10 Best Basketball [2022 Updated]

You can choose a basketball according to your age or the age of the players and where you plan to play this team sport, more precisely indoors, outdoors or mixed. The purpose of this buying guide is to help you identify the basic buying criteria that would allow you to buy the item that meets your expectations and make an excellent investment. It is essential, for example, to define the type of material (synthetic leather, genuine leather, rubber, composite leather, etc.). Having a quality basketball such as the Spalding NBA Chicago Bulls in your hands will only multiply your performance as a player. Its robust structure and granulated texture provide optimal grip. theSpalding Grip Control In / Out on its side will accompany you in a gymnasium as on an outdoor field with its durable rubber envelope.

10 Best Basketball [2022 Updated]

Finding a quality basketball is far from easy given that there are so many products on the market. Here is a list of top models that you can choose from if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your research.

Spalding NBA Chicago Bulls

If you especially enjoy the most famous basketball league in the world which is the NBA, you might have heard of the Chicago Bulls before. This is one of the teams with a history linked to one of the greatest players of all time: Michael Jordan. Spalding designed this ball for connoisseurs and fans alike and adorned it with its colors and logo.

The article will catch more than one eye on the field. During the game, the ball bounces well and generates an optimal grip thanks to its rubber casing and its grainy profile. Although its aesthetics do not allow it to integrate official competitions, it can serve as a match ball during training and even during friendly matches 5 against 5, 3 against 3, or in duels.


Robust coating: This model has a structure resulting from the know-how of the brand in the field. Entirely made of durable rubber, it has no flaws despite intensive use on asphalt.

Good grip: The texture consists of thick grains thus optimizing its grip. The ball will not escape you during dribbling, even if you sweat lightly from your hands.

Eye-catching design: This kit harmoniously sports the colors of one of the NBA’s most famous teams, the Chicago Bulls.


Deflated upon receipt: When purchasing this product, provide a pump for inflation.

Spalding Grip Control In/Out

This Spalding reference is no exception to the rule and shines with its quality of manufacture, just like the other newborns of the brand.

This specimen benefits from Grip Control technology. It is a system developed by the brand to optimize the grip of the ball both on the surface and on the player’s hand. Unlike standard balls, it is easier to perform technical gestures such as dribbling with this one. Beginners will quickly gain in performance.

In terms of resistance, the leather present in its composition fulfills its role brilliantly in a gymnasium. This does not prevent enthusiasts from practicing outdoors when the mood takes them. The accessory can be used both indoors and outdoors.


All-terrain: You can count on the versatility of the high-end composite leather of this Spalding reference. You will have plenty of time to develop your talent on all types of terrain.

Grip control technology: This design mode gives players optimal grip. You will significantly increase your level and performance in terms of accuracy.


Outdoor durability : Some users are somewhat disappointed with its longevity. Despite the words of the manufacturer, it turns out that in reality the ball does not last long outdoors.

Molten BGMX6-C

This size 6 ball is particularly intended for women aged 12 and over. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is primarily intended for indoor use, although it has a quality material, such as synthetic leather.

That said, it may be suitable for occasional outdoor use thanks to a fairly durable cover capable of protecting it from scratches. It is also wrapped in nylon to maintain its shape and optimize its performance. It has a butyl bladder.

From the Molten brand, every design is well thought out to deliver unmatched performance, grip and control. The material used in this model bears witness to this. Made from a polyurethane leather, it can withstand outdoor use on asphalt terrain. You can also enjoy your game indoors, regardless of the type of surface you have.

With an original color, it is distinguished by the presence of blue, red and white. This set reflects innovation. In addition, it is equipped with the patented 12 panel technology which provides excellent control.


A renowned brand: Made by a renowned brand, no detail is left to chance with this ball (material, grip, control, comfort to the touch, look, etc.). Women who are passionate about basketball can find their account with this model.

Patented 12-panel technology: Thanks to this specificity, this ball has better control. A butyl bladder adds a plus to its performance.


