside.

The choice of this machine being rather technical, it is important to pay attention to certain criteria to return with the adequate bike. At the store, you will need to examine the size, the suspensions, and other details such as the available speeds and the braking system.

You’ll find out how to choose the best 2021 city bikes in a buying guide or online comparison. On the other hand, if you have very little time in front of you, we can already suggest two products in our ranking.

On the one hand,Via Veneto by Canellini Bici Bike Citybike is practical due to the robustness of its design and the driving comfort it offers to its rider.

And another, from the same brand, Via Veneto by Canellini City for Retro Wheels stands out from other city bikes through its aesthetic aspect and its functional side.

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10 Best City Bikes under 500 [2022 Updated ]

Cruiser Electric Bike Women&Men Brushless Gear Motor Ebike

Ladies, this bike has been entirely designed to allow you a safe, comfortable ride that will not go unnoticed in the city. Its advantages ? First, its entirely Italian manufacture, which has earned it foolproof robustness. This is demonstrated by the choice of aluminum both in terms of the frame, pedals, and handlebars. But that’s not all since everything is mounted on wheels with a dimension of 700 x 35 mm, but whose frame can be chosen according to the size of the user.

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Reliable, but also efficient, the bike offers the possibility of changing 6 Shimano speeds. Its V-Brakes are also of good quality, while its handlebars have an adjustable column. On the practical side, there is a faux leather bag and a natural wicker basket on the bike. Accessories that not only optimize the storage possibilities, but also add a big bonus to the vintage look of the model. The rear carrier is compatible for the installation of a baby seat.


Robust: Due to its totally Italian manufacture, this model is sure to last over time. Moreover, the majority of its components are made of aluminum to demonstrate it.

Comfortable: This women’s road bike adds a double-spring saddle, adjustable handlebars and medium weight, to testify to its level of comfort.

Vintage: Its vintage look, with its wicker basket and faux leather bag makes this bike stand out in the market. It will inevitably know how to please the fairer sex.


Doorbell: Unfortunately, this bike does not have a doorbell.

Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike 350W Electric City Cruiser Bicycle

 This is a city bike designed from an aluminum frame and forged by hand welds. In addition, the saddle and handlebars of this device adjust without too much hassle to your posture to provide you with optimal driving comfort. Added to that, it also has ergonomic grips and water dispersion tires.

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Also, it can withstand a heavy load of 95 kg, which allows you to place a large number of things at the level of the location provided for this purpose. To get you going at full speed, this bike also includes 20 inch wheels.

Besides, this model can easily be folded up in case you plan to store it or carry it everywhere with you. Indeed, you can convert it up to a portable dimension of 25.4 x 76.2 x 55.9 cm.


Adjustable: The design of this bike adapts very easily to your body type, due to its adjustable handlebars and saddle.

Convenient: Even if you plan to carry a lot of things on this device, note that it can carry a load of up to 95 kg.

Easy to Carry: When you feel the urge to take this contraption on the go, you will just have to fold it up to 25.4 x 76.2 x 55.9cm dimensions.


Color: According to the opinion of some users, the paint rendering of this model seems a bit classic, which detracts from its elegance.

NAKTO Electric City Bike for Adults

The manufacturer took this very carefully when designing its City model. Its retro vintage design is reminiscent of the 90s while its 15kg weight helps when you need to carry it over rough terrain or uphill. The touch of leather (more precisely imitation leather) at the level of the saddle, handles and saddlebags adds even more points to its aesthetic side.

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It is a product mainly dedicated to men, but it also looks good on women. Moreover the article is available in different sizes (54 and 58) to suit all user profiles. With it, you will travel in the heart of the city in complete safety, whether it is your own or that of your fellow citizens. The battery lasts longer compared to other models, as the front and rear lights are battery operated.

It is an example of practicality for parents because of its luggage rack. Elderly children have a good grip on it. The aluminum frame, like all the other parts of the benchmark, is unlikely to bend. You gain an additional storage compartment with the bag and do not have to search for a compatible bag.


