10 Best Children’s Bicycle Helmets [2022]

No need to remind you of the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a two-wheeler, and even more so if the cyclist is a child! And like all safety equipment, its acquisition must be done with care.

To guide you, trust our selection. You will find there among others, the Exclusky Sport Helmet for BMX .

Offering the required level of security thanks to its manufacturing materials and its compliance with standards, this product is also comfortable in direct sunlight thanks to its visor.

The Detachable Integral Lixada is also one of the items we recommend for its 2-in-1 design. Precisely, it can be used as a full or half-helmet depending on your needs.

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10 best children’s bicycle helmets (reviews & tests) of 2022

OutdoorMaster Toddler Kids Bike Helmet 

The best brand of children’s bicycle helmets is a must if you want to purchase safe equipment. This is why we are offering this article, which has obtained CE EN1078 certification, testifying to its reliability. In addition, the shell is made with premium IN-MOLD polycarbonate and it also features a liner made of EPS.

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In comparison to other models, this one displays a rather modern cut. Recommended for users between 5 and 13 years old, this helmet incorporates a rear part which is lengthened. The aim of this is to offer optimal coverage of this area in order to strengthen the protection of the neck.

Faced with its weight of 180g, this accessory is very comfortable to wear. In addition, it is equipped with 15 Airflow vents that guarantee maximum ventilation.

The clamping system adopted is also very intuitive with a view to simplifying the adjustment. Apart from the bike, this helmet is also designed for the practice of other sports activities such as skateboarding.


Optimized fit : One of the advantages of this equipment is that it can be easily adjusted with a height between 50 and 57 cm. Thus, its use is suitable until your child is 13 years old.

Convenience: The built-in visor is detachable so you can put it on and take it off without the hassle. In addition, it provides better protection against the sun.


No instructions: This helmet does not come with a manual, yet some buyers may find it difficult to make the adjustments if they are not yet used to it.

Kid Bicycle Helmets, LX LERMX Kids Bike 

Parents do not always know which children’s bicycle helmet to choose, so we put you on the tracks of this product which stands out for its versatility. It is a 2 in 1 model which can therefore be worn as a full or half helmet depending on the situation. Benefiting from CE safety certification, it is completely reliable.

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The quality of this equipment is also reflected in the 4-layer design which includes a sturdy PC shell, EPS impact foam, a removable inner pad as well as another which is made of sponge for the chin. Considering its 420g weight, this helmet can provide cervical spine protection without weighing down your child’s head.

To enhance ventilation, this item has 13 vents and breathable foam. Adjustable between 52 and 56 cm, it features a quick-release buckle, ventilated mouth guard and a well-padded chin bar. The area at the front is extended to isolate from the sun.


Multiple protections: This helmet incorporates various protections that ensure the absorption of shock pressure. In this way, the safety performance is optimized.

Reliability: Benefiting from increased resistance against chemicals and humidity, this equipment also features attachment clips that allow it to be immobilized, regardless of your child’s movements.


Inconvenient chin bar: The only negative remark about this helmet is the chin bar which is rather difficult to attach and remove for children.

GPMTER Kids Bike Helmet 

It is often difficult to find a suitable helmet for a young cyclist, especially when he is under 5 years old. In order to simplify your task, Abus offers this model with a girly design and rather discreet colors. Benefiting from a sturdy construction, this equipment features a solid outer shell and expanded inner foam that resists impact.

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Besides, this acquisition may satisfy you when you do not know where to buy the best kid’s bicycle helmet. The front part is designed to take the shape of a visor while the back is lengthened to secure the neck. In addition, the 8 integrated vents promote ventilation. This model also features reflective stripes for added visibility.

Simply use the plastic dial to adjust the size of this equipment between 40 and 45 cm. Soft straps and mosquito net provide extra comfort. In addition, your child will have no trouble wearing it since it is very light. Designed to be easy to put on, it is easy to maintain.


Effective: This helmet is made with the right size to fit little girls. Therefore, it holds well on the head and it also does not tip over, regardless of the road conditions.

Comfortable: Your child immediately takes pleasure in wearing this accessory thanks to its lightness. In addition, it has a chin bar padded with foam to provide good feeling in the chin.


Unreliable finish: According to several comments, the exterior of this helmet is very easily scratched. Users consider that the paint used is not durable enough.

