10 Best Bike Carrier for Car [2022]

Going biking with family or friends is an exciting and entertaining adventure. In an elegant and safe way, you can take your bike with you, even during holiday periods using the bike carrier.

The transport of your vehicles will be done safely to your final destination, without having to constantly install them in your car trunk. In this sense, we have included in our article, a buying guide and a comparison of the bike carriers that have obtained the best marks from us.

In our classification figure THULE 925001 , a model easy to assemble, through detachable bicycle arms. Also take a look at Thule EAsyfold XT , a sturdy transporter that can support up to 60kg load.

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10 Best Bike Carrier for Car [2022]

Take your bikes safely with you on the go by choosing the best bike carrier. You will find precisely in this selection the models best appreciated on the market, for their performance and their quality, but especially for the prices at which they are sold.


Compared to other models, this one is compact while it can support two bikes with a maximum weight of 46 kg. Indeed, it can be folded very simply to save space, by storing it flat in a corner of the house or in the trunk. Locks are provided with the device to help you lock bikes securely.

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Regardless of the type of bike to transport, it will suit this model which offers extendable wheel carriers as well as a system to accelerate their mountings.

As soon as it is delivered, this bike carrier is immediately usable, because it is already assembled. You just need to install the bikes with simple gestures explained by the user manual and that’s it, you can ride.

However, one detail adds practicality: you will not need to disassemble the bike carrier before accessing your trunk. Also, this device is suitable for machines with a frame of 22 to 80 mm.


Foldable : Its possibility of being folded makes it not cumbersome; without the need to assign it a special place inside the house or in the car.

Security : The security of the bicycles is ensured by the anti-theft devices provided as well as by locks within the bicycle carrier.


Space : The space between the two bikes is very tight, causing them to touch each other and this can lead to damage.

MARVOWARE 2” Hitch Bike Rack 

Made with quality materials, this model is compact. But compared to the previous article, the transport of its 17.9 kg is simplified by wheels and a carrying handle, visible once it is folded.

The weight, even quite heavy, is therefore not a problem. Also, it can support two bikes of any type since its load capacity is 60 kg, largely sufficient for two electric bikes or mountain bikes.

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The mounting of the bikes will be precise with the fixing arms which alert with a click when the tightening limit is reached. The machines will be safe when moving, because the distances between them are correct.

In addition, padlocks are provided to keep them on the bike carrier, and also to secure the latter on the hitch ball. Access to the trunk is always easy thanks to a tilt pedal.


Transport : Although the bike carrier is heavy with almost 18 kg, its movement is facilitated by the presence of the wheels and the ergonomic handle.

Load capacity : The 60 kg is enough for the transport of two adult bikes, while still having enough space so that they do not touch each other during the journey.

Safety : You will ride in complete safety knowing the safety actions to be carried out easily to preserve all the equipment in good condition.


Offset : The location exposes the rear lights to shocks during handling.

MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch Mount Bike

The model 991001 is not only testified to being the best performing , but also the smallest, whether in weight or in size. Despite this slightly reduced size, it remains compatible for two bikes.

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MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch Mount Bike Rack Platform Style 2-Bike...
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It is a model that stands out for the maximum security it offers. Indeed, a rubber part ensures maintenance on the vehicle and securing against scratches; while supports alleviate the jolts on the way.

Being a model of the famous Thule brand, locking locks are provided upon purchase and the model is foldable flat to save space on storage and transport. With a weight of only 10 kg, mounting the bikes is simple and can be done by one person.

Unlike other bike carriers, the clip used on this Raceway model does not allow any contact that could damage the car or the bikes.


Safety : Bicycles cannot touch each other, the same for the bicycle carrier and the car. And the shocks on the road are lightened by the quality of the frame mounts.

Practical : The weight is lower than those of other models and allows easy installation and easy transport.


Compatibility : This model is not compatible with all types of cars, so please refer to the manufacturer’s website before purchasing.

HYPERAX Volt 2 -E Bike

If you need to take all the bikes in the family on vacation, this is the ideal model, very compact, which can accommodate four machines in one trip. It simply hangs on your car’s hitch and you’re ready to go.

Very nice finish with anti-rust, its quality follows the standards, and promises a durable use. No need for padlocks or other locking accessories, as it has a built-in anti-theft lock.

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Save space by storing it by folding the arm. Its placement in the back of the car will, all the same, give you free access to your trunk. Even if its capacity is four bikes, it remains quite light with its 5 kg. And all four stand still at all speeds and on all types of roads.


Capacity : Being able to carry 4 bikes with a single bike rack is the advantage of this model, which is very practical for large families.

Easy assembly : everything is assembled in a few minutes, the instructions are very clear; and even if there weren’t, it wouldn’t have been a problem.

Lightweight : Its low weight of 5 kg simplifies transport and even storage, for more convenience.


Plate : The lack of a system to put the license plate on the bikes is the only thing to criticize this quality model.