An aesthetic article: If you don’t know which city bike to choose and which settings to look closely at in your selection, start with the design. This City model from Via Veneto by canellini, which is the best brand of city bikes in the making, displays a particular elegance.

Comfort at the rendezvous: The handles and the saddle are covered with imitation leather to enhance the grip and the seat.

Several sizes available: Everyone, women and men alike will find what they are looking for.

Reduced consumption: The lighting is powered by batteries, not the battery, so the battery is more likely to last longer.


Unsuitable model for parents with babies: Some parents claim that the model is incompatible with baby carriers with a rod. To keep everything together, you need to completely rearrange the luggage rack.

NAKTO Electric Bike for Adults City Electric Bicycle 

To come home from work or to take city trips, you just have to get on the handlebars of the best city bike. Precisely, this model represents a perfect alliance between aerodynamics and lightness, because of its well thought-out structure. First, it has been specially designed so that it does not give way easily under extreme stresses.

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Indeed, it consists of alloy rims and a quality aluminum frame. In addition to this design, this model was made with a hand polished weld and double stainless steel termination butt.

Also, you will be able without too many constraints to go from a simple speed to a maximum speed thanks to its rocking hub placed in its rear part. You will have understood it, note that this model represents a very good choice, if you want to discover which is the best city bike on the market.


Robust: Due to its structure composed mainly of an aluminum frame, this bike is resistant to any test.

Well-studied design: The methods adopted for the development of this device give it a long service life, including a hand-polished weld.

Fast: Using its tilting hub on its back, this machine can spin at full speed in seconds.


Installation: The chain of this device sometimes loses its tension if you neglect to tighten the rear wheel when installing it.

  1. Moma Bikes City Classic 26 ″ City Bike

Taking on a Dutch type styling, this bike is a better alternative to the bus and car. Plus, depending on your needs and how quickly you want to set off, you’ll be able to switch between 18 different speeds on medium slopes.

Also, it guarantees you an effective stopping through its front and rear brake, and its brake lever designed in aluminum. Likewise, this bike is sold in 2 different variants between which you can choose according to your posture. It is up to you to choose between a City Classic 26 or a City Classic 28.

In addition, this model displays a large number of compartments and accessories, in order to provide you with ease of use. Indeed, it has a mudguard, a chain guard, a crutch, a bell and a basket. To stop wondering which city bike to choose, know that this article is one of the most coveted at the moment.


Versatile: This bike gives you 18 different speeds, and you just have to choose which one you want to reach your destination.

Complete: Many accessories are integrated into this machine to facilitate its use including a bell, a crutch and a basket.

Safe: If necessary, the operation of this less expensive device can be stopped at any time using its aluminum brake lever.


Notice: The user manual for this bicycle only presents basic information on the steps to follow for its installation.

  1. VTC 24 ″ girl Bahia 6 speeds

To help you find where to buy a new city bike in a price comparison, we have gathered our best choices in this ranking where this model keeps an important place. Even with heavy use, it does not deteriorate easily due to the sturdiness of its structure. It was mounted from a rigid fork and a steel frame, with a step over at the bottom.

Also, to provide you with ease of use, this model has many very practical accessories, including a housing, a kickstand, a mudguard and a front basket. Added to this, it also comes with a doorbell and battery operated lighting.

In addition, this bike allows you to select the speed with which you intend to ride during your journeys. Indeed, it puts at your disposal 6 different speeds, with a derailleur in its rear part and a rotating handle.


Strong: The steel frame of this city bike protects it from the often deteriorating road conditions.

Complete: To ensure ergonomic use, note that this machine has a front basket, a kickstand, a housing and a mudguard.

Versatile: Depending on how quickly you plan to get on the bike, this device has 6 different riding speeds.


Use: Some users say that the size of this inexpensive device is not suitable for tall riders.