Kids Youth Bike Helmet

By purchasing the best performing helmet, you can be sure that your child is not at risk when riding a bicycle.

This product is included in this selection since it is designed according to safety requirements. Indeed, the manufacturer has favored ABS for the outer shell while the inner one is in high density EPS.

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This is equipment suitable for users from 3 to 14 years old. In order for it to fit properly on your child’s head, adjust the strap between 45 and 56 cm.

That said, this helmet can be used over the long term since it accompanies the little cyclist during his growth. In addition, this collection is available in several colors namely red, pink and black.

In addition, the adjustments are well thought out so that small children can make them without help, especially thanks to the button on the back. The whole thing has reinforced pads that improve comfort. In addition, this helmet is not intended only for cycling, because it can be worn for rollerblading, skiing or skating.


Complete : In order to guarantee the expected safety for cycling, this product is also offered with pairs of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist rests.

Quality: The materials used on this item are carefully chosen so that it can withstand shocks and ensure the protection of your child in the event of an accident.


Unreliable finish: A few parents claim that the elbow pad protector is way too big and one of the bands is not aligned properly.

JBM Kid Helmet Children Cycling Helmet 

You do not have to compare other items before purchasing, as this product meets current security requirements. Displaying an apparent build quality, the inner shell is made of expanded polyester and the outer shell is made of polycarbonate. As for the straps, they are made of solid polyester.

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Aimed at children aged 3 to 6, this size S helmet is equipped with 11 ventilation holes that promote air circulation to prevent sweating in hot weather. In order to complete its use, it also includes cross-straps and a chin strap clip. Moreover, it easily adapts to the child’s head with the 3 integrated adjustment points.

To make wearing this equipment as pleasant as possible, it is fitted with removable polyurethane comfort foams. Given its lightness, it is also practical to wear. In addition, its slightly retro design offers a nice visual effect that will appeal to young cyclists.


Customizable: The fit of this helmet is not fixed since it has a dial to adjust the head circumference between 47 and 54 cm.

Efficiency: The choice of high quality materials used on this product and the presence of a comfort foam ensure better shock absorption following a fall.


Missing Design: The chin strap clip can easily pinch the child, because there is no tissue between the strap and the skin.

Simply Kids Bike Helmet 

The build quality of a helmet is essential to provide the necessary protection in the event of an accident. This equipment is precisely safe to use since it has a polycarbonate outer shell offering optimal resistance. As for the interior, it has EPS foam that effectively absorbs shocks.

Toddler Helmet 2-4 Years Kids Helmets - Toddler Bike Helmet...

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This product is also selected in this review, because it is equipped with a patented magnetic closure which makes it much safer to wear. The 12 large integrated air intakes also promote ventilation so that the head stays cool despite the temperature rise. In addition, the padding is removable for convenience.

This is a very light helmet that is not binding to put on, moreover it is quickly forgotten. Opening and closing can be done with one hand. In addition, this versatile equipment can be worn when practicing scooters, scooters or longboards.


Style: This product is adorned with a cute unicorn design that will definitely appeal to any kid. Also note that this collection is available with more than twenty animal motifs so that each young cyclist will find what he is looking for.

Reliability: This is a German made helmet that offers a good fit to fit your child’s head circumference. To do this, it includes the EASyfit system.


No visor: For some parents, a removable visor is missing so that the use of this helmet is completely satisfactory.

Kids Helmet, Exclusky Kids Bike Helmet Adjustable Safety Lightweight Children Bicycle Helmet

Contrary to appearances, a cheap children’s bicycle helmet is not inevitably of questionable quality. This is confirmed in this article, the strength of which is guaranteed since its structure is built from very resistant EPS. As for the interior, this part is equipped with a foam of choice which brings the expected comfort.

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This is a 2 year old kid’s bicycle helmet that is nicely worn considering its design. Indeed, the polyester used reinforces its lightness so that it is forgotten very quickly. Thanks to the ventilation holes, this equipment does not promote sweating even if your child is wearing it in summer.

It also comes with a “Head ring” wheel system for easily adjusting the head circumference. Without forgetting the chin straps which are also adjustable to your liking. Best of all, it is suitable for rollerblading, roller skating or skateboarding.


Lifespan: The construction of this helmet is designed to provide long-term use. Indeed, it offers an adjustment range between 46 to 53 cm which can be suitable up to around 10 years.

