The most effective exercises and workouts after 40

We totally agree, ‘age is carried in the heart and in the mind. That’s how it is. But there are certain routines that must be adapted to our chronological age .

The one that appears on our DNI although little or nothing, has to do with our heart and spirit. And in fitness, it is fair and necessary to adapt our exercise and training routine to our age (besides the physical conditions that we have, of course).

This does not mean that there are prohibited exercises, but there are certain routines that may be more appropriate to the changes that occur in our body at all times.

Today we focus on the workouts that are most effective after 40it is not merely a random matter. We love this decade, but a stage marked by physical changes .

“Normally from the age of 40, if we do not take care of our diet , the body loses muscle mass and gains fat. This is because of sarcopenia, typical of aging, which in women is more pronounced. It is estimated that the muscular system loses around 3-5% of muscle mass every decade with sedentary people “, explains Roberto Crespo, personal trainer at Zagros Sports .

For all this, physical activity and good nutrition become more important from the age of 40 , explains Crespo, who also notes that the neuromuscular system changes, which may imply that we also lose flexibility .

Although it is not a very marked change, from this age, as Juan Ruiz López , director of the JRL Personal Training Center points out , hormonal changes and imbalances are also being noticedat the level of estrogens and progesterone. Although the expert insists that they are not very pronounced changes, after 40 we can notice them.

From this age, it is convenient to adapt the routine to what will come later. And that implies choosing to train and sports adapted to the so frequent osteoporosis that can appear after 50.


HIIT based on functional exercises

Of the HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) we have spoken at length. And, although it is the perfect training to practice at 20 and 30, it is also perfect at 40. Of course, adapted to the needs and conditions of that age.

Roberto Crespo insists on the effectiveness of high intensity interval exercises to gain strength and muscle mass.

“With high-intensity training we increase the production of growth hormones, preventing insulin resistance and being able to better control weight healthily”, explains the expert, who also insists that this HIIT routine is based on functional exercises , “exercises that mimic the routine movements of day to day. Thanks to them you will notice a better functioning of your body when climbing stairs , getting in and out of the car or getting up from the sofa “.

Weights, weights, weights

Although Juan Ruiz López insists that there are no different exercises after 40 – “They can perform the same exercises, but controlling the intensity of them so as not to fall into excessive training that the body cannot bear,” he says.

From the age of 40 , strength training is also highly recommended because “by increasing muscle mass it will help us speed up metabolism : the greater the muscle mass, the higher the basal metabolism,” explains the personal trainer. “In addition, weight training will also help us prevent osteoporosis.”




Stretching in motion is another of the Zagros expert’s proposal, who insists on his “compulsory training” to avoid joint stiffness to work the neuromuscular system and work on flexibility and balance . Yoga and Pilates are also highly recommended , as it helps to improve joint and back pain.

On the convenience of practicing, the classic funds

Although hormonal alterations can cause fat accumulation in areas such as hips and gut , there is an area in the body of a woman that especially notices the passage of time from this age: the arms , in which, because of the loss of muscle mass, they go limp.

Although the recommendation of the experts to gain muscle tone is to perform exercises at a general level without focusing on a specific muscle, if we are especially concerned about the arms, we can add a series of arm exercises that work triceps and biceps to our routine . And yes, the classic funds will be very effective.

Spinning or Body Bump?

If you don’t know which collective gym class to enter, Crespo confirms that both Body Pump and Spinning or Cycling are excellent alternatives and some of the collective classes that are most in demand at that age. With Body Pump .

I worked the specific strength of each muscle group out and, with Spinning , cardio and weight loss, are always linked.

What if I run?

If you were addicted to running , congratulations, at 40 they highly recommended it to continue practicing it. And if you are not, it may be a good time to start. As Juan Ruiz López explains to us , “to prevent osteoporosis, sports where there is an impact, such as running, would be recommended since, by having an impact, we encourage calcium to be deposited in the bone and increase bone mineral density”. Of course, the expert insists on the need to start little by little and in a controlled way.

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