9 Best BMX Bikes for Adults [2022]

BMX or Bicycle Motocross is an extreme sport of cycling which consists of traversing a track with a lot of obstacles. The practice of this discipline requires a lot of physical qualities. That’s not all, because it is essential to choose the bike used correctly.

To do this, you will need to take into account the size, suspensions, speeds and brakes of the model being considered. The comparison that we have prepared can help you in your research.

On the other hand, if you want to know the best products in advance, then you can decide for the Kcp 20 ″ BMX Children’s Bike Junior , a children’s bike whose solidity reassures the most demanding parents.

Or why not the Stolen Casino 20 ″ 2021 BMX Freestyle Bike which promises almost professional use, but which is offered at a relatively affordable price on the market!

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9 Best BMX Bikes for Adults [2022]

For cyclists, converting to using a BMX bike is for the most part a question of style. But this extreme sport can quickly turn into passion!

In this case, it becomes imperative to find the best BMX bike. To do this, take the time to browse our offers through these next paragraphs.

Elite BMX Bicycle 20” & 16″ Freestyle Bike

Has your child been asking you for a bike for a while? In this case, you don’t need to waste your time elsewhere since this model from KCP could be suitable for you. This is an example suitable for users measuring between 1.15 and 1.40 m.

Elite BMX Bicycle 20” & 16" Freestyle Bike - Stealth and...
  • FRAME: Hi-tensile steel (20" Top-tube) FORK: Hi-tensile steel 1 1/8
  • HEADSET: 1 1/8" standard unsealed

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It is accompanied by a rotor system operating on a 360 ° angle. In addition, its frame with optics is 26 cm high. This product is also very popular on the market for its incomparable robustness.

Indeed, the crank and the post of the seat are made of steel. As for the rims, the rod and the brake, they are made of aluminum.

The components are also well chosen to enhance the performance of this bike. The front chain wheels are SS 142 type with 39 teeth, as for the pedals, they are FEIMIN VB BS .

In addition, this model incorporates SPEED DOUBLE WALL rims as well as a P 51 OH 92NP chain. Regarding the brakes as well as the levers, they come from the TEKTRO U brand.

In order to prevent damage during transport and also to reduce stress, this bike is 85% pre-assembled. It will therefore suffice to fix the wheels, saddle, pedals and handlebars. In addition, this model is particularly handy for young users.


Children’s BMX: This is a bicycle that has been specially manufactured for children who are between 1.14 and 1.40 m tall. It offers increased maneuverability and features a 360 ° rotor system.

Robust: The materials adopted on this product bring great durability to the whole. This is the case for steel and aluminum which reinforce resistance to intensive use.

Convenient: Since this item is 85% pre-assembled, you won’t have to make any binding assemblies.


Incompatible Color: The color of the bike received by some customers was not similar to the one displayed in the image on the site.

Elite BMX Bicycle 20″ & 18” Destro Model Freestyle Bike

This BMX bike produced by the Stolen BMX brand is a model offering a very interesting price-performance ratio. Indeed, for a BMX bike already sporting the colors and style of the 2021 models, we have here a very accessible article. Designed for Freestyle, it is mounted on a HiTen steel frame, exclusively hand welded. This material, recognized for its strength, therefore promises a sustainable use of the bicycle.

ELITE BICYCLES Elite BMX Bicycle 20'' & 18” Destro Model...
  • Our frames come reinforced in all the points where all the impact is taken from doing tricks.
  • Our combo features a thick foam padded seat with Elite BMX embroidery, with a 25.4mm alloy post for...

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The size of the BMX bike must be ideally in line with that of its user, this model is particularly designed for adolescents or people of adult size, that is to say from 1.40 meters, taking into account the size of its tires being 21 inches. These same tires, 2.3 inches thick, allow stable use on all types of terrain, in addition to offering a specific design to the whole.


Solidity: The famous brand Stolen opts here for HiTen steel to guarantee the solidity and reliability of the model. Due to its resistance, therefore, this bike will be especially recommended for Freestyle.

Design: Designed to please the most passionate about sports, this bike has a special design thanks to its thick tires and stickers. It is even available in several colors to please everyone.


Material of design: The most demanding would have preferred Chromium-Molybdenum steel instead of HiTen steel. However, this would have impacted the price of the bike.

