Top 7 Best Bicycle Indicators [2022 Updated]

In addition to conventional protective gear, visibility accessories such as turn signals are required for any cyclist. If in the old way, it was enough to reach out to change direction, the increase in bicycle accidents has meant that turn signals are more and more adopted.

To equip your two-wheeler therefore, take these models into account: the Donperegrino B2-110 Lumens bicycle tail light is at the top of the list. Composed of 36 COB LEDs, this lighting is one of the most powerful in its category with its 110 Lumens. It also comes with 5 different lighting modes.

As for the Maso LED flashing rear bicycle light with remote control , it is installed on the back of the bike and offers lighting that works for an extended period of time with its 8-hour battery life.

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7 Best Bicycle Indicators [2022 Updated]

Donperegrino B2-110 Lumens bicycle tail light

In comparison with the other products in its category, the Donperegrino B2-110 is the most powerful. Indeed, it works with 36 COB LEDs as well as a brightness of 110 lumens which bring more brightness to optimize visibility.

In addition, this lighting is visible up to a distance of 150 m. It provides wide beams at an angle of 150 °.

Ideal for cyclists wondering where to buy the best indicator for bikes, this accessory works with a rechargeable USB battery that can provide between 4 to 10 hours of autonomy. Also, it is accompanied by 5 lighting modes namely the current mode, the current flash in red, flash in blue, strobe in red and blue, as well as stable in blue.

Suitable for all conditions of use, this lighting has an IPX4 waterproof rating. Designed to fit all types of bikes, it can also be used as a helmet or wheelchair light. A user manual is also offered with the USB cable and the two clips to guide you through the use.


Power: Donperegrino B2-110 is one of the most efficient indicators on the market since it is equipped with a 36 LED lighting system with a brightness of 110 lumens as well as visibility at 150 m.

Reliable: Accompanied by 5 lighting modes, this device is powered by a battery that recharges via USB. Its autonomy can also reach ten hours.


Unconvinced Fastener : There are rubber fasteners supplied with this product. On the other hand, these elements do not make it possible to properly fix the indicator according to the users.

Maso LED bicycle tail light turn signals with remote control

A must have for all cyclists, this bicycle tail light benefits from a quality construction that ensures prolonged use.

It is a wireless system including a remote control to be installed on the front of the bike as well as the light to be installed at the rear. In this way, it is easier to control the lighting to improve safety during cycling.

Users consider this flashing light to be the most efficient since it works with a USB rechargeable battery. Requiring a full charge for two hours, it can guarantee continuous operation for 8 hours if you put it in flashing mode. In addition, a spare battery is also offered.

This accessory is also constructed with a versatile design. Therefore, it can serve as either a tail light or a turn signal. There are three parameters defined by the LED arrows that light up to indicate right, left or “dangerous” directions. With IPX2 waterproofing, this lighting is suitable for humidity and rain.


Practical system: No cable connection is required for the installation of this accessory. The installation consists of a remote control which is placed at the front of the bike as well as a light to be integrated at the rear.

Efficiency: Thanks to the quality of the battery used, this indicator can offer up to 8 hours of autonomy. The manufacturer also offers a spare battery.


Non-rechargeable control: It is unfortunate that the control is not as rechargeable as the lighting, which would have allowed frequent battery changes to be missed.

Cycl WingLights Fixed V3 Indicators for bicycle

This product is one of the most sought after by cyclists who cannot figure out which bicycle turn signal to choose. Made from a lightweight aluminum, it benefits from greater strength while effectively resisting water and wear. Its use makes it possible to reinforce the safety of cyclists in the face of all dangers on the road.

This is a set of two indicators that are screwed on both ends of the handlebars. They are also compatible with straight and flat handlebars with a maximum angle of 60 ° with an internal diameter between 14.9 and 22 mm. To ensure continuous operation, these accessories require power with CR2032 batteries.

Making it easier to change direction, this bicycle turn signal kit is clearly visible day and night. To do this, it is equipped with LED light emitting an orange light signal.

Installation is made easier with the support that screws onto the handlebars. Moreover, this element simply clips and unclips for practical use.


Reliability: This is a very good quality accessory which is made with aluminum. Capable of withstanding all conditions of use, it reinforces the safety of cyclists.

Accessibility: These two indicators are to be placed at the ends of the handlebars of a bicycle. They are powered by CR2032 batteries and fit most flat and straight handlebars.