Safe to Use: In addition to the build quality of this product, it provides a good fit on the head once adjustments are made properly.


Incomplete protection: This helmet does not have a chin bar, an element which is nevertheless essential to secure the child.

Kids Bike Helmet – Adjustable from Toddler to Youth Size

If you don’t know where to buy a new kid’s bike helmet, just go for this one. With a polycarbonate outer shell, the interior is covered with EPS or expanded polyester to ensure safer use. The integrated foam also provides good absorption of impacts following a fall.

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This equipment benefits from a molded 3D design which improves its aesthetic side. It has 14 ventilation holes that are distributed all over the body for better ventilation. In addition, the eco-friendly liner used is skin-friendly. The straps are also adjustable to optimize support.

That said, the size S model suitable for 2 to 5 years old can be adjusted between 50 to 54 cm while the size M recommended between 6 to 13 years old can be adjusted from 54 to 58 cm. In addition, this helmet is very light with its 230 g. Designed to be easy to put on and take off, this equipment is easily cleaned using a cloth.


Quality: Composed mainly of high quality raw materials, this model also has an external foam whose role is to absorb the shocks due to accidents.

Reinforced security: The elongated shape of the rear part of this helmet covers the neck more in order to better protect this area if your child falls from the bike for example.


Without a wheel: This helmet does not have a wheel which, however, allows you to adjust the head circumference so that it fits correctly each time you use it.

Joovy Noodle Multi-Sport Helmet XS-S, Kids Adjustable Bike Helmet

By wearing this helmet, your child benefits from better protection during sports activities. Indeed, it has a shell that is made with high quality ABS. As for the insert, it is made with EPS foam in order to better absorb shocks. On the other hand, the liner can adequately withstand the external pressure.

Joovy Noodle Multi-Sport Helmet XS-S, Kids Adjustable Bike...
  • Available in two sizes: XS-S (47-52cm) and S-M (52-55cm); Use a string and tape measure to measure...
  • 14 air vents: Breathable to keep their head cool even in warm weather

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If we recommend buying this item, it is because it provides an optimal level of comfort. To do this, it has 12 vents which are intended to maximize ventilation so that the child’s head stays cool. The elastic strap is easily adjustable to easily adapt to different sizes.

This accessory also has velcro fasteners which ensure the closure of the protectors. Benefiting from great versatility, it is also suitable for skateboarding, BMX or rollerblading. In addition, the integrated padding is removable to simplify its maintenance and prevent the formation of bad odors.


Adjustable: Intended for children between 6 and 16 years old, this helmet is equipped with a system allowing the head circumference to be adjusted between 54 and 58 cm so that it holds correctly after fixing.

Optimal protection: Combining impeccable build quality with several adjustment possibilities, this equipment offers a feeling of complete safety for young riders.


Visor to add: According to buyers, only one visor is missing for this helmet to guarantee comfort in sunny weather.

CELOID Kids Bicycle Helmet

This product can meet your requirement if you are looking for the best kid’s bicycle helmet. Since protection is essential to prevent the risk of injury, this item enjoys reliable construction. The interior is upholstered with high quality foam which is integrated into an expanded EPS shell.

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In addition, the cover made of plastic reinforces the resistance of the whole against shocks. In any case, it is a cheaper helmet whose use is recommended for children from 4 to 11 years old. It has a dial located at the back whose role is to adjust the circumference of the head. Therefore, you can adjust this equipment between 49 and 55 cm.

That’s not all, because this accessory is designed to adapt to all body types since the straps are also adjustable. Even if your child rides a bike in full sun, there is no risk of his head sweating thanks to the presence of the 8 vents. In addition, he will be able to wear this helmet all the more when riding a scooter.


Quality: It is a reliable equipment since it benefits from compliance with the European safety standard EN 1078 which guarantees optimal user protection.

Wide choice: This product is part of a collection whose theme is based in particular on camouflage and nature. Your child is free to choose from the 6 models offered.


Finish to review: Despite the apparent quality of this helmet, buyers consider that the coating is not thick enough and that it is not well glued on some parts.

Purchase guide

If wearing a helmet is highly demanded, henceforth all cyclists under 12 years old must wear this equipment when riding two-wheelers.

In this buying guide for the best kid’s bike helmets, you are going to discover the most important criteria that should guide you when buying.