Tony Hawk 20″ Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike

In the category of BMX bikes for children, this product is one of the best models of its generation. With 20 inch light alloy rims, the bike is light enough for a young rider. It sports large steel wheels for extra safety when riding rough roads in MTB mode and a padded saddle for added comfort.

Tony Hawk 20" Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike
  • Custom Tony Hawk design and graphics
  • Front and rear caliper brakes

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Note that this model is intended for all children from 5 to 14 years old. All safety rules to ensure safe use at this age group have therefore been followed to the letter, including dual front and rear disc brakes, and 2.5 inch wide tires. Its rod is made of aluminum alloy while the seat is well padded. The other advantage is that this model can be useful for your child for a long time before they have to change models.


Robust: Here we have a mountain BMX bike model that offers good durability with its magnesium alloy rims and aluminum alloy stem.

Safe: Since this is a model for children, all the rules for securing employment have been followed to the letter for its manufacture. Here we find V-brakes both front and rear, in addition to the wheels designed in flanged steel.


Size: Without finding any particular flaw in this bike, it is just a shame that the model is only designed for children and adolescents.

JOYSTAR Gemsbok 20 Inch Kids Bike

This KS Cycling is a children’s BMX bike that is designed to meet the use needs of those new to the sport. Its design complies with the safety requirements imposed in the sector. If you decide to invest in this product, you can rest assured that you are getting a reliable and safe product.

JOYSTAR Gemsbok 20 Inch Kids Bike Freestyle BMX Style for...
  • 1. Freestyle & Color! With sleek gloss jelly paint, JOYSTAR Gemsbok is a stylish BMX style 20" kids...
  • 2. Safer riding! 20 in kids bicycle with double hand brakes, front & rear caliper brakes provide...

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The steel used for the design of its frame makes it possible to reinforce the solidity of this bicycle. This allows it to resist effectively against shocks throughout the course. The wheels are also made with a sturdy material. Therefore, they are able to withstand wear and tear. This will prevent you from regularly buying this component since it is a large investment.

The frame is at a good height to make your child feel comfortable. It is therefore not necessary to bend down when getting on the bike. The saddle is also made with a material that ensures seating comfort. The majority of the parts of this device are already in place. Therefore, it only remains to add a few components. Once that’s done, just make a few really simple adjustments.


Safety: Parents who are wondering where to buy the best BMX bike are happy with this product. This is explained by its compliance with standards which allows it to protect children throughout use.

Robust: To ensure the strength of the bike, the manufacturer has opted for steel. The presence of this substance in this device guarantees its robustness and especially its durability over time. This is a product that is not likely to succumb easily to shocks.

Comfort: By choosing to invest in this model for your child, he will benefit from a great comfort of use. Hence, he can easily concentrate in order to improve his skills.


Notice: Users regret that the user manual for this product is only in German. Faced with this, many buyers had difficulty in making the first cut. Some were forced to go on the internet to view the assembly videos.

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for-Kids,

The first thing that stands out with this Bikestar children’s BMX is its deliberately conspicuous design. In terms of manufacturing, the manufacturers have taken care to choose handpicked parts to constitute this model. And since the model is designed for children from the age of 4 and 5, the child can use it for a long time thanks to the height adjustments of the saddle as well as the handlebars, to adapt to his size. as he / she grows. The tires are also extra wide (16 inches) to promote driving comfort.

Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike...
  • Mongoose Hi-Ten steel BMX frame and fork is sturdy and ready for action made for minimum rider...
  • Back brakes only, 40x16T gearing with 1-piece forged steel 170mm cranks offers simple single-speed...

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Still in terms of protection, the bike is supplemented with toxin-free safety handles, which protect the child at the same time against percussion. Coaster brakes, for their part, are particularly effective in dry and wet weather to prevent any risk of incidents.


Safety: Very reliable, this bike is equipped with safety handles, as well as coaster brakes. These allow safe driving windy or raining.

Ergonomic: As on all bikes, the height of the saddle of this BMX is adjustable to provide good user comfort, but the little extra with this model is the possibility of doing the same for the handlebars.


More for boys : Although the description of the designers highlights the versatility, boys will be more seduced by the colors offered, than little girls.

JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike for 2-9

The product we are presenting to you is a Colony Eclipse BMX. This model is ideal for perfecting your figures and feeling strong sensations. Amateurs or professionals, this model is for you and anyone can use it. In addition, this article is recognized for its robustness. Most of the important equipment is made of steel like the frame, rims, fork and handlebars.

JOYSTAR 16 Inch Kids Bike for 4 5 6 7 Years Boys Girls Gifts...
  • DESIGN FOR KIDS - 1. This Kids bike comes with stable training wheel early rider. 2.Quick release...
  • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE - Made of premium steel to survive the bumps of learning, the durable steel...

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In addition, the Colony Eclipse BMX is equipped with two 24-inch wheels. This gives it unparalleled stability and gives you optimal control during your demonstrations. In addition, it offers a good performance in terms of pure speed. The frame is equipped with an integrated headset. Yes, the Colony brand emphasizes the safety of cyclists. And best of all, the equipment is practical and easy to use. You will have no trouble controlling it.


Design: This equipment is part of our selection thanks to its remarkable design. With a chrome red color, its unique and well thought out design sets it apart from other models on the market.

Convenient: This equipment weighs only 12.2 kg. It is light and allows you to perform different freestyle figures.


Color: Despite its good design, the choice of color remains a limiting factor when purchasing it. You will only be able to choose between two colors: chrome red and silver black.

JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike

If you like to push your limits, choose this model. If one were to scrutinize the qualities of the bike, it should be noted that the head tube angle is 73 degrees and the seat tube angle is 71 degrees. All this in a model with 20 inch rims. As for the length of the top tube, it is 49.5cm, and the chain length is 34cm. The dimensions of the bike are 60 cm in length, 22 cm in width and 124 cm in height.

JOYSTAR 16 Inch Kids Bike for 4 5 6 7 Years Boys Girls Gifts...
  • DESIGN FOR KIDS - 1. This Kids bike comes with stable training wheel early rider. 2.Quick release...
  • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE - Made of premium steel to survive the bumps of learning, the durable steel...

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The bike is also quite light with a weight of 7.72 kg. The bottom bracket height is 27.9 cm and the fork is Cromo 11/8. The zig zag radio handles are also 145 mm long. And to top it off, the stem is made from a cobalt loading rod with a 50mm reach. Only details that demonstrate its quality of manufacture!


Safe: This equipment provides comfort and safety, which is necessary to travel with confidence. Its frame is made of 6061-T-6 aluminum alloy.

Handy: Its lightweight design makes moving more efficient. Namely that its weight is limited to 7.72 kg, while its wheels are 20 inches wide.


Seat: Its disadvantage is related to its seat which is unfortunately not padded and which can therefore tire after intensive use.

Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

Don’t get me wrong in thinking mini BMX bikes were only made for kids. On the contrary, some models will even appeal to professionals looking for more sensations in this extreme sport. This model in particular is the perfect example, and was approved and ridden by Harry Main and Ryan Taylor who represent references in the field of extreme bicycle sport. Its design allows it to be handled by a 4-year-old child, but can also support the weight of an adult up to 100 kg.

Mongoose Legion L500 Freestyle BMX Bike Line for...
  • The Legion L500 is a fully park, street or dirt worthy freestyle BMX bike that offers everything a...
  • This ultra-durable L500 features a Mongoose full 4130 chromo frame, removable brake mounts, and mid...

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The frame and bars are made of steel in a duly reinforced format for greater resistance. It is also equipped with a very rigid frame and fork to allow you to ride freely on the roughest terrain. On the other hand, the bike’s pedals are made of plastic while its grips are made of kraton rubber. The 30/14 gearing allows pedaling up to 15 mph. This offers great driving comfort knowing that this model perfectly absorbs shocks.


Practical: This bike is suitable for children who want to do Rider competitions. It is perfect for running simple errands or for demonstrations, and can even meet the needs of professionals in the field.

Easy to handle : This equipment is easy to handle and master, which is a criterion of choice for your child if he is a true lover of extreme sports. It is the same for its assembly.


Tire quality: Some users comment negatively on the quality of the tires used, as they are not rounded enough.