Not very practical: The addition of these indicators lengthens the length of the handlebars which has difficulty to pass through doors with conventional dimensions.

Ckb Ltd Wireless Remote Control Turn Signal System

In order to secure changes of direction, especially at night, it is recommended to use this model. Unlike other models on the market, this is a wireless bicycle turn signal.

This system is made up of a control unit that attaches to the handlebars and signal lights that you have to attach to the seat support.

This device has 4 diamond-shaped LEDs which are integrated in the center. They work in the same way as the LED reflectors used on conventional bicycles. As for the red lights in the center, they flash at the same time. For power, you will need to buy 3 AA batteries.

If you want to compare this product, you will be won over by its ease of implementation. Indeed, you will just have to press on the remote control which transfers the signals in order to display them on the back.

Then, the LED light indicates the direction you are going to take. In addition, audible beeps complement the visual indicators.


Wireless: The installation of this turn signal is the most practical and the safest solution to change direction in complete safety. The installation does not require any connection, in fact the lights are controlled remotely by means of a remote control.

Convenience: The installation of this indicator is simplified as its use. A simple push on the remote control allows you to control the entire system.


High consumption: According to the opinions of several customers, flashing red lights is not necessary, as this unnecessarily consumes the batteries.

MojiDecor waterproof LED bicycle tail light

To make a good purchase, we advise you to opt for the best brand of bicycle indicators. In this case, MojiDecor is recommended since it markets this good quality bicycle rear light. With its IPX4 waterproof rating, this lighting can be used in the rain.

This rear light features super bright LEDs that combine a visual warning with a turn signal. In addition, it incorporates high quality LED chips providing increased visibility on the road while cycling. The manufacturer also uses a 2200mAh high performance rechargeable battery.

This flashing light benefits from a wireless construction, to do this it can be controlled with a remote control operating with a range of about 5 m.

The installation loop also guarantees a more secure attachment. When installing, you must secure the turn signal to the seat post and the control to the handlebars in a more accessible location.


Reliability: This lighting has an IPX4 waterproof rating which guarantees resistance to water splashes and rain.

High performance: Integrating an LED with a high brightness capacity, this device emits a visual warning as well as a flashing light. The rechargeable battery that powers this accessory contributes to its efficiency.


Without recharging indicator: The turn signal does not have an indicator that prompts you to recharge the battery when it is low.

Ventura indicators and brake light for bicycle

All cyclists can enjoy maximum safety thanks to this lighting. It is a simple and effective system for improving visibility on the road.

On the one hand, there is the lighting to be placed on the back of the bike and on the other hand you have the external switch that attaches to the handlebars of the bike to control the turn signal.

This article may satisfy you when you want to know where to buy a new bicycle turn signal. It combines the functions of a direction and braking indicator as well as rear lighting. For this, this accessory has 7 LEDs with a higher light capacity which provide the lighting power.

The 3 LEDs provide the brake light and the other 2 LEDs are used for each indicator. In order to guarantee its correct functioning, this indicator requires 2 AA batteries of 1.5 V. Concerning the fixing, this accessory is to be placed at the level of the seat posts, the diameter of which is between 25 and 28 mm.


Efficiency: Following the purchase of this item, you will receive lighting to put on the back of the bike as well as a switch that is installed on the handlebars in order to have optimal control while focusing on the road.

Multifunctional: Equipped with numerous high-brightness LEDs, this device indicates the direction to take and the braking. It also allows cyclists to remain visible to other occupants of the road.


Inconvenience: The cables are not long enough to facilitate installation. Users therefore want the wires to be extended.

Asvert bicycle light rear light

Chosen in this comparison thanks to its reliability of construction, this bicycle rear light is equipped with SMD LED which generates a greater power of luminosity to offer increased visibility. Also, it is able to efficiently dissipate heat for safer operation. Embedding a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, it provides good autonomy.

The quality of construction of this lighting guarantees long-term use. Indeed, it is designed from plastic PC of choice with 6063 aluminum alloy. Also, it has an IP64 degree of protection guaranteeing its waterproofness.

To better adapt to individual needs, this accessory works with 5 brightness modes namely fast flash, slow flash, Meteor, Breathing light as well as Windmill.

An intelligent brake detection system is also integrated to set the warning lights to the strongest mode in order to warn motorists in the rear. In addition, when the bike has not been in motion for 10 seconds, then the LED indicators will turn off and switch to standby mode to conserve battery capacity.


