9 Best Bicycle Lights for Daytime [2022]

Headlights and bicycle lights allow enthusiasts to make routes in the middle of the night. This type of device not only provides good visibility for the runner, but also plays a safety role.

Car drivers can see it from a distance, avoiding accidents on the road. In our list of the best products, we included the Busch & Müller Headlight Cyo appreciated for its compactness and its streamlined design. The GHB Powerful LED MTB Lamp stands out for its various practical lighting modes.

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9 Best Bicycle Lights for Daytime [2022]

BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED Headligh

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Do you want the best bicycle lighting without wasting all your savings on it? This model seems adapted to your needs. With an almost unbeatable price-performance ratio, this product will be of great efficiency to you. It has a powerful LED lamp.

BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED Headlight, 3 LED...
27,798 Reviews
BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED Headlight, 3 LED...
  • 5 LED headlight, tool-less handlebar mount, 30-40 feet range, quick-release mount
  • 3 LED taillight, angle adjustable quick-release mount

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The latter is able to illuminate over a distance of more than 10 m in front and a radius of 3 m. It then has a ratio of 60 lux and offers excellent visibility.

Note that this device works with a dynamo system. So you won’t need to change batteries or recharge it to make it work.

You just have to move forward with your bike to light up your path in the middle of the night. It also guarantees a good level of safety since vehicle drivers will see you a few hundred meters away. This article will be a winning investment for you.


Good visibility: This accessory helps to distinguish people and objects from far as well as near in the dark. Indeed, its powerful lighting allows you to see a few meters without there being a shadow area.

Compact design: Its rigid appearance and clean lines appeal to the greatest number. It is easily placed on the handlebars.

Convenient in use: The LED lamp consumes only a small amount of energy. You won’t always need to pedal to get good light.


Ineffective Switch: According to some people, there is no noticeable difference between “S” and “T” mode.

1200 Lumens Bike Lights Front and Back

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For fans of mountain biking and nightlife who do not know which bike light to choose, here is the solution. This model provides you with a perfect level of light throughout your journey, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises and unfortunate incidents.

1200 Lumens Bike Lights Front and Back,USB Rechargeable...
1,490 Reviews
1200 Lumens Bike Lights Front and Back,USB Rechargeable...
  • SUPER BRIGHT & LONG RUNTIME: The bicycle front light has 3 LEDs with a maximum output of 1200...
  • CHARGING INPUT & OUTPUT: In addition to the normal USB input rechargeable function,this bicycle...

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It is equipped with three LED bulbs which can be easily adjusted according to the use you make of them. In addition, you will choose between 4 operating modes to vary the beam rate of this device.

These elements last over time. This item has an 8.4 V lithium battery. It lasts almost 6 hours if you choose to set the current to the lowest (1T6). On the other hand, if you put it at the higher level 2T6 or 3T6, the product will work approximately 2 to 3 hours. This is enough to drive at night without fear or to visit poorly lit sites during the day.


Convenient lighting modes: You adjust the device between 4 positions to have differentiated brightness on the go. You can thus vary the degree according to the circumstances.

Durable Material: The manufacturers of this product claim that this device will last beyond 10,000 hours of use.

Versatile: This equipment will also serve as an LED headlamp if you are not installing it on an ATV. In other words, it will be suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities (camping, travel).

All-inclusive accessories: The package includes everything you need for easy use.


Lumen Rating: Some users believe it wouldn’t actually go over 500 lumens.

BLITZU Bike Lights Front and Back, Bicycle 

If one were to compare this model with others, it stands out for its luminous power. Indeed, it incorporates two LED lamps producing up to 1870 lumens.

It will then offer you excellent visibility over a hundred and fifty meters in a straight line and across the width of the road. You can set it to vary the intensity or simply activate it in “SOS signal” mode in an emergency.

BLITZU 2023 USB-C Rechargeable Bike Lights Set with Bell....
  • Complete Cycling Safety System – Comes with an aluminum bike bell that delivers a crisp ring tone...
  • USB Type-C Charging Connector - Both the Headlight and the Taillight Are Equipped With the Latest...

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Regarding the battery, thanks to it you can drive 12 hours without stopping and without the power dropping. Also note that this equipment has a solid and resistant appearance.

Moreover, it is largely made of alumite, a material used in the military field for its robustness. It has IP68 certification and remains waterproof. If the battery fails after 500 recharges, the light body will remain intact as long as you maintain it properly.


Light output : The two integrated LED lights produce up to 1870 lumens when activated. You will almost see it as in broad daylight.

Long-lasting battery: Charged to 100%, it holds easily during 12 hours of use. This will prevent you from having to feed it frequently.

Simplified assembly: You will have no trouble installing it on your bike thanks to its practical attachment system.

Resistant: This lighting seems tenacious enough to adapt to all situations. You could even use it in a downpour if you need to.