Occasional Outdoor Use: Although this ball is made from a quality material, like polyurethane leather and wrapped in nylon, users do not understand why heavy outdoor use is not allowed.

Molten BGMX5-C

This variety of materials is dedicated to children under 12, who already have the basics and who are starting their initiation.

The Japanese designer made the design appeal to toddlers with out of the ordinary tones. The blue, white, red set immediately returns without asking any questions to the team to which you belong. The BGMX5-C will deteriorate quickly after outdoor use, so do not take it out.

Despite this, the brand still wanted to maintain a decent level of robustness with a synthetic leather casing and special treatment against scuffing. Its butyl bladder also gives it an unchangeable shape over time, which will allow your toddler to enjoy his performance for years without having to replace his equipment.


Pleasant texture: This model has a coating that will not leave you indifferent. It has a structure that maximizes its grip on the ground, but also in the hands of the user.

Patriotic colors: If you want to give the impression of being behind the France basketball team, this is the specimen shown. In addition, red takes longer to get dirty.


Slightly distorted: Someone noticed a warped area on the balloon. It is preferable to over-inflate it to remedy the fault.

Spalding Silver

This model takes on the classic colors of Spalding’s basketball with one detail: silver patterns. It is distinguished by this rather particular tone which also gives it a unisex design.

The Spalding Silver benefits from a study result conducted by the manufacturer with the aim of delivering an optimal balance between robustness and performance development. Indeed, the rubber texture offers improved control of the ball with a maximum level of grip.

Although its grooves are not very deep, this ball has a satisfactory grip. Thanks to them, you position it correctly in your hands and perform your passes and dribbling more pleasantly, indoors or on the asphalt. However, the manufacturer recommends using it outdoors. However, that doesn’t stop you from bouncing it off the floor every now and then.


Tough: When it comes to durability, you won’t find better than at Spalding. This all-purpose model will prove it to you. It is resistant to all types of terrain and does not show signs of wear until after a long time.

Ergonomic: A meticulously crafted structure gives the ball good grip. This is intended to optimize your grip skills during passing, dribbling and shooting – in short, in all aspects of the game.


Rapid deflation: We can see that this ball loses air quite quickly when it is not played regularly enough. The solution ? Get a pump.

Nike Dominate BB0361-801

This Nike basketball is the one to buy if you are looking for a cheap, but capable model.

Made from quality materials, such as rubber (coating), polyester which is a synthetic material and latex (3%), it is resistant and robust.

Apart from strength and durability, these elements also give it a very good rebound.

It also features a firm pimpled texture and deep grooves. The grip will be there and you can have optimized control of your basketball. It remains ideal for enjoying a game outdoors. Also, if you’re used to playing indoors, you don’t have to worry about it. It can totally meet your needs during your gym workouts.

As for its design, it responds more or less to the classic shape and colors of basketballs. However, we cannot ignore marked improvements. Size 7, it may be suitable for players aged 12 and over. We can also note that with its quality, it manages to take the gamble of remaining affordable and provides its users with a very attractive value for money.

Finally, it is worth remembering that Nike is one of the most popular brands in terms of accessories and sports equipment. Beginners, amateurs or professional basketball players, everyone can find the ball adapted to their needs with this label. The vast majority of basketballs it offers are compatible with both indoor and outdoor courts.


The grip: With an outer rubber coating, it provides excellent grip while being soft to the touch.

Raised lines: These, being ergonomic and ample, improve the ball grip for optimized playing performance.

The material: It is made of high quality material, such as synthetics (polyester), latex, rubber (70%) and nylon (13%). As a result, it has a robust design and benefits from a long service life.


Delivered deflated without a pump: This balloon is delivered deflated without any material provided for inflating it, as is the case with other models. It is therefore necessary to provide a pump for immediate use.

Jordan Size 7

Michael Jordan is an iconic figure in the sport and one of the most successful athletes in the discipline from the 1980s to 2000s and until now. On the field, you will strut about proudly with this ball bearing his image and bearing his logo: a guy in the middle of a dunk who made his reputation since his nickname Air Jordan at the end of a slam dunk contest.