Hiland BMX Bike,20/24/26 inch,

Currently, it is not easy to buy this type of bike, because the choice is very wide. Either way, this template may be right for you if you don’t yet have an idea on which copy is right for you. It is a device made of steel and has a superior design quality. The wheels are very thick and can therefore withstand a very long time. By making this product your own, you can rest assured that you can use it for months and even years.

Hiland 24 inch BMX Bike Beginner-Level to Advanced Riders...
  • Designed for beginner-level riders, Hiland Hi-Ten steel frame at an amazingly affordable price.
  • Hiland Hi-Ten steel frame designed for versatility and performance, Hiland gives you a comfortable,...

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It is a single speed model with 20 inch wheels. Its frame is located at the right height, at 28 cm. Thanks to this, you will enjoy real comfort with each use. For convenience, the handlebars are easy to handle. Indeed, your hands are well stabilized with the integrated coating on the handlebars.

This device is 85% pre-assembled to make your job easier. After reception, all you have to do is assemble a few parts to get the bike up and running. To help you achieve more easily the assembly, the manufacturer provides complete instructions.


Durability: The design features of this item meet the requirements of buyers who want to invest in a product with a better lifespan. The manufacturer has chosen to integrate quality substances so that this bicycle can be used for a long time.

Comfortable: User comfort is also a priority on this model so that you can concentrate entirely on the activity. The bike is very stable and you will also benefit from easy handling.

Simplified Use: The assembly of this bicycle is simplified since most of the major parts are already in place. So you just have to add a few accessories and you’re done.


Lack of information: According to buyers who have had the opportunity to compare this product with their old bike, the manual is not detailed enough. Therefore, they had some difficulty during assembly, as the instructions were not very clear.

Purchase guide

Considered a sport in its own right, BMX or bicycle motocross is one of the most spectacular and technical of extreme cycling sports. If you’re tempted by discipline and wanting to know how to buy a better value BMX bike, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is provided for the purpose of providing you with practical advice, especially regarding the features to consider if you want to know where to buy a new BMX bike.


While most BMX bikes are versatile, it’s good to define up front how much practice you want to use yours for once you’ve acquired it. Indeed, depending on the discipline, you may need to have different frame sizes. The Race will favor speed with an extended frame, while the freestyle, which requires good handling and flawless stability, will opt for a short frame.

In the Race discipline, the frame size is divided into 5 major categories, namely, the Mini, the Junior, the Expert, the Pro and the Pro XL. Other brands add extreme sizes to these standards, such as the Micro, Expert XL or Pro XXL. However, as the size increases, we find that the frame and cranks lengthen and the height of the handlebars increases. Note that while BMX generally have 20-inch wheels, 16-inch, 18 and 24-inch models are also available in stores.

Much more than practice, your size also comes into play especially for Freestyle disciplines. Four values ​​must be taken into account to have the BMX bike at the ideal size. First, the length of the Top tube or the top tube which must be proportional to the size of the rider. Any reputable buying guide for the best BMX bikes or price comparison will provide you with a table showing the correspondence between these two numbers. Then there is the steering angle as well as the seat post angle, expressed in degrees and finally the chainstay length (to put it simply, a short chainstay provides a more responsive bike, while a long chainstay , a more stable bike).


It is quite rare to see a Race BMX with suspension these days, in any case on the Pro circuit you will not find one. Two reasons explain this absence: firstly, the evolution of the style of bicycle, which at the very beginning closely imitated the motocross having suspension to finally reject the fork with shock absorber and become “rigid”, secondly, the BMX track being currently smooth and without irregularities as in mountain biking, it is unnecessary to have such a system to be efficient.

In freestyle on the other hand, you can still find some survivors, but to be put on the account of the dirts. Indeed, a dirt bike can have a suspended fork which at the limit could make up for trick errors or erase the roughness of the ground. But generally speaking, suspension BMXs, front or rear, or both at the same time, are from the 1980s. If you are really going to put performance first, then you better do without the suspensions.


Generally speaking, BMXs are single-speed transmission bikes. Some brands have nevertheless started to equip these bikes with double chainring and derailleur, but without success. However, BMX bikes do not have the same speeds, more precisely, the transmission ratio. In fact, as a single speed, the adjustment of the transmission of the BMX is based on the ratio between the number of teeth of the chainring and the number of teeth of the rear sprocket.