  1. Legend Monza Folding Electric Bike Smart eBike

This is a city bike suitable for cyclists between 1.60m and 1.85m tall, and weighing less than 100kg. In addition, this model offers you an optimal posture through its ergonomic handles and its gel saddle.

Powered by a powerful 250 Watt motor, it rolls at a torque of 40 nm and a top speed of 25 km / h. Also, it guarantees you a driving slowdown that is both progressive and rapid, through its hydraulic disc braking system. It also presents increased robustness through its puncture-proof tires.

In addition, be aware that upon acquisition, this bike will be given to you with all the accessories already assembled from each other. In this way, you will no longer have to assemble it on your own or pay a professional to do it for you.


Fast: This machine can travel up to a maximum speed of 25 km / h, due to its torque of 40 nm and its powerful 250 Watts motor.

Practice: You can gradually and quickly end the operation of this bike, thanks to its hydraulic disc braking mechanism.

Robust: Even with heavy handling, the tires of this device do not risk losing their robustness in a short time, thanks to the anti-puncture design.


Display: According to the statements of certain users, the presence of a display of the battery level of this bicycle would not have been refused.

  1. Macwheel Cruiser-550 Electric Bike VAE

With this city bike, you can vary the speed with which it rolls with the help of a throttle lever. Likewise, to illuminate the road for you during your night hikes, know that it also has an LED headlight.

Also, this model gives you maximum driving speed through its battery with a capacity of 360 Wh and its motor with a power of 250 Watts. Added to this speed, it enjoys a range of 30 to 40 km in electric mode, and 60 to 80 km in moped mode.

In addition, when the charge level of its battery reaches a critical level, you just have to put it back on its feet for a charging time of between 6 and 8 hours. However, in order not to make a mistake with the choice, do not forget to compare the characteristics of this bike with those of the other models in our selection.


Safe: This city bike puts you in safety throughout your journey, through its braking and suspension system.

Practical: You will not waste precious time installing this machine, since it will be delivered to you in pre-assembled mode.

Fast: With a power of 250 Watts, the city bike motor propels it at high speed throughout your journey.


Display: The battery level indicator on this machine tends to operate regardless of the actual battery capacity.

  1. KS Cycling Casino City Bike 28 ″

The particular aspect of this reference is immediately obvious. It does not indeed resemble the “sport” models that we are used to meeting in stores. Even the wheels are beige, something you don’t often see. This Casino is very elegant and stands out from the crowd. This is handy for spotting it from afar in case it gets stolen.

As the bike is delivered 85% pre-assembled, you won’t waste precious time at reception. Most of the parts are already assembled at the factory, the brakes and derailleur are pre-adjusted. The buyer’s share is thus greatly reduced. And by carefully studying the complete instructions provided by the manufacturer on request, anyone can do it without great difficulty.

You might think that a steel frame as strong as his weighs tons, but it isn’t. The specimen displays on the scale altogether 15.5 kg for a sturdiness and reliability that will go through the years without batting an eyelid. Do not think that this bike is only made for sunny days, it will serve you in all seasons.


A look visible from afar: Thanks to its particular aesthetic, you will have no trouble identifying it among other bikes or in several items in a garage.

Ease of installation and adjustment: The purchaser will not have to carry out tedious assembly and assembly on this model. All he has to do is attach the pedals and just a few parts and he can get going.

Light to transport: If you have to lift the bike to put it on the luggage rack of the car for example, or you have to carry it for a certain distance (in muddy terrain), its 15.5 kg will greatly simplify your task. .

Resistance in all circumstances: The Casino is resistant to all forms of degradation, whether these are difficult routes, daily use, exposure to a humid environment, temperature variations.


Reduced number of gears: Compared to other city bikes with 7 gears, this one has a lot less, which doesn’t leave consumers a huge choice.

  1. Milord Comfort Bike with Basket

This vehicle puts you in a total sense of comfort, through its ergonomic handles and soft seat. With a dimension of 28 x 1.75 cm, the tires of this bike have a high resistance against punctures, thanks to their quality aluminum rims.