You have to mainly consider the construction of the product to know which is the best kid’s bicycle helmet on the market. In this case, inquire about the materials of manufacture, as these are clues that determine the quality of the equipment.

Most of the models you will find come with either an ABS or polycarbonate outer shell. On the other hand, the one that is positioned internally is often made with expanded polyester or EPS.

Size is also an important criterion to guarantee better protection. You will need to make sure that the equipment worn by your child adapts properly to the circumference of his head.

That said, we recommend that you apply yourself by measuring your head circumference with a tape measure. At this point, you don’t risk making the wrong choice. Also, some parents favor larger models believing that they will match their child as they grow older.

Be aware, however, that this equipment must be the right size to ensure security. As an indication, an XS or S copy fits a child between 4 and 11 years old.

After reading a lot of advice on the internet, are you still having trouble deciding? Remember that it is also essential to involve your child. Thus, you can offer him to choose the design and color of his helmet so that he always wants to wear it when he rides a bike.


As safety equipment, a helmet must be able to guarantee completely safe use to prevent the risk of injury in the event of a fall. If you are still having trouble figuring out how to choose the best children’s bicycle helmets of 2021, it is necessary to check the conformity of the product against the current standards.

However, these accessories must obtain EN1078 certification. Manufacturers therefore have a duty to include this information on the label placed inside.

In order to provide more versatility, some helmets benefit from a double approval which also allows them to be worn on skiing. At this time, the indication EN1077 is mentioned.

The choice also depends on the practice in order to benefit from greater security. For simple walks, it is better to opt for ventilated models since they offer much more comfort.

On the other hand, if the child prefers BMX or mountain biking, it is better to select a more covering device with a larger protective surface.


When doing your research, you might be wondering how to buy a better value kids’ bicycle helmet. It is therefore advisable to focus on ease of use, especially if the young cyclist spends several hours a day on his bicycle.

Therefore, this equipment must be light so that it is forgotten. Quality products also have a fleece or soft coating on the inside.

The presence of a system like the dial on the back is also very useful. In addition, the straps must be adjustable to benefit from a good fit below the chin bar. In any case, these adjustments should be simple to make so that the child can make them without assistance.

In addition, to prevent pinching of the skin, chin protection should be incorporated. Finally, prioritize models equipped with a visor that absorbs the blows following a frontal impact in order to secure the face. Finally, we also request the consultation of a price comparator in order to save money.

Compulsory accessories for the child on the bike

Several items of equipment are required for a child to be able to cycle in the best conditions. In this way, he benefits from greater protection in the event of an accident, because this equipment helps limit injuries.

Since March 22, 2017, all children under 12 have been required to wear a helmet, whether driver or passenger. In addition, this practice is still requested even beyond this age in order to strengthen bicycle safety.

The studies carried out show that the head is the part most affected in more than one in two accidents in children under 10 years old. Therefore, wearing this equipment is vital for effective protection. This is a practice that should be adopted from the first climb on a bike so that children get used to it very quickly.

However, the helmet you buy must comply with European safety standards. In this case, it should bear the CE mark on its label. In addition to covering the head, this equipment should also be lengthened at the forehead and at the back to better protect the neck.

Either way, make sure that it doesn’t restrict the field of vision that guarantees a safe and comfortable ride. At the same time, the helmet should have a head circumference adjustment system to provide better support and prevent it from tipping over.

To keep this material in place during a fall, also check that the straps can be adjusted. Obviously, you should also set a good example by wearing a helmet every time you ride a bicycle.

This is not all, because the clothes must be well chosen to make the child more secure. In this case, prefer clothes with long sleeves so that the latter does not get injured following a fall. In addition, it is also important that the outfits are brightly colored.

Also, don’t forget to make him wear a fluorescent yellow vest when the light conditions are poor on the road. This is the case when there is fog, during the rainy period or at night.

This is not all, as shoes must also be carefully chosen to reduce injuries. Thus, we recommend to favor closed shoes which offer an excellent support of the feet, in addition to avoid the laces which can get caught in the chain.

In addition, some manufacturers offer protective equipment that is not mandatory, but rather recommended. This is the case for the knee pads, elbow pads and the wrist rest.

These accessories are very useful for providing additional security for young cyclists. Anyway, nothing prevents you from ordering them separately since there is a wide choice on the trade.

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