This size 7 outfit all in black and with red patterns has an authentic design. Flawless maneuverability results from the rubber structure, which will benefit you while carrying out your technical movements. This model also fascinates by its versatility. It can be used outdoors as between 4 walls.


Responsive: The texture creates a pleasant grip for all users. The accessory remains well in the hands with its rubber coating provided with rather thick grains.

Quality bounce: Ball losses during dribbling are rare with this specimen. Unlike other standard models, this one responds with precision to the effects you want to assign to it.


Intended for daytime use: Its black color does not allow use in a place lacking in light, especially in the evening or at night. It would be difficult to distinguish the ball in stride.

Molten BGG7-W

With this Molten ball, you will have the impression of playing basketball like professional athletes. This is an official replica of the national and international competition ball approved by FIBA. It can then serve you during training and also act as a match ball in high-stakes matches, especially thanks to its regulatory size 7.

When designing this specimen, Molten bet on a winning combination of strength, handling and durability. For the structure, the brand has opted for high quality composite leather giving the whole a resistance to any test on all types of indoor terrain.

The butyl inner tube will not fail you in terms of longevity. In addition, many appreciate the effect of the rebound once the ball is filled and displaying an air pressure of 0.5 or 0.6 bar.


Approved design: This model meets the requirements of FIBA ​​in terms of quality, but also measurements. Thus, it can be used without worry during training as well as during official competitions.

Innovative structure: This equipment consists of a composite leather envelope and a butyl bladder. This assembly of materials gives it foolproof resistance for indoor use.


Only for parquet: This product remains sensitive to outdoor encounters. If you want to keep it for a long time, avoid bitumen.

Adidas 3 stripes

The 3-band brand is not being left behind by its competitors with this product. This is a mini basketball to give to your child to teach him to play and can also be used to fuel the leisure activities of the older ones, in short nothing serious.

With its size 3, this ball can become the equipment of choice for your toddler. He will quickly develop his abilities with the hook emanating from this reference. The latter does not slip easily from the hands thanks to its envelope provided with grains and deep grooves.

For its appearance, you do not escape the reasons that make the reputation of the manufacturer. Its orange color will allow you to easily spot it on the ground. The rubber structure ensures comfortable use in an indoor stadium as well as outside in direct sunlight.


Unisex: This specimen presents a design adapting to all profiles of players, men, women and children.

Attractive look: This model features a carefully crafted aesthetic with its orange tone and the 3 stripes that make the brand famous.

Robust texture: Its rubber coating allows this ball to adapt to various types of use.


Colors that wear away: Users notice that the patterns fade over time.

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop

This equipment from SKLZ gives you the opportunity to exercise without having to leave your home. This product contains a basketball ball and a backboard. The latter already has his hoop, so all you have to do is set it up and get started.

The circle designed in steel is provided with a net and a spring integrated in its fixing system. This allows you to perform dunks while the mod automatically resets after your action.

As for the panel, it has a polycarbonate surface resistant to impact and all forms of wear. Being able to hang it on a door is beneficial to those who live in a studio or cramped apartment. You don’t need anything else to get started and play straight away. The foam hooks prevent the user from damaging the holder. If you do a little DIY, you can replace them with wall anchors for wall installation.


Complete set: The pack includes a basketball and a board which, by the way, comes with a hoop and a net. All you have to do is find a location for it to start playing.

Solid: The steel arch is assembled with the unbreakable polycarbonate panel. This combination of materials gives the whole a substantial durability.


Noisy: It seems that this material disturbs the other occupants of the house with the noise nuisance produced by the ball during the bounce.

How to choose a basketball?

There are many varieties of basketballs on the market today, and sometimes you don’t know which one to buy. Fortunately, this buying guide for the best basketballs is here to help us with our choice. Some tips are given to define what you need to know before making a decision. This will also help you know where to buy a new basketball for a game or just practice.

