10 Best Basketball Shorts [2022 Updated]

Basketball is one of the most popular sports. If you are a follower of this discipline, you will need a specific outfit such as shorts. There are many models on the market. It is then more complicated to sort. It is for this reason that we have put together this buying guide to help you answer the question of how to choose the best basketball shorts of 2022.

The criteria to be taken into consideration are the design, the fabrics, the closures as well as the size and length. At the end of your reading, you can also consult the comparison of the copies most coveted by the public. First, the Spalding Attack brings you great comfort when wearing it thanks to its quality fabric. The Nike HBR is also breathable and lightweight.

10 Best Basketball Shorts [2022 Updated]

Spalding Attack

What are the best basketball shorts on the market? This Spalding Attack is the answer to your question. Indeed, it is designed with polyester. This fabric has the advantage of being light. Therefore, you can wear it easily. It will not be able to hinder your movements. In addition, this item is breathable. It does not retain sweat. So you can play for minutes while staying dry.

From a practical point of view, this equipment has a drawstring and an elastic waist. You can adjust it well to your size. There is no risk of it slipping or coming off. You can thus be more agile and faster during your various movements. Aesthetically, it has FIBA ​​standard embroidery which confirms its quality. It is also elegant and can be adapted to any style of basketball player.

If you are unsure of which basketball shorts to choose, you can take a close look at the features of this Spalding Attack. It has a comfortable design.


Quality Fabric: Thanks to its polyester construction, this item is light and comfortable. It is easy to wear. Plus, it absorbs moisture to help keep you dry throughout the game.

Support: With an elastic and a drawstring, this equipment is held firmly at your waist. You can thus make movements with more mobility without it coming loose.


Pockets: The only downside of this model is the absence of pockets. These will have accentuated its practicality.

Nike HBR

Do you want to buy some new Nike basketball shorts? You can take a look at this Nike HBR. It stands out with its Cool Dri-Fit technology. Indeed, it wicks away perspiration that can occur in a few minutes of play. It allows you to stay dry and cool throughout the game. You will be comfortable in your skin for the practice of your favorite sport.

Made from 100% polyester, this item is also comfortable to wear. It is light and does not interfere with your various movements. It is also very practical with the help of its 2 pockets. You can put some small things there. This equipment adapts well to your size thanks to its elastic waistband. It is thus possible for you to make jumps and steps without seeing it slipping from your waist. From an aesthetic point of view, this model is elegant with its white color.

This model from Nike is at the top of the ranking, because it is for many users the most efficient. It guarantees you more comfort and more practicality.


Cool Dri-Fit Technology: With this system, this item helps you stay cool during the game. Profuse sweating will not be there.

Practical: Equipped with pockets, this copy allows you to put certain things. These will always be at hand if necessary.


Pockets: According to the opinions of some users, the only problem with this model is its pockets. Indeed, they are too transparent and let your business appear.

Spalding 4her

These women’s basketball shorts offer you real comfort with their 100% polyester construction. This fabric is antiperspirant. Indeed, it does not retain moisture. So you can use it in hot weather and for minutes without sticking to your skin. You will be very dry and comfortable during the boxes. This item is also light and you can carry it easily.

Very practical, this model has an elasticated waistband and a drawstring. As a result, you will have no trouble adjusting it to your size. In addition, even if you perform intense movements, it will not be able to come off your waist.

This equipment is also durable. It remains intact in the face of use. You can also wash it several times without degrading its quality.

Spalding is defined by many users as the best brand of basketball shorts. Its 4her model ensures comfortable and long-term use.


Anti-perspirant: Thanks to its polyester fabric, this item does not retain sweat. It leaves you dry during the game for more comfort.

Resistant: The fabric of this equipment is also durable. It will not be able to deteriorate in a short time. Its long-term use is therefore guaranteed.


Size: For some users, this item is a bit large. You must choose a size below.

KomPrexx FMM-001D

These inexpensive basketball shorts stand out for their high breathability. Indeed, it was made with polyester fabric. This helps reduce perspiration and evacuate it. Therefore, you will not get wet when you practice a cardboard of several minutes. You will be good about yourself when you put it on. This article is likewise lightweight. It is thus possible for you to take your steps and your shots with more mobility and ease.

This practical piece of equipment has an elastic waistband. This fits well to your size and gives you good stability. Easy to maintain, you are also allowed to machine wash it. The cleaning is done cold.

Compare with other models, this KomPrexx is the cheapest. According to the test carried out by the users, it can be used for many sports. Moreover, it offers optimal comfort.


Breathability: Made with polyester, this item offers good ventilation. As a result, profuse perspiration that sticks to your skin will no longer be there. You will be comfortable.

Practical: This equipment is machine washable. You just need to do it cold. Moreover, its drying is done quickly.


Size: This item sizes a bit large for some users.

Adidas Denver Nuggets Swingman

These NBA basketball shorts show off a sporty and elegant look. The NBA logo makes it authentic and stylish. In addition, its appearance in blue and white can go anywhere. He can thus conform to any style of basketball player.

On a practical level, these Adidas basketball shorts are equipped with an elastic and a drawstring. So you won’t have to worry about adjusting it to your waistline. Moreover, it attaches well and will not be able to detach easily while you are in the middle of the game. It also has 2 side pockets for added convenience. So you can have your keys or wallet close at hand.