HYPERAX Volt RV Hitch Mounted E Bike Rack

Also suitable for 4 bikes, this 10.3 kg bike carrier is compact and quality at the same time. It is suitable for holidays or for simple family outings by simply attaching to the towing ball of the car or caravan.

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The rear of your car or that of the caravan and the bikes are totally protected, thanks to the material used for the frame supports which is soft rubber.

Robust, it has the capacity to support 4 real bikes, that is to say of normal size, or even three mountain bikes, without reaching its maximum capacity. With the device in place, it is possible to open the trunk of the car with a simple tilting gesture.

Even if along the way, we see the bike carrier moving a little, this is not to be feared. Also, with all the features listed above, this model is sold at a good price-performance ratio.


Quality : The Thule brand is not unrecognized on the market, so the quality of this model that it offers can not make anyone doubt and it is moreover proven.

Capacity : The capacity of this model is much higher. Although there are other models that can accommodate four bikes, the maximum weight is not equal to that of this model.

Attachment : The binding is strong and there is no pre-setting to do in advance.


Accessories : you must plan to purchase a license plate holder and lighting at a later date, as they are not supplied.

Capstone Hitch Mount 2 Bike Carrier

Manufactured by the famous Thule brand which offers a wide range of bikes and specialized accessories, this model is very light, but is able to support two large bikes or three with varied sizes, as long as the maximum capacity of 50 kg is not exceeded. Its weight of only 1.8 kg facilitates handling and transport of the whole.

Capstone Hitch Mount 2 Bike Carrier
  • Carries up to two bikes
  • Fits wide range of tire sizes including fat bikes

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Indeed, this weight is due to the material used which is aluminum, which has been anodized for more robustness. Several round tubes 35 mm in diameter and 70 cm in height, made with this aluminum, serve as a support for the bicycles.

The assembly and disassembly of the latter have also been facilitated by a system. With that, you won’t have to put in much effort to complete them. Note that this is a roof-mounted bike carrier that can be installed on a motorhome or caravan.


Weight : This is one of the lightest bike carrier models you can find on the market. Thus, you will have no trouble handling it.

Easy to use : Thanks to its weight and size, it is not difficult to mount the bike carrier or the bikes. You just need to do a few fairly simple actions.


Capacity : This model is low capacity, but this is justified by the material used.

Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks for 2 in. Hitch

If you have a collection bike that you want to showcase in your home or in a store specializing in sports equipment and accessories, add charm to your interior by hanging one or more bikes on the wall. With an attractive design in black color, it is a fairly light model of only 2 kg.

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Made by assembling steel and plastic, it is a sturdy device with a maximum support of 30 kg. If you want to save space, you can use vertical storage.

The fixing has no effect on the condition of the rims or the wall, as it is provided with several rubber hooks. Also, all the accessories useful for assembly and disassembly are provided at the time of purchase, including metal screws, expansion screws, wall plugs and holes.


Design : This is a cheap model of bicycle rack that will add style to your home by using the bicycle as decoration.

Attachment : The attachment is sturdy, while keeping your wall condition pristine once the bike rack and bike are removed from the wall.

Accessories : Everything is already provided, so there is no additional cost involved in purchasing an additional attachment tool.


Installation : The bicycle may not stand upright if the attachment is not correct, so you must see the location clearly before installing the bicycle carrier.

MaxxHaul 50025 Hitch Mount 2 Bike Rack

Switch up your style by opting for a trailer instead of a regular bike carrier to put in the back of your vehicle. It allows you to take 1 up to 4 bikes wherever you go. This trailer has two wheels, and can be used for other objects such as boxes or other objects that no longer fit in the trunk.

MaxxHaul 50025 Hitch Mount 2 Bike Rack For Cars, Trucks,...
  • Improved durable hitch adapter to fit standard 1-1/4" and 2" hitch receivers
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In addition to the trailer, you will have a bike guard. Also, the trailer is protected against corrosion and promises to last over time.

In addition, the model has a very high capacity, as it has a maximum load of 100 kg. Pre-assembled, it no longer requires assembly to be done, requiring other tools.

You can use it at the reception. Fasteners are used to keep the bikes correctly in place, without any jerking felt. Regarding safety, you will find side reflectors so that it remains visible even in low light.


Capacity : The capacity of this model is much higher, as it is suitable for 4 bicycles or for carrying other items, such as suitcases or other packages.

Safety : Double corrosion protection including rustproof zinc plating and polyester powder coating allow the driver to be reassured throughout the journey.

Pre-assembled : No assembly is required since the device is already delivered pre-assembled, and is used directly upon delivery.


VAE : Some bicycle models take up so much space, so that the trailer can only accommodate two.

How to choose a good bike carrier?

As a buyer, you will have many options to consider when considering where to buy the best bike rack. Large numbers of choices often overlap and clap their way to get your attention.