Purchase guide


Basketballs come in different sizes so that everyone can play with the correct ball. The larger size is often intended for professional players, but people with very good skill levels also prefer this size. Of course, there are balloons that are made for children, they are small in size. But as they get older, these kids can increase the size of their basketball and progress to professional size.

In women’s basketball games, the balls are also smaller compared to those used in men’s basketball. This is quite logical because we know very well that girls often have a smaller build than boys.

The components:

The best basketball has to be made with the best components out there. In most cases, basketball courts are hardwood floors, so you have to look for materials that are appropriate for this type of surface. If you take the wrong ball for a surface, it can quickly spoil the pleasure you get when you practice this sport.

The prices of basketballs vary greatly depending on the materials they are made of. To find out how to buy a better basketball with a better value for money, you have to go to a price comparison. This will allow us to fix ourselves on the best product that will fit our budget.


Basketballs have many features that greatly improve performance as well as enjoyment of the players. A good basketball must have these properties so as not to have bad influences on the spirit of the game. You should know that the age of the players weighs heavily on the choice of balls. Children and adults each have their own unique balloons.

The width of the channels is also to be taken into account to improve the performance of the players. Indeed, the channels present in the basketballs have the function of improving the grip and thus preventing the ball from slipping between our hands. The pressure of the ball is also an essential characteristic. These days, air pressures in basketballs vary with the level of competition according to standards set by professionals.

The ability to absorb mold is also important because the humidity on the ground creates a favorable environment for the growth of these microorganisms.

How to dribble a basketball?

Dribbling is one of the fundamentals of basketball. For outdoor positions such as the rear, the winger but especially the playmaker, dribbling is part of the panoply of necessary technique that must be absolutely acquired. Indeed, it allows to orchestrate the game and to control the rhythm of the match.

Respect the basic principles

To be able to improve your dribbling, you must first respect the basic principles:

Dribbling is done with the fingertips and not with the palm of the hand, because with the fingertips you will have more control than with the palm and you will also have speed in your dribbling.

Adopt the flexed posture during a dribble, that is to say, the hips slightly back in order to reduce the gap between the ball and the ground, so the opponent will have less chance of intercepting it. Indeed, the higher you are, the more distance the ball will have to travel between the ground and your height. If you are marked by a defender, dribble closer to you to make the defender foul by wanting to take the ball from you.

Keep your head up and your upper body straight to keep an eye on the defense but also to visualize the position of your teammates. Thus, you can change direction according to the game situation, attack the basket, pass the ball to a well-positioned teammate …

Bounce the ball with wrist movements and finger tip impulses. Dribble confidently, giving the ball the rhythm that suits you, not the other way around. Be careful not to dribble off the feet by shifting the working hand slightly outward.

Avoiding the classic traps

During the game, we are often tempted by these traps, which should be avoided when using dribbling:

Dribbling with your head down or your eyes on the ball, in this case, you will not have the vision of the game, nor the movement of your teammates and defense.

Automatic dribbling as soon as you receive the ball, so you won’t have time to analyze the situation to be able to make the right decisions.

The high dribble which leaves a lot of time for the opponent to intercept the ball or to be whistled to “carry the ball”

Dribbling faults that penalize your team such as the market, dribbling or ball reach.

Smart dribbling

If you are marked by a defender, especially if they are sticking to you or trying to intercept the ball, pass or block shots, use your body to defend your ball. Get in between the ball and the defender, using your free arm to protect the ball.

As you catch the ball, make the triple threat. So you can either pass, shoot or dribble and easily outsmart your opponent’s defense.

Learn the techniques of cross dribbling, back dribbling or dribbling between the legs to destabilize and deceive your opponent.

Most popular brands

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. But to be able to play it well, you need high quality equipment. And the main material is obviously the ball. To promote the quality of the items available in the market, there are many brands that sell basketballs, the most important of which are the following.

When it comes to basketballs, the first brand that comes to mind is definitely the Spalding brand. This is normal because it produces the official balls of the NBA which represents the ultimate level of world basketball. The customer has the choice between official balls or more amateur models. One can also choose whether the ball is made for indoor or outdoor use. Many other options are also available like size, material etc.

