10 Best Badminton Shoes for Men [ 2022 Updated ]

Like any other sport, badminton requires some equipment to play it well. You won’t just need the racket or the ball, your outfit should also be in line with your movements. Badminton shoes are therefore a must for practicing this sport.

And don’t get me wrong, because you will need it not just during a game, but especially during your training. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, take the time to shop around the various specialty stores to choose the best product for you.

If you’re running out of time, take a look at this little comparison we’ve put together.

Among the products listed below, there is Yonex Power Cushion 03Mk, a red color model that will allow you to move freely as much as you want. There is also Wilson Recon Mixte , a shoe that is both stable and strong.

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10 Best Badminton Shoes for Men [ 2022 Updated ]

KD Vector Badminton Tennis Shoes

How to choose the best badminton shoes of 2021? It is clear that this sport requires quality equipment to be able to play with ease. This is why, thanks to this classification, we help you to compare the products available on the market. Yonex Power Cushion 03Mk is a model that stands out clearly. These are the best performing pairs of shoes of all.

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Buying them means enjoying the best design of this Japanese brand. The Synchro-Fit Insole technology integrated into these shoes secures your feet on contact areas, such as the heel. It also allows you to keep your support in order to adjust your movements. In terms of stability, the asymmetrical Flexion Upper lacing is responsible for adapting to the shape of your foot. Thanks to the 3D Power Graphite Sheet, your badminton shoes are ultra resistant. The comfort of your feet as well as the durability of the product are guaranteed by the Durable Skin material.


Secure: Thanks to the 3D Power Graphite Sheet, the risk of twisting is reduced by 15% when wearing these shoes. Which is clearly considerable.

Smooth Movements: You can move freely, quickly, as you want. The shoes adapt to your pace.

Comfortable: You will not feel that you are wearing shoes. They are both light and stable in all circumstances.


Choice of colors: This model is only available in red. Other shades of colors could have appealed to those who do not like this color. The lack of choice is a buying brake for some.

YONEX Power Cushion Comfort Z2

If you’re looking for the best badminton shoes on the market, try the new Wilson Recon Mixte models. The reviews received on the product were positive. Besides, it passed every quality test without any problem. Also know that this is the best brand of badminton shoes. The first asset of the product: stability.

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Equipped with a specific frame, it allows you to move as you wish. In addition, your rapid movements will not be slowed down. The responsiveness of your feet is completely assured. And rest assured, the supports are completely secure, you do not risk anything even if you move quickly. No more wondering where to buy the best badminton shoes. This pair is of very high quality.

Moreover, these supports are due to the Dynamic Fit DF1 and R-DST systems. The first necessarily acts in the front of the foot and the second under the heel. R-DST also provides maximum rebound effect.


Secure: With the double security system built into these shoes, you won’t risk twisting your ankle. The front part of your feet is completely safe from blisters or any other form of discomfort or accident.

Stable: These shoes allow you to maintain support no matter what movement you are doing. Even when you’re moving fast, they keep you in balance.

Rugged: These Wilson’s are made from synthetic material and have a rubber sole.


Tight: Acquirers felt a certain tightness at the start of their use.

Python Wide (EE) Width Indoor Mid Racquetball

If you haven’t figured out which badminton shoes to choose yet, go for the cheapest pair in this ranking. From the first glance, this Yonex model charms buyers. The subtle mix of white, black and a hint of blue give it a style to suit all tastes. In addition, this inexpensive model boasts a breathable upper construction, the must-have when it comes to athletic footwear.

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Your feet feel comfortable there. With this accessory, they will be even more so, since the sole allows a smooth and fast footwork. Thanks to the ergoshape, you feel stability in your toes and the forefoot area. Namely that the product is made of polyurethane leather and provided with hexagrip. There is no risk of slipping, no matter how you move. These are hands down the best badminton shoes.


Comfortable: This pair allows your feet to breathe. Thus, no excess sweating will be felt. In addition, the light sole perfectly accompanies all your movements.

Practices: You can run, jump, walk without risk. The ergoshape provides stability while the hexagrip keeps you from slipping.

Affordable: When it comes to value for money, this model can’t be beat. Its quality greatly exceeds the advertised price.


Colors: The colors to be chosen are only black and blue tones, which does not offer a great possibility for those who are not fond of these shades despite the neutrality of the white which is added to it.

How do you choose good badminton shoes?

To properly practice certain sports such as badminton, you often need to equip yourself with certain accessories specially dedicated to these activities. Footwear is one of these specific tools. In order to help you in your purchase, this article will show you some selection criteria so as not to make mistakes with the material.

Size and fit

Before setting your sights on a given item, check that its size is indeed compatible with your shoe size. It shouldn’t be too tight or too big for you. In the first case, you will have trouble getting comfortable and your feet may present more or less serious injuries.

For the second, your shoes will keep coming off during the match. Which will often seem embarrassing to you. You will not have any chance to compete with your opponent, because you will waste your time to put them back. It is best if you carefully check this setting at the time of purchase by testing as there are some models that are larger or smaller than normal.

You should also be able to adjust your equipment to your feet as you see fit. Its laces should be easy to put on and take off.

The material

Before consulting a price comparison for where to buy new badminton shoes, you should consider the material of manufacture of existing models.

Above all, you must estimate the quality of the soles that constitute your accessories. These elements must have both a stabilizing and a damping function. The outsole should be rubber for maximum endurance. It is better if all the components have good impact strength. They can therefore be used over the long term.

Also, when you level up, more intense movements require you to have more efficient shoes. Therefore, choose a model that is the best abrasion resistant. So even if you make quick changes of direction and front lifts, your gear is not likely to wear out after a few manipulations.


“How do you buy better value for money badminton shoes? To answer this question, examine the pull of the attachment. There are points to consider depending on your level in this type of sport.

If you are an occasional practitioner, it is best to select a shoe that offers good breathability to your feet. As a result, you can ventilate them well. For regular use, redirect your choice to a cushioning model. The latter will absorb shocks during the performance of your activity. For intensive players, it is preferable that their tools have optimal support. When you play, high-intensity movement requires a perfect grip of your equipment.

Prioritize also light specimens, but which provide good stability to your feet. It is desirable if the accessory that catches your attention has good flexibility in the front. This aspect will contribute to a natural flexibility of your lower membranes.


In this buying guide for the best badminton shoes, tool design matters a lot. If you are a beginner in the field, it is better to opt for shoes that are thin and that grip well on your feet. To allow you to exercise on any type of terrain, check the outsole of your equipment.

It is also necessary to determine the morphology of your lower membranes. For people with thin feet, it is best to go for a lower vamp. Your next equipment must be perfectly compatible with you in order to avoid the risk of skin injuries such as blisters.

It is also recommended to have an aesthetic accessory that can go well with your jerseys when performing this type of sport. Thanks to our advice mentioned above, you will have no difficulty finding the product you need.

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