By taking this transmission ratio, you can assess the development, that is to say, the distance traveled by the wheels per revolution of the pedals and thus easily adjust your transmission according to your preferences and according to the terrain of practice. To put it simply, the shorter the gear, the more acceleration you have, and the longer the gear the more top speed you have.

In this case, the best solution to have the BMX adapted to your needs is to undertake tests and find the best compromise between speed and acceleration suitable for the use of the bicycle. Reference tables on the various developments are also available on the web. They take into account the size of the wheel and highlight the ratio between the number of teeth of the crown wheel and of the freewheel to give the development per turn of the crank usually expressed in meters.


It is quite usual to ride without brakes when you practice BMX in the street or in the park. However, it is quite possible to have it, in most cases only one brake located at the rear of the BMX. With a few exceptions, this is the general configuration of this type of bike, but you can still put a brake at will at the front (very useful for stoppies or figures on the front wheel).

Although we often think that the brake has only a limited interest for a BMX, it remains the only element of the bike that allows everything to stop and in this case, it is advisable to anticipate the stops. . It is also used to master certain tricks and to avoid bowls. In short, less in safety and more in handling and stability of the bike.

Which leads us to recommend the U-Brakes caliper brakes for BMX Freestyle, very easy to adjust, light but able to provide consistent and progressive braking without locking the wheel. You can also opt for the Gyro system or rotor brakes which allows your handlebars to turn 360 ° without being hampered by the brake cable. For BMX Race on the other hand, opt for V-Brakes brakes, more efficient than U-Brakes and totally adapted to racing.

How to use a BMX bike?

If you’re a die-hard extreme bike fan, you probably have a BMX in the garage. This equipment is especially appreciated by runners who love obstacle courses. You will find practical tips for using a BMX in these few lines.

Start to ride your bike

If your equipment is not fully assembled when you receive your order, you will need some mechanical tools such as a screwdriver and wrenches. It is then assembled step by step, starting with the handlebars which is usually accompanied by 4 screws. Then you move on to hooking the saddle to the post, depending on the height you want.

Finish the assembly

The front wheel is installed in the fork using the nuts and washers. The installation of the pedals comes after that of the rear wheel. Finish with the brakes, pass the cable under the lever and then stretch it towards the wheels. Check that the pads match the rim and do not protrude beyond the profile of the rim.

Check the safety devices

Since you will be performing several tricks with your bike, safety features should not be taken lightly. In fact, wearing a helmet is compulsory. Optional accessories should also be considered as elbow pads or knee pads. Glasses are a good alternative against the wind or the light which can interfere with your movement.

Add accessories

Accessories can optimize the practicality of your equipment. However, be sure to choose them wisely so that they don’t limit your bike’s performance. The luggage rack, for example, is not very practical on a BMX, as it will directly influence the weight of the latter.

Practice an activity consistent with your type of bike

Check the characteristics of your bike before embarking on a particular activity with it. The BMX is not suitable for long road trips because of its components, but also the comfort it can not provide although it is light. Use yours especially if you have a quick run or for freestyle on street furniture.

Identify the gear ratio that’s right for you

Unlike mountain bikes, BMXs do not have a multitude of gear ratios. However, make sure that the pedaling intensity meets your user profile. If you end up with a short type report, favor accelerations. For long types, you’ll get a normal start and gain speed as you pedal the longer distance.

Check the tires

Tires are one of the main components of your two-wheeler. Before mounting it, it is important that you inspect them. Checking wheel wear is an essential step if you want your bike to grip the ground optimally. Inflation control is also recommended. If you are using a pressure gauge pump, be aware that it should be between 3.5 and 4.5 bars.

Most popular brands

The BMX or more commonly known as bicycle Motocross is a model of bicycle intended for extreme sportsmen. Today we meet several specimens on the market. This depending on your specialization. There are for example models for the practice of the discipline known as “Street” or “Flat”. It then becomes more and more difficult to make a choice. It is in this sense that we will present here the most recommended references in the field.

MBK is a French industry working in the design of two-wheeled means of transport. The brand was created in 1924. Currently, it is a subsidiary of Yamaha. With years of experience, the quality of its products is guaranteed. On the other hand, the bikes from MBK are among the most competitive on the market. This is because of their price adapted to all budgets.