Bulky: According to one user, this equipment by its size and its weight hinders the cyclist in his driving.

Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights with Batteries

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Working with a dynamo system, this module from Busch & Müller saves you waste and additional expenses. You will therefore no longer have to change the batteries or recharge it to use it. Just by moving your bike forward, you will activate the light.

LED Wheel Lights (1 Tire, Green) Bike Accessories for Fun...
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  • BE SAFE! Front and back lights leave you vulnerable from the sides. Gain visibility from all...

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According to estimates, the rate of light beam emitted by this device reaches 70 lux, which is satisfactory. We could even classify it as the most efficient of its range. Concretely, it will offer you the most correct visibility, straight in front and to the sides. You can therefore orient yourself easily at night and drive at high speed (30 km / h) if, for example, you want to reach a point within the allotted time.

The specimen produces practical and efficient IQ-X type illumination in dark areas. This article is aimed at enthusiasts and enthusiasts of mountain biking races for thrilling adventures.


Solid case: In aluminum, the element is resistant to shocks and jolts. This device will accompany you for years of use without sagging.

Adapted brightness: The beam emitted by this small focused lighthouse arrives up to nearly fifty meters further. This allows you to concentrate better on the course and not be distracted.

Neat design: Its appearance and sober style appeal, because it is discreet and modern.


Fairly short cable: If you have a large bike, you will have difficulty connecting it to the dynamo system.

Ascher Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

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Many mountain bike racing professionals believe Busch & Müller would be the best brand of bicycle lights around. If you are not convinced of this statement, you might change your mind by opting for this model.

Operating with a hub or standard dynamo system, it makes it easier for you to use. It is placed at the back of your mountain bike and gives an overall visibility of approximately 320 °.

Ascher Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set,...
20,572 Reviews
Ascher Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set,...
  • ✔ADVANCED DESIGN: USB rechargeable front and back lights, built in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium...
  • ✔FOUR LIGHT MODE OPTIONS: The Headlight and Taillight feature an one-touch switch with four...

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For this purpose, it will serve very well as a position light during your night outings with friends by bike. Especially since this module has a flat aesthetic which facilitates its installation.

It weighs 53g which is light in weight and won’t be a nuisance on your rides. As a bonus, it also incorporates a large surface reflector to improve visibility at night. This guarantees a good level of security.


Reflective aspect: Not only does this model deploy a suitable light beam, but it is also perfectly discernible in semi-darkness.

Compact size: We appreciate its small size and light weight. This device therefore does not clutter your hands on the handlebars.

Practical: Its use is effective for spotting the runner in the middle of the night in addition to ensuring his rear.

Dynamo system: This gives more freedom to use and avoids any pain. Note that it also works on battery. It therefore continues to shine when stationary if you use the latter.


Unpleasant look: We would have liked this module to be more aesthetic, but it will depend on your tastes and your style.

Akale Rechargeable Bike Lights Set

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By purchasing this bicycle light kit, you will be getting a good deal and having practical accessories. This set includes a front headlight designed to give you better visibility for your mountain biking trips at night.

This offers 3 modes to guide you in the darkest areas. You can therefore adjust it to high or to constant brightness according to your needs. It also adjusts to a strobe to communicate with other cyclists from afar.

Akale Rechargeable Bike Lights Set, LED Bicycle Lights Front...
  • ● SMART CHARGING TECHNOLOGY. USB rechargeable bike light. All you need is a Micro-USB cable. Water...
  • ●FOUR LIGHT MODE: Front cycle light supports full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing and...

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The rear position light is easily placed on your bike. The pair can be easily recharged via a USB cable. This means that you will never run out of juice, because while working on the computer you plug it in. It is the same if you have a plug and a box or a power bank.

This will play as much on the security level. Not to mention the fact that it is a cheap accessory compared to similar items sold in the market. Moreover, it appears in our comparison of the most accessible lighting of the moment.


Two products available: With this set, you will be entitled to two practical accessories to attach to a bike, a stroller, a wheelchair or any machine with a support 2 to 8 cm in diameter.

Value for money: This is one of the best deals we’ve seen so far since this kit costs next to nothing compared to what it’s capable of.

Different Modes: You can adjust the rate of light intensity to suit any circumstances.

Waterproof material: These two lighting systems are not afraid of humidity and seem quite resistant.

Easy to Install: Each of these two items fits conveniently without you needing to put in too much effort.


Faulty front hitch: Someone has reported that this part breaks easily.

Vont ‘Pyro’ Bike Light Set, USB Rechargeable

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Would you like to buy cheaper bicycle lights to accompany you on your night out rides? If so, this model proposed by Donperegrino seems suitable to satisfy you. This accessory incorporates no less than 30 small powerful LED lamps producing nearly 110 lumens. This is more than enough so that we can see you from 200 m away.