In that sense, read our buying guide for the best bike racks to find out what to look for when buying. Your decision should then be based on compatibility, durability, safety, finish protection, warranty, as well as price.


The first feature that you should look for in order to know which bike carrier to choose is its compatibility with your car model. Manufacturers often provide a list of vehicle models for which the bicycle carrier is suitable. Make sure you don’t buy one without checking this option.

Be aware that some older bike rack models simply won’t fit newer cars. Therefore, check the compatibility before looking for another feature, before even comparing.


Obviously, when you’re spending money on a bike rack, it’s important that it can last for several years. The durability of these gear is determined by the construction of the frame. Consider whether the bike rack is properly covered to protect against rust and other exogenous elements.

In your search for the best bike carrier, you will find that almost all models are made of steel. Although the latter is a solid metal, it will be easily susceptible to corrosion especially if it is not protected by a rust resistant coating. Then make sure that the car bike carrier you choose is protected against known issues like this.


Unfortunately, bicycle theft is a common problem today and bicycles attached to the outside of vehicles are easy targets. Bike racks offer different levels of security such as integrated locks that secure the rack to your vehicle. However, with the right tools and enough time, a determined thief can easily compromise even the most secure bike rack.

The safest are those that use cable ties. They partially answer the question which is the best bicycle carrier on the market. A long, rubber-coated steel cable locks onto a metal upright on the rack. The cable is long enough to pass between the wheels, to quickly deter the thief.

Finishing protection

Imagine driving your car with a bicycle rack and a bicycle attached to it. You end up on a bumpy road and a bounce is likely to occur. The bike rack can hold if it is solidly designed. One of the major concerns about how to choose the best bike racks of 2021, therefore, is scratching.

Bike racks require padding protection to specifically prevent scratches during transport. It is a very practical option for both the car and the bike rack. But since not all bike carriers have this protection, be sure to look for it in the list of features provided.

The warranty

Manufacturer’s warranties will protect your purchase under all circumstances. You will be able to return your order for a refund in a month or two. But if the bike carrier has problems in a year or two, you’ll need a warranty to get help from the manufacturer.

Usually, the best brand of bike rack comes with a lifetime or limited time warranty. While the former is the best option, read the fine print on the contract to understand what is actually covered. So you can be sure of the safety and durability of a product when it comes with a warranty.

The price

The bicycle racks in our selection have a very variable cost. Some users may want to spend on the best of the best, while others may just be researching how to buy a better value bike carrier.

Always judge the price of the bike rack based on what you can get in return. Ideally, we recommend doing some research by setting up a price comparison. By searching well, you will be able to find a model less expensive than the others, but just as powerful.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to mount a bicycle rack?

A bike rack should be as easy to assemble as possible, so you don’t have to call a professional. Editing can get confusing quickly, so keep an eye out for the instructions. Either way, it is important that you always have a bicycle adapter with you.

Also, don’t forget to check the tightness of the bikes on the bike rack, and pay particular attention to noise during the journey. However, it would be a good idea if you also respect the maximum load of the bike rack, especially if they are e-bikes.

Q2: How to put bikes on a bike rack?

Three systems allow you to conveniently put your bikes on a bike rack. Grab bars, as the name suggests, support these so they can stay in a good position. You can thus make sure that the bikes are well protected from possible shocks that could occur during the journey.

In addition, since bicycles are one of the devices most popular with thieves, security buckles will quickly deter them. Finally, the wheel brackets will secure the two wheels more securely.

Q3: How do I attach a bicycle to a motorhome bike rack?

Although hitching a bike carrier to your motorhome is quite tedious, the process will be less painful for you thanks to our knowledgeable advice. First, you will need to assess the exact location where the device will be installed. Ideally, the most suitable arrangement is at the rear of the motorhome.

From then on, align the axes of the various components of the bicycle carrier, ensuring that the wheels of the bicycle do not exceed the limit of the bodywork. You will now have to perform an operation consisting of drilling partitions perpendicularly and voila.

Q4: How do I attach a bike rack to the back of the caravan?

So that the bike carrier doesn’t fall off along the way, and you don’t have to worry about where to buy a new carrier, it’s important to secure it firmly to your caravan. Whether you have chosen a platform or suspended bike carrier, first draw holes with a well-defined distance in pencil that you will then drill.

Afterwards, you will have to exert a strong pressure on a wooden plate while an assistant punctures the bicycle carrier with four fixing points. Then place the bike rack on the four fixing points, adding vertical sliding bars for more support.

Q5: How to fix a license plate on a bicycle rack?

When you install a bicycle carrier on your vehicle, your car’s license plate is usually no longer visible. In this sense, you will have to consider putting a license plate on your bike rack.

These plates are placed either on the last bicycle transported, or on a particular component of the bicycle carrier. Installation requires screwing using rings and hooks supplied with the license plate assembly. However, the more capable models will be equipped with a folding license plate so that you can store it safely.

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