Performance: Equipped with an SMD LED as well as a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, this bicycle light offers powerful brightness so that the user is clearly visible to other occupants of the road.

Efficiency: There are 5 lighting modes built into this device to adapt to each situation. In addition, energy saving is optimized, as the LEDs go into standby mode when the bike is inactive for 10 seconds.


Inconvenient: The micro USB input is located at the back of the light fixture, yet it is not easy to remove this clip.

Purchase guide

Appreciated for their economic and ecological side, bicycles invade the roads whether in the countryside or in the city. To enjoy safe driving, the use of turn signals is strongly recommended. If you are convinced then take the time to browse through this buying guide for the best bicycle turn signals, before considering a particular product.

The different types of indicators for bikes

It could be that you are looking to know how to buy a better value for money bicycle turn signal, then our advice is to mainly inform yourself about the types of turn signals that you can acquire. Once you have taken stock of this feature, you will have no trouble choosing the model suitable for the use you intend to make of it.

Some indicators are to be integrated on the handlebars, moreover it is possible to put them on both ends. These devices can be activated with a button while others turn on only when you touch them. In this way, you can choose to activate the lighting on the left or on the right. This type of lighting is visible to all occupants of the road in front or behind.

Other indicators are intended to be installed at the rear of the saddle. They are connected with a box placed on the handlebars. The latter therefore makes it possible to control the operation of the rear lights according to your direction. However, these accessories are only visible to those behind you.

Other equipment such as the flashing bicycle helmet is also very popular. It is equipped with LEDs that light up according to your direction. That’s not all, since there are also flashing vests that have reflective yellow stripes with a flashing system. Also very practical, it has a luminous arrow displayed on the back of the vest and which is connected to the handlebars.


Before rushing to a price comparison, first take the time to verify the reliability of the product you intend to order. In this case, it will be necessary to take into account the construction of the article, in particular the materials of manufacture. Choose models designed with light and robust materials. Also, it may happen that you have to ride a bike in the rain. To ensure proper operation of the flashing light despite weather conditions, take the time to check the protection index.

The main purpose of installing a bicycle turn signal is that you can remain visible to other occupants on the road. Therefore, it is important to consider the power of the lighting. In order for you to be able to clearly indicate your direction, the brightness of the accessory must be strong enough. Also, make sure the turn signal is visible day and night. In addition, you should be visible even from a long distance.

To verify all this information, you can consult the opinions and advice on the web. There you will find some interesting information that can certainly help you define which is the best bicycle turn signal on the market.


If you’re having trouble figuring out how to pick the best bike turn signals of 2021, you’re going to need to consider the built-in battery life. In this case, you have to choose according to your habits in the practice of cycling. It is about defining if you cycle daily or on an occasional basis. In fact, the autonomy of the products marketed is very varied, as is the charging time. Obviously, the indicators offering greater autonomy are suitable for long journeys.

The bicycle indicators also have other features that can be useful to you while cycling. Many models serve as a brake light when you brake, while others make sounds. It’s up to you to identify your needs and select from these additional options.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: What lighting is mandatory on a bicycle?

According to the Highway Code, you must have full lighting in order to drive safely at night or in poor light. Thus, it is essential that the cyclist is visible, as public lighting is not sufficient. When you are poorly lit, other occupants of the road will not see you.

At this time, the risk of an accident is very high. That said, you must equip your bike with a white front headlight and another red rear. Make sure you follow these color rules. Also, the installation of a white reflector at the front and red at the rear is required. Pedal reflectors as well as side reflectors are also required.

Q2: Is the bicycle turn signal mandatory on the road?

Like all other additional lights, namely spoke lights and brake lights, the turn signal is not compulsory. On the other hand, the installation of this lighting is very useful to indicate the change of direction in order to benefit from greater security.

Indeed, cars often forget the presence of cyclists on the road. Therefore, these must be visible to prevent traffic risks. Flashing is the best solution when changing lanes. This indicator is a reassuring initiative since it allows you to show your way to all road users.

Q3: What if you don’t have one on your bike?

When your bike is not equipped with a turn signal, you must learn to position yourself correctly during lane changes. To do this, you can make a signal with your hand or point your finger in the direction you are going to take in order to inform the people behind you.

Then, if you want to go right, just turn staying in the lane. Remember to check the traffic at this time. On the other hand, to turn to the right you will have to move gradually towards the lane furthest to the left. Then, take into account the traffic coming in front and make sure there are no other vehicles in the other direction.

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