Vont 'Pyro' Bike Light Set, USB Rechargeable, Super Bright...
  • SUPER BRIGHT LEDS & FOUR MODES - Your new bike light 🚴 set features extremely bright LEDs which...
  • WATERPROOF & INDESTRUCTIBLE - Don't equip yourself with inferior bike lights. Our lights are built...

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To recharge it, you use any type of USB sector. After that, the 500mAh battery lasts for around 10 hours of use. You will therefore not have to feed it at each session. Note that this device also emits a wide light beam of 150 °.

It will thus serve as a practical location to find you in the middle of the night. If you don’t mount it on your ATV, it can be used as a parking light when camping.


Long battery life: This module has a battery capable of operating for nearly 10 hours.

High-performance LED lamps: It incorporates a total of 36 powerful elements which ensure excellent visibility up to approximately 200 m.

Versatile equipment: This device can be used in all circumstances and in any place, whether as a distress or spotting accessory.

Easy to use: You will easily install it on your rear bike without even needing any DIY equipment.


Poor waterproofing: Manufacturers assure that this accessory is waterproof while water still enters it. A detail of this kind remains binding.

GearLight Rechargeable Bike Light Set

Where to buy the best bicycle lights? To answer this question, this model offered by the famous brand Busch & Müller may be what you need.

GearLight Rechargeable Bike Light Set S400 - Reflectors...
  • Rechargeable with Long-Lasting Performance - A complete cycling safety system featuring a...
  • Super Bright Day or Night - The 400 lumen headlight uses the latest LED technology to illuminate...

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It consists of a high-performance lamp with a light intensity of 100 lux, suitable for nighttime use. The accessory is equally suitable for use in broad daylight when crossing dark areas or undergrowth. It can effectively produce a daytime running light up front, which is still practical.

With this material available, you will enjoy wide and homogeneous IQ-X type lighting. It is also capable of providing lateral radiation for better visibility. You will therefore not miss branches, stones and other obstacles on the road that can slow you down.

At the installation level, this article benefits from a support which allows the threads to pass. So you won’t get tangled up in the brushes and save time.


Powerful lamp: We appreciate the fact that it delivers light beams of up to 100 lux.

Easy fixing: Thanks to its ergonomic aspect, this device will easily find its place on the front of your mountain bike.

Compact and solid: Its aluminum case provides excellent resistance to shocks.

Good waterproofing: The connectors on the back of this module are protected from downpours. Indeed, a small compartment stands there and serves as a shell for this device.


Exorbitant price: This item is one of the most expensive bike lights you will find on the market.

BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED 

Here we have a rather interesting bicycle light. This is a pistol-shaped model that weighs only 100g. Practical, it is placed on the handlebars in less than 10 seconds, without any tightening tool. This Cycleafer bicycle light works with a 200 lumen LED.

BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED Headlight, 3 LED...
27,798 Reviews
BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED Headlight, 3 LED...
  • 5 LED headlight, tool-less handlebar mount, 30-40 feet range, quick-release mount
  • 3 LED taillight, angle adjustable quick-release mount

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In addition, its intensity is adjustable. So you can increase or decrease the brightness as you like. The equipment offers you four levels of shine ranging from the brightest to the most subdued. Thus, once on the road, you will not annoy the motorists that you meet on the way.

This model costs nearly 22 euros, an average price accessible to the general public. And to reassure you, a 3 year warranty is offered in case you need it. If you’re wondering where to buy new bike lights, this one might be for you.


Swivels in all directions: This model is impressive in terms of mobility. You can steer it on all sides.

Removable: It can be removed from the bike without problem. Besides, you can use it as a real flashlight.

Practical: It is resistant to humidity and water. So you have the right to turn it on at all times.


Ultra bright mode: Battery life becomes limited once this mode is activated. This then goes from 6 to 2 hours only, which is not profitable.

Purchase guide

What are the criteria for a good bicycle scout? This buying guide for the best bike lights gives you some tips on just that. The number of lumens remains the main aspect to take into account. Then comes the type, longevity, loading method, mounting system, design and weight.

The type of lighting

If you don’t know much about bicycle lighting, the first point to take into account is the type of model: front light or rear light. As their name suggests, one is positioned on the handlebars while the other is often placed under the seat. In short, do not confuse the two.

The rear specimen will serve as a landmark for motorists. In this case, opt for an item capable of flashing. Thus, you will be more noticeable along the boulevards and highways. Nighttime traffic accidents are usually linked to faulty or poorly performing headlights.

So, you might as well equip yourself with the best lighting to avoid trouble. Moreover, between cyclists and drivers, it is the two wheels that often pay the costs in the event of an incident.

The number of lumens

The number of lumens determines which is the best bicycle light on the market. The intensity of a front light largely depends on this criterion. So at the very least get yourself one specimen greater than or equal to 200 lumens.