What’s more, this well-thought-out design allows you to ride faster without necessarily exerting considerable pressure on the pedals. As for its weight, in folded mode, this model weighs about 16.5 kg. In addition, it also includes many storage compartments, including a luggage rack and a basket located on its front part.

Added to this, this model has a mudguard at the 2 wheels, a rear kickstand, a complete chain guard and lighting. Moreover, note that Milord bikes can be considered as the best brand of city bikes.


Robust: Even in terrain with a high risk of punctures, the wheels of this machine will not burst easily due to their aluminum rims.

Comfortable: This inexpensive city bike gives you all the riding comfort you are looking for, through its comfortable seat and ergonomic handles.

Practical: So that you can carry all your important belongings with you, you will only have to store them in its basket or its luggage rack.


Assembly: After its acquisition, you will have to perform the assembly of certain parts, as well as the adjustment of the brakes and derailleurs.

Purchase guide

The city bike is a healthy, ecological and just as pleasant alternative for getting around in an urban environment. To choose well and know how to buy a city bike with a better value for money, it is first necessary to identify the use you want to make of it, but also to know your environment. Short or long trip, flat or uneven road, regular or occasional use, through these few tips, discover the characteristics to be taken into account so that your purchase is a success whatever the future use of the bike.


The very first thing to check is the size of the bike. It is defined according to the size of the cyclist, more precisely the height of his crotch. Usually a price comparison or buying guide for the best city bikes will give you a size reference, and here’s how to do it so you can assess which one is right for your bike.

First, measure your crotch. To do this, have another person help you, then with a tape measure and a spirit level, measure the distance between the ground and the level that will be placed as high as possible between your legs. To ensure the number is accurate, do not put on shoes or pants and put your feet slightly apart by 15 cm. Multiply the value obtained by 0.66 to get the theoretical frame height in centimeters. This figure is valid for the city bike, but also for the Dutch bike and the VTC.

We still recommend that you really give the product a try once you know where to buy a new city bike. Indeed, the choice of frame size may vary depending on your body type (man or woman), for example, but also on your physical capacities. In this case, nothing beats a trial run with all the adjustments you can make, because normally you should be able to put your toe on the ground without having to tilt your pelvis if you are stationary, but also not having to fully stretch. your leg when pedaling.


The need for a cushioning system depends on the use you make or will make of your city bike. Indeed, the suspensions are intended to absorb shocks related to the vagaries of the road. So for an urban approach, that is to say journeys between home and work, walks in the middle of the city, often quite short, opt for the absence of suspension which happens to be more advantageous in terms of the weight of the entire bike. .

On the other hand, if you also plan to use the bike for long journeys, or even trips to the countryside, an all-road bike or VTC would be more suitable. This slightly more versatile version of the city bike can be fitted with useful accessories such as the luggage rack, but can also have suspension at the fork, which most often can be deactivated at the push of a button.


The choice of having gears or not depends on the use of your city bike. It is quite possible to opt for a single-speed bicycle for use confined to the city center or for short trips on flat roads. The single speed is not disturbing from what one might think because it is well adjusted, neither too light nor too hard.

On the other hand, if your daily trip includes hills, it is better to opt for a multispeed so as not to arrive at work sweating. Two transmission systems are available for city bikes: the classic derailleur system and the integrated gear hub system. Both have their strengths and disadvantages, but it’s up to you to see what works for you.

The derailleur is a proven technology and comes in a wide range, at a very affordable price. However, it can derail especially in the event of bad adjustment and the chain requires a fairly frequent maintenance to function well. It is also more sensitive to weather conditions. Despite this, there is still a solid and resistant transmission, especially in the face of the forces applied to the pedals.

As for the integrated gear hub, it is similar to an automobile gearbox with a built-in gear system. Robust, reliable, with minimum maintenance, the geared hub is still more expensive than a conventional derailleur and requires the intervention of a specialist during overhauls. This technology allows easy and smooth shifting, even when stationary. However, unlike the derailleur, it is not suitable for high power demands or sudden starts.