Regarding the BMX models supplied by this manufacturer, they are equipped with the latest technologies in the field. Indeed, most of the specimens offered by MBK are equipped with electric assistance, allowing you to drive more easily.

In the field of cycling, it is impossible for you to ignore the articles from B’Twin. It is indeed one of the biggest brands of the moment for this sporting activity. In this sense, the brand presents bicycles intended for all audiences, both professionals and individuals. Man, woman, child, will easily find the model that suits them on the manufacturer’s website.

On its BMX, B’Twin has favored handling. This will make it easy to direct your equipment as you see fit. B’Twin items were also appreciated for their ability to ride on all types of terrain. You can then walk easily both in town and in the countryside on the rugged slopes.

WeThePeople is one of the big names in bicycle manufacturing. The brand has particularly stood out for its high quality products. In addition, apart from bicycles, WeThePeople has also embarked on the design of accessories of all kinds. We can for example cite the shoes and clothing dedicated to this type of activity.

BMX from WeThePeople for their part are appreciated for their materials that are both robust and light. We can in particular speak of aluminum or glass fibers. The alloys have been perfectly designed to offer you all the performance and comfort you will need during your journeys.

Kink is a company that was created in 1990. It is then one of the youngest companies in the field of bicycle construction. However, its expertise is no less impressive. Indeed, despite its recent appearance, the brand has been able to highlight its capabilities. It thus offers its consumers several high quality products. So you can only love to ride a bike.

To talk about BMX models from Kink, you will distinguish several specimens on the market. The choice will depend only on your tastes. In particular, you will encounter red, blue or even black frames according to your preferences. As regards the materials used by Kink, mention may be made of steel. What testifies to the robustness of its articles.

Fit BMX is a company that specializes in the design of bicycles. The brand will thus be able to provide you with all the equipment you will need in this regard. We can for example speak of tires, grips or handlebars.

As for the BMX bikes launched by this brand, they are solid and easy to handle. This is thanks to a specially thought-out design and high-quality materials such as chromoly steel.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: Which size to choose for a BMX bike?

You should refer to your own size. For a child for example, less than 1.40 meters, it is better to opt for a bike with small wheels, 12 to 20 inches. From 80 cm, it is better to choose a BMX Balance Bike. But it is only from 1m that you have to start handling BMX at 12 inches.

Q2: How to rear up on a BMX bike?

To pitch up on a BMX bike, it is important to have good speed and especially good brakes so as not to risk falling backwards. To practice, choose a large flat area such as a parking lot so that you do not encounter obstacles. So, to start, you have to pick up speed. Then, while braking the front side of the wheels, send an upward thrust on the handlebars while pressing down on the pedals. Once the front wheel is suspended upwards, resume pedaling to regain your balance. To go back down, all you have to do is let the front wheel fall.

Q3: How to change a BMX bicycle chain?

Changing a BMX bicycle chain is no different from doing it on a regular bicycle. To do this, you get another one similar to the old chain to replace it. It will then be necessary to put the new one to the good length by shortening it. You must then remove the faulty chain by turning the bike upside down so that the pedals can be turned without moving the assembly. Then remove the broken chain by simply turning the pedals and place the new one. Remember to tighten the chain to prevent it from derailing too easily.

Q4: How to tension a BMX bicycle chain?

Tensioning a BMX bicycle chain is very easy. To do this, you will need a wrench of the same diameter as the nuts clamping your wheels. Once the correct wrench is in hand, loosen the 2 nuts holding your rear wheel enough so that you can move it forward and back on its support. If you don’t have a wrench that can do this, it is always possible to opt for the use of pliers. The tire must then be moved back to loosen the chain and tighten everything once assembled.

Q5: How to transform a bicycle into a BMX?

Turning your favorite regular bike into a BMX is possible. However, you will need to find the different parts that differentiate the two models. If you have the means, you will then have to disassemble the bike to customize and make the few changes on the frame so that it becomes a BMX frame. Be careful to check each join if you have the transformation done by a scrap dealer. You might as well say that the operation can be quite expensive and will take a little time. Compared to the cost of buying a new BMX bike, the difference is not that big.