With such equipment, you will have decent night vision once on the handlebars. Thus, you will easily avoid bumps and potholes during the journey. In terms of brightness, the word lux also takes on its full meaning.

This term simply refers to the range of your lighting or the area it occupies on a surface. It can reach hundreds of meters. Namely, the more this value increases, the further you will see there.

Longevity, life expectancy

Bicycle lights work like conventional bulbs. They have a limited lifespan. Take this criterion into account before buying any. You can find a model offering 100,000 hrs of service at the same time as a gadget with 5,000 hrs on its meter.

In the first case, you will replace the lamp after 11 years of use. In the second case, you will acquire a new element after only 1 year. So, do the math to determine the depreciation of any product.

An expensive accessory makes up for its price in the long run. But for a standard use of 2 hours per day, a bulb showing less than 10,000 hours of life will be sufficient. However, make sure that it remains in good condition during the allotted time.

Rechargeable or not

Currently, bicycle lights generally work with rechargeable batteries. They thus present a great advantage for the users. These are practical and more profitable. To power them, you have to plug them into a power outlet or a Power Bank and that’s it.

Battery-powered models, on the other hand, remain less functional. Every time the refills run out, you’re going to have to order some. So, it dramatically increases your spending as time goes on. In short, we advise you to turn to a rechargeable USB bike light. Certainly, the price comparison will show a high cost, but, in the long run, it is more profitable.

The fixing system

Usually a bicycle light hangs on any model. However, this is not always the case with the two wheels with aero steels. These often appear too thin or too flattened to accommodate a standard fixture.

To remedy this, think about fixing your accessory. This should be interchangeable to fit on a specific bicycle frame. Thus, no matter the diameter of the handlebars, it will be placed correctly.

Also, if your vehicle is forged from carbon fiber then the use of a torque wrench will be mandatory. This type of material requires tightening to the nearest millimeter otherwise it risks cracking. In addition, lighting with a rubber mounting system would do the trick.

Design and weight

In terms of design, choose the specimen you like. There are large scouts, small, round, rectangular or elongated accessories. It just depends on your preferences. However, avoid cluttering your vehicle with an imposing luminaire.

In addition, the more oversized the model, the more mass it will gain. Therefore, provide yourself with a fairly light item. Thus, your handlebars will not be weighed down by the load, because your driving will be affected if the device in question was 350 g instead of 60 g.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How does the lighting of a bicycle work?

The luminaire of a bicycle works either with chargeable batteries or with a dynamo. Without these elements, the lamps of the two-wheeler will not be powered. In the first case, the energy can run out little by little. So when the batteries run out, the powerful rechargeable bicycle light turns off automatically.

In the second situation, the light will continue to emanate as long as the tires are spinning. And if you stop pedaling, the dynamo will generate less power. As a result, the brightness will gradually decrease until it is completely turned off.

Q2: How does a dynamo work?

A dynamo works using two components, including a coil of copper wire and plates of magnets. These elements are assembled together using a housing fitted with a rotor. When the latter starts to turn, the magnets will move around the coil which generates electricity.

This so-called alternating current will then be used to power the front, rear or other bicycle lighting. This connection is made via a power stabilizer charger and electric cables. However, a question arises, how to make the rotor move?

To do this, it will have to be placed in contact with a wheel. So put it on the side of it. Then make sure it swirls properly. It is the same principle as with the wind turbine, but on a smaller scale.

Q3: How do I know if a dynamo is charging? How to test a bicycle dynamo?

A dynamo charges when it moves fast enough. To check this, first make your connections. So, correctly connect the dynamo of the charger then the charger of the lighting or digital device.

Then adjust the power and your charger. Then spin your tires for a few seconds. And see for yourself whether the bulb lights up or not. If the latter starts to shine, then you have passed your test. Otherwise, you must insist. Sometimes it takes longer for the dynamo to produce enough power. So instead of turning the pedal for a few seconds, roll in place for a few minutes to activate a torch.

To get the most power, pedal faster so that the rotor moves at high speed. At this stage of the test, the best advice is to minimize the lights. Because if you have several accessories, they may not shine at the same time.

Sometimes only a few shine. But in general, the intensity of the light is so weak that one cannot take advantage of it. And if everything does not work after several attempts, then check the entire installation. You may have forgotten a connection.

Q4: What power for a bicycle light: how many lumens to choose?

The power of a bicycle light is very important. The higher it is, the more you will have a clear field of vision during nocturnal movements. So, how do you choose the best bicycle lights of 2021? To do this, compare the number of lumens.

So, opt for an LED lamp of at least 150 lumens. This is the bare minimum to have enough light to clear the trail for you. However, if you find yourself in town, a 60 lumen torch will do. Indeed, the lights emanating from the buildings make the decor less gloomy, which is beneficial to you.

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