Asics Gel Nimbus 18 – Review

Main advantage
With an A3 cushioning system and a waterproof Gore-Tex upper, the Asics Gel Nimbus 18 running shoes improve foot stability and running efficiency, reducing the risk of injury thanks to a more balanced wave distribution impact during impact with the ground.

Main disadvantage
The weak point of these shoes is the weight of 305 grams, which does not make them very light but still suitable for those who want to give priority to the volume of mileage, while maintaining a neutral gait and an optimal balance of the supination of the foot.

Verdict: 9.4 / 10
The seamless inner lining padded with viscoelastic foam provides a comfortable fit that solves any possible posture problem affecting the joints. The design is also very accurate and adapts to different trail conditions, with a winning combination of comfort and style.

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Midsole and cushioning
Dedicating yourself to running, whatever your goal, is good for your health and free from stress, as long as you do it safely. And if until yesterday choosing good running shoes was a trivial matter, today there are many factors to consider when buying to find the model that best suits your running style.

One of the most important aspects to keep an eye on is certainly the cushioning of the shoe, which is essential to cushion the weight placed on the foot during impact with the ground and prevent injuries. Obviously, each shoe has a specific cushioning system, which in the case of the Asics Gel Nimbus 18 takes the name of Impact Guidance System (IGS), an innovative technology that absorbs vibrations and shocks, optimizing the heel-toe transition.

Both in the back and in the front we find double-layer supports that offer greater stability to the foot during the momentum, relieving the pressure on the heel to allow a more fluid and reactive movement.

As we said, a running shoe must also adapt to the running style of the wearer, an adaptability that in the Gel Nimbus 18 is limited only to running over long distances and with light rhythms, because they are not very reactive in speed training due to the their total weight of 305 grams.

Fortunately, the company has seen fit to mitigate this small flaw with the inclusion of a FluidRide midsole, consisting of an upper layer of EVA and a lower layer of FlyteFoam foam, which makes every step more comfortable.

Breathable upper
Another element that has contributed to making these shoes extremely popular with runners is the upper with FluidFit technology that wraps the foot like a second skin, without however limiting breathability during training. The result is, therefore, a comfortable and safe fit that allows a total mastery of movements and improves the support of the foot during rotation, while the flexible and sturdy sole guarantees a stable support on any type of surface, with an excellent grip both on asphalt and on the most extreme trails.

In addition, the external mesh with perforated jacquard weave ensures effective air circulation and constant dispersion of moisture to minimize the formation of sweat stagnation that could compromise athletic performance.

The closure system is the classic one with tubular laces, which is joined by a fairly wide and adequately padded tongue that is very comfortable and does not tighten too much on the forefoot, so as to distribute the weight in a balanced way over the entire arch and compensate pronation when running.

Asics has also paid great attention to the safety of the runner by inserting 3M Reflective inserts in reflective material in the upper, which allow you to run safely in the dark or in poor visibility conditions.

Who is the Asics Gel Nimbus 18 for?
In the face of all these technical and structural characteristics, we can therefore say that the Gel Nimbus 18 by Asics is an ideal running shoe for athletes who aim for maximum protection for the foot in daily training, with a cushioning that also performs well. over long distances.

Appreciated above all by runners who push a lot on the heel during the race, it absorbs shocks and reduces the pressure on the foot during rolling to return an excellent comfort of use, which is also mediated by a standard fit that makes it easier choosing the right size.

Although not very light, it has shown a good seal even in subjects weighing more than 80 kilos, and the merit is mainly due to the A3 cushioning. The high cost, therefore, cannot be considered a defect but, on the contrary, conforms to the logic according to which quality is paid for.

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