Nike is a global giant in sports equipment. And the firm stands out in the world of basketball where it produces various equipment including balls. The brand offers a wide choice to the public, ranging from basketball fans to professional basketball players. It also targets all age groups with balls of different sizes, ranging from size 3 mini balls to size 6 adult balls. The products on offer are also suitable for indoor and outdoor courts. To increase the efficiency of players, the brand also offers various sports accessories. With all its mastery, Nike is currently one of the largest sports equipment manufacturers in the world.

Molten is certainly one of the most famous balloon brands in the world. The brand also shows us all its know-how when it comes to basketballs. It mainly offers high quality balls which are often used in professional competitions. Moreover, Molten is the official brand of FIBA ​​balls as well as of the Olympic games. Apart from basketballs, the brand also produces various other sports equipment and balls in various other sports.

Kipsta is a renowned brand in the field of team sports. Belonging to the giant Decathlon, it markets basketballs in sizes 5 to 7. Kipsta stands out above all for its products for the general public. Thus, whether professional or beginner balls, children or adults, indoors or outdoors, everyone can find what suits them. And above all, the brand is recognized for its products at prices much more accessible than those of other major brands.

When it comes to basketball equipment, the Jordan brand must be mentioned. Belonging to the giant Nike, it owes its name to the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. The brand offers high quality balls and in many configurations. Balloons bearing the Jordan brand seal have the particular advantage of being suitable for outdoor use. This is fully in the philosophy of the brand which mainly targets with its products an audience more inclined to amateur basketball.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to inflate a basketball?

In basketball, the quality of the bounce depends entirely on the inflation of your ball. It is always fun to play with equipment that has good air pressure. As for the equipment, you will need a pump (manual or electric), a needle and a pressure gauge. The first step is to screw the tab onto your pump. Wet the tip or valve of the bullet to avoid partial damage. While pumping, check the gauge by referring to the indications generally posted around the hole, which is 0.5 to 0.6 bar.

Q2: How much does a basketball cost?

The price of a basketball varies enormously depending on the size, but especially the brand. Indeed, there is a more or less noticeable difference in two specimens of the same size, but belonging to different manufacturers. However, there is something for every budget. For example, you have size 3 and 5 equipment not exceeding 20 euros. Equipment sizes 6 and 7 are around 30 to 40 euros, but you can find specimens from Molten around 60 euros or even Spalding references around 100 euros. Wilson even has a connected ball running around 200 euros per unit.

Q3: How much does a basketball weigh?

According to the regulations of the FIBA ​​or the International Amateur Basketball Federation, a basketball conforming to the standards must have a mass between 567 and 624 g, and a diameter of 23.8 to 24.8 cm. With these measurements, it can be used in official competitions.

Q4: How to pack a basketball?

If you are planning to give a basketball to a loved one, here is a technique for packing it well. Cut out a piece of paper. Make sure the latter is about twice its diameter and three times its height. Fold it in 3 so that the edges meet. In order to maintain the whole, place a self-adhesive strip or tape on the parts to be assembled, either at the top, in the middle and at the bottom. For the base, you have to fold up the bottom. The wrapping paper, open it so as to obtain a rhombus. Tape the corners by folding them up. All you have to do is slip into your packaging, which you will stabilize with the adhesives.

Q5: How to throw a basketball well?

The ball should be at the level of the fingers, not the palm. For beginners, it is better to have your fingers on the lines of the ball to better keep it in your hand. For a better grip, the index and middle fingers will be positioned in the axis. The other hand will only be used to stabilize the ball and help adjust your shots. The elbow of the arm holding the ball must be at a right angle. During the throw, accompany the departure of the ball by whipping your wrist to make it spin on itself.

Q6: What size for a basketball?

In basketball, there are 4 regulatory sizes for each category of player. The size 3 equipment is reserved for children under 7 years old, who are new to the sport. Between 7 and 12 years old, they can choose the size 5 models. Those over 14 years old will play with size 6 balls for women and 7 for men.

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