Afully Elliptical Machine Trainer Reviews 2022

“Sunny Health & Fitness” is a well-known brand in the field of fitness equipment, which supplies customers with excellent items over the years. The provision of high-quality machines is also not behind schedule.

For consumers looking for high quality, mid-range goods, this brand can be an optimal option. We’ve placed this brand’s excellent model at the top of our \$300 list of the best elliptical machines. The weight can be up to 220 kg and its size is 28 x 17 x 57 inch.

During the exercise you can use this unit back and forth. Its voltage control button also works well during training to easily change the machine; this doesn’t take you off the machine.

The transportation wheels in this machine allow you to position it in your home anywhere. Smart follow-up is one of the best features of this machine and gives you an idea of how you advance.

The pulse of the heart rate function gives you an indication of many things, such as how far you have come, how many calories and heart rate you have consumed. It is stable and you can work together in a healthy and respectful manner.

Another big advantage of this incredible elliptical machine is that it is compact, so it takes little room and does not make a lot of noise. This computer can be a very useful solution to change your body.

Afully Elliptical Machine Trainer Reviews 2021

Opt for a bike with a significant quality / price ratio ! A modern , efficient and affordable elliptical trainer that can take you much further!


Inertia (kg)

20 kg



Of programs

6 + 24 with KINOMAP

Max user weight

110 kg

Heartbeat taking




Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

N / C cm


124 cm


58 cm


167 cm


34 kg

Carton dimensions

N / C (L x W x H)

DESCRIPTION OF Afully Elliptical Machine Trainer Reviews 2021

ELLIPTICAL TRAINER FROM CARE , this device was developed with the objective of WORKING THE WHOLE BODY BY combining the exercise BIKE and the STEPPER . Work the muscles of the BACK , ABDOMEN , ARMS and TORSO as a whole as well as the LOWER BODY !

Perfect for building MUSCLE and LOSING WEIGHT , improve and exceed your physical performance or simply keep in shape thanks to its structure made for REGULAR TRAINING !

You can burn up900 CALORIES by intensive practice in 1 HOUR ! No need to have Olympic physical condition to be able to use this elliptical TRAINER , it will be suitable for the ELDERLY and for re- ATHLETIC .


Designed to allow you to train occasionally but also to seek ever greater performance, you can practice in the best conditions thanks to its STEEL STRUCTURE AND EPOXY PAINT .

Complete your strength training program or boost your fitness by working your entire body from your neck muscles to your calves. With its 20 KG FLYWHEELand its SILENT MOTORIZED MAGNETIC BRAKING SYSTEM , the CARE elliptical trainer provides you with MANY PRECISE LEVELS OF RESISTANCE while ensuring COMFORT WHILE PEDALING .

With its 6 PRE-RECORDED PROGRAMS (5 preselected and 1 manual) in the CE-665 console, you can have access to 24 OTHER PROGRAMS including 4 according to heart rate (HRC), 4 personal, 1 manual and routes via Google Maps with the history of your training.


As precise as it is complete, follow your entire session without stopping! In addition to having access to:

STAY CONNECTED by pairing your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to the console of the CARE CE-665 and use MYCARE-FIT but also KINOMAP ! With these applications, refine your training with defined sessions that will help you achieve your goals.

The data is taken largely through HEART RATE SENSORS ON THE HANDLES .

However, the CE-665 from CARE does not have an LCD screen, so you will have to connect your smartphone or touch panel to have access to all the data that this device can provide.


– Non- SLIP pedals
– PADDED handles

– Complies with CE standards: EN957
– Power supply: mains plug (with mains adapter supplied)

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