Here is what is the transmission, as for the number of speeds, the choice must be based on the use of the city bike, the relief as well as the urban traffic. In any case, opt for at least two trays if you want to climb the hills with less effort.


Since city bikes are designed for urban use, it is essential to address the issue of safety. Pitfalls, a motorist who hasn’t noticed you, a pedestrian who comes out suddenly from the corner of the street, the urban landscape can be totally unpredictable despite the cycle paths. In addition to the different types of lights that indicate your presence, a good braking system guarantees your safety as well as that of road users.

Generally, the classic systems with calipers, jaws and pads are more than sufficient, but you can also be tempted by more efficient systems such as roller-brakes or drum brakes. Indeed, specialists agree that the Roller-brake is the most suitable braking system for the city and daily use. First of all, the braking is firm and easy to control, thanks to the cam and roller mechanism. Then, it is durable, even in the event of frequent loads because the disc has radial fins which ensure its cooling by dissipating heat effectively.

Finally, it is reliable, since the sealing channels guarantee the impermeability of the assembly in the event of bad weather or dirt.

How to use a city bike?

Like motorized vehicles, the bicycle is one of the most popular means of transport in town due to its practicality. It is also economical and ecological, because it does not consume any fuel which can contribute to any pollution. If you’ve decided to take this type of urban locomotion, here are some helpful tips.

Respect the highway code

Although the use of this type of vehicle in the city does not require a driver’s license, you must nevertheless respect the highway code to ensure safe driving. It is important that you understand the different types of signs such as signs or the white bands on the asphalt that indicate the priorities. In certain passages, you will have to take the cycle paths.

Park at a specialized area

Do not park your bike anywhere otherwise you will be fined. Park in designated locations even if you are only stopping for a few minutes. If you ever park in an unsuitable space, or leave your two-wheeler for a while, it could end up being impounded.

Kill two birds with one stone

If you don’t have time to go to the gym to work out, cycling is still a convenient way to stay in top form. In fact, to lose a few pounds or work on your cardio, use your daily bike trips to achieve your goals. Collect exercises online and install a heart rate monitor or a computer to assess your performance.

Work your social while cycling

If you’re not very open to your surroundings, your neighbors, the people in your riding, and want things to change, get on your bike. This is the best way to bond with nearby traders. If you see a neighbor on the way, stop for two minutes to speak with him.

Secure your business

If you use the luggage rack to store a bag or other valuables, be sure to secure your belongings with a padlock or a powerful system. This way, you won’t risk having them stolen from you without realizing it. It’s the same when you have to do an urgent race and take your eyes off your bike. Place a lock at the wheels or tie it to a pole or tree.

Add accessories

Note that on the bike, you have the possibility of adding accessories to optimize its ergonomics, but also the practical side. A bell, for example, will allow you to alert passers-by or motorists who may be in your way. Mud flaps on the other hand remain practical during the rainy season. The lights are also a plus if you need to use your two-wheeler in low light.

Vary the gear ratio

Your model may be equipped with a gear ratio that will allow you to accommodate the intensity of the pedaling according to your type of terrain. On a flat surface, it is not necessary to operate it. However, if your trip includes climbs, change gear before approaching hills to reduce your effort.

Most popular brands

In the urban jungle, a bicycle can be both practical and economical. You have the opportunity to squeeze through traffic jams during rush hour, but also, you will not risk running out of fuel in full activity. If you have in mind to acquire a city bike, know that its purchase requires concentration on various selection parameters. Once these concepts are assimilated, you can consider the choice of the brand. And if you encounter any difficulties on the subject, we invite you to follow this article. We invite you to learn about the most popular brands on the market in terms of the sale of city bikes.

When you are surfing the net and looking for a model of city bike, it is likely that you will come across a piece of equipment from B’Twin. The brand is one of the specialists in the field and has been found a place among the best in the world because of the quality of its articles.