When it comes to comfort, its polyester design makes it durable and easy to wear. It provides good ventilation to get rid of profuse perspiration.

Where to buy the best basketball shorts? If you are still unsure, you can set your sights on this Adidas gear. It is design and practical.


Design: Featuring the NBA logo, this item gives you a sporty and elegant look. Its light color can also adapt to most styles of practitioners.

Comfortable: This equipment gives you real comfort with its anti-perspirant effect. The sweat will be wicked away so that you are always dry when putting it on.


Length: For some users, this model is a bit short.

How to choose a good basketball shorts?

Whether you are a basketball enthusiast or a beginner in the sport that makes your idols famous, you are looking for basketball shorts that will provide you with optimal comfort and a fun look. A buying guide for the best basketball shorts will be useful to you so that you can provide the answers to the question: how to buy basketball shorts that are better value for money?

Purchase guide

Size and length:

It is important to have basketball shorts that are appropriate for your size for good ease in your gestures and your movements. Several sizes are available on the market and it is up to you to identify yourself among the 7 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. These sizes are displayed between 38 and 60 for French sizes. The basketball shorts should not be too tight or too wide. When it comes to length, the best basketball shorts have been proven to go beyond the knees instead. So, count to add 2 or 2.5 cm below the knee when you choose.


To match the size, the closure of the basketball shorts is one of the main criteria to define your choice. Several models adopt the elastic waistband with a drawstring to adjust the shorts. This formula avoids compressing your stomach.

For the more daring who are familiar with their anatomy, they can choose models with zip and button closure for more fun and to avoid the marks left by the elastic too tight. For your first steps in basketball, it is better to choose elasticated models in order to have more speed in your movements.


Basketball being a running and jumping sport, you will be sweating for the usual 2 x 20 minutes. It is therefore essential to choose the fabric in which your basketball shorts are made. Then choose an anti-perspirant fabric to wick away the sweat. There are basketball shorts on the market with a membrane with a thermoregulatory effect.

Those made with polyester do not retain sweat, however, make sure the polyester is premium and ultrathin. Synthetic fibers are good allies to deal with perspiration and any humidity caused by sweat.


Major brands generally use ultralight raw materials for their basketball shorts. To technical elements such as fabric and cutouts are added lightness and ease. To be accessible to a port in summer as in winter, the basketball shorts are equipped with a lining to get rid of perspiration in the hot season and to bring more warmth in the cold season. Excellent ventilation is essential for better basketball shorts. Brands sign their product with a personalized design: the logo and the color.

Now where to buy new basketball shorts? To find the ideal product, always think of consulting a price comparison, you will find all the necessary advice.

Most popular brands:

Basketball is a ball sport that is played by hand. However, to practice it, you must at least be comfortable with your whole body thanks to the right equipment, in order to improve your progress. For example, it is always better to wear the appropriate outfit when practicing this team sport. For this, we usually wear a jersey consisting of a tank top and basketball shorts as well as pairs of shoes adapted to this . For now, we will try to take a closer look at the basketball shorts. Namely that the latter currently exist under many brands, recognized or not.

Spalding is a sporting goods company founded in Chicago in the year 1876. Having the particularity of manufacturing various products for many sports, namely baseball, softball, football, volleyball, American football, golf and basketball, the firm has mainly made a name for itself with its various baseball and basketball equipment. Indeed, it is a leading company in basketball and as such, specializes in the creation of basketball jersey , shorts, tank top, sports shoes, etc.

This American company based in Beaverton specializes in the manufacture and creation of sporting goods. It highlights in its many shops various sporting items, such as clothing, shoes and sports equipment. Distinguished greatly by its logo which represents a comma placed upside down and horizontally, the brand is also the official supplier of various contests, competitions and sports tournaments of football, handball, rugby, basketball. , cricket, American football and track and field. In addition, it offers athletes the best sports jerseys such as shorts, for those who practice basketball.

Adidas is a German firm created in 1949. Specializing in the design and manufacture of sporting goods, it is known worldwide under the name of the brand with the three stripes. The company made its debut in the creation of sports shoes before renewing its collections and its distribution policy in 1993. To this end, it relocates part of its production to Asia, like its competitors.

The brand has extended its fields of intervention since the 1970s and thus supports the manufacture of various sports equipment, namely athletics, boxing, basketball, cricket, cycling, football, American football, handball, swimming, etc. The firm thus offers basketball fans remarkable jerseys and very trendy basketball shorts.

Urban Classics is a young brand that draws its style from the streets and from sports, with a good dose of American urban culture. It is a brand that offers fans of street and casual wear to dress sober and modern, but also trendy and traditional. With Urban Classics, there is something for all tastes and styles. Collections for men and women are also made available to timeless fashion and sportsmen, especially for those who practice basketball, among others with its wide range of basketball shorts.

Joma is a Spanish brand that specializes in the manufacture, creation and development of sportswear such as basketball shorts. Founded in 1965, it also designs sports shoes and fashion footwear products as well as sports equipment and accessories. Having a strong presence with a distribution network of over 70 countries around the world, this limited company specializes in sponsoring various football, basketball, handball, volleyball and even futsal teams.

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