In fact, B’Twin prototypes are especially sought after by users because of their strength, performance and adaptability. They are lightweight for ease of handling while on the go. The brand wanted to preserve the purchasing power of its buyers by providing them with a wide range of quality items at affordable prices.

When you hear the Peugeot brand, you probably think of the world famous automaker. Indeed, the brand is also diversifying into the manufacture of bicycles for all activities. Whether you are a hiker or a fan of bike rides, Peugeot offers a wide variety of items that can be adapted to all user profiles.

For the city models, the brand has combined practicality and elegance. They have a particular style that perfectly reflects the decor and the urban environment. The example of low frames to make your journeys as easy as possible while providing you with optimal comfort.

For all categories of bike, electric or classic, mountain bike or city, you can count on the Giant brand. Indeed, you can find on the manufacturer’s site a wide range of products as efficient as each other.

Regarding urban types, the brand offers bicycles with a particular design that can easily be adapted to your travel needs. With or without variable speed drives, Giant’s items have also been designed to accommodate the levels and different uses of its user.

If you are looking for a city bike model, you can turn to the articles from Nakamura. The Japanese manufacturer is one of the flagship brands in the field with its quality equipment.

Strength is one of the characteristics optimized by the manufacturer. Indeed, buyers who seek the brand have been pleasantly surprised by their longevity. The materials are equipped with the latest innovations in terms of resistance which gives them foolproof robustness.

Shimano is one of the most popular brands in terms of city bike design. The brand’s equipment is renowned for its manufacturing qualities.

The manufacturer offers a wide variety of products that can be adapted to all levels and all ages of users. Whether it’s design or performance, Shimano’s models present an aspect that can easily accommodate the urban environment.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to calculate the size of a city bike?

Before you want to know where to buy the best city bike, you first need to know a few things about calculating the size of the bike that will be ideal for you. Since a bike of this kind will be your daily ally to get to work, for example, a model that is too small or too large would only cause you trouble.

Therefore, do not rely on a comparison, but rather measure the length of the upright tube of your bike frame. Next, measure your crotch height as you stand up. If that measurement multiplied by 0.65cm equals the length of the tube, then the city bike is perfect for you.

Q2: How much does a city bike weigh?

Buying a city bike requires making a good choice on the weight of the model to find. Indeed, to avoid tremors and tremors that are too strong, it is necessary to maintain a certain balance between the weight of the cyclist and that of his bike. For competition bikes, the minimum authorized weight is 6.8 kg.

In addition, for city bikes, if you have a bicycle at your disposal and you have a weight between 50 to 80 kg, your bike must weigh between 10 to 15 kg. For a tricycle, the weight is between 15 to 22 kg. Nonetheless, you’ll notice in a buyer’s guide to the best city bikes these days brands are flocking to designing lighter models with reassuring safety standards.

Q3: How to transport a city bike?

Even with the most capable city bike, you might still be faced with the problem of transporting your bike, when you want to take it with you on vacation, for example. These tips can therefore be of great help when it comes to storing your city bike in the car.

If the latter has an XXL trunk, use a cover to put your bike on it by removing its 2 wheels and its handlebars, if necessary. On the other hand, if you do not have enough space in your trunk, use bicycle racks to strap on. For the installation, 3 fixings at the level of the frame and the wheels are useful in order to stabilize the bike.

Q4: How many bars for a city bike tire?

How to buy a better value for money city bike? You will find the answer by knowing how to balance your weight with the tire pressure of your bike. Indeed, these 2 parameters are interdependent, so as not to quickly damage the tires. For a city bike intended for a slightly uneven road, a pressure of about 5 bars is sufficient for its tire. However, this pressure varies depending on the size and section of the tire, but it should not exceed 8 bars.

Q5: By bike in town: how long does it take to do 3 km?

The bicycle has been proven to be the fastest way to get around town. With a city bike, it will only take a maximum of 15 minutes to cover a distance of 3 km. You will need less than that if the obstacles encountered are minimal.

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