About Electromagnetic Elliptical Trainer

What is an electromagnetic elliptical trainer? This is a sports equipment designed for aerobic and strength training. 

It belongs to the cardio equipment and combines the best features of a treadmill, stepper and cycle. 

The ellipsoid is used to train endurance and strengthen the cardiovascular system. 

The electromagnetic elliptical trainer is suitable for training at home, as it allows you to work out all muscle groups and has a complex effect on the entire body.

How does an electromagnetic elliptical trainer work

The principle of operation is quite simple. It is based on the properties of a magnet moving relative to the flywheel.

The mechanism includes a flywheel, pulley, belt and block with magnets. The device starts to move when a person starts to press the pedals. 

A flywheel and a shoe with magnetic plates are located inside the housing. At the moment of rotation, they are next to each other, and a magnetic field is formed between them.

 The closer they are, the stronger the tension. Accordingly, when the flywheel and plates separate, the resistance decreases and it becomes easier to walk.

An electromagnetic elliptical trainer is usually equipped with a motor and computer that control the movement. The person himself chooses the level of difficulty of the lesson.

How to choose the right electromagnetic elliptical trainer for your home

Elliptical trainers are designed for professional and home use. The former have large dimensions, weight and many functions. 

They can work continuously throughout the day. Similar equipment is suitable for fitness clubs.
Home devices are more compact and lighter, and combine various types of physical activity: running, cycling, yoga, climbing stairs, walking. (For more information on how to choose an ellipsoid for your home, we wrote here .)

Simulator functions

It is worth giving preference to functional and convenient devices. They are usually characterized by:

  • The location of the flywheel. It can be located behind, in front or in the middle, that is, between the legs. The first type is considered the most suitable for the home. It is compact and allows people of different sizes to train. The box with the mechanism does not interfere with the student.
  • The weight of the flywheel itself. The larger it is, the more stable the ellipsoid is, the less stress on the joints and the spine, and the rotation during exercise is smoother.
  • Effectiveness. In order to use the largest number of muscles during a session, you need a projectile with a long amplitude of pedal movement.
  • The presence of an on-board computer with a monitor that shows heart rate data, distance traveled, calories burned, time, training difficulty levels.
  • Mobility and compactness. Ellipsoids are folding or stationary, they have wheels. Folding is less stable and is intended for people with low weight. In addition, with constant assembly and disassembly, the mechanism wears out faster. The weight of the stationary is about 100 kg, and the length is 170 cm. Therefore, you will need to allocate a special place.
  • Silence of the lesson. High-quality devices practically do not emit sounds, respectively, during training in the morning, do not wake anyone up from the household.

How to use an electromagnetic ellipsoid

The location is very important. During the lesson, a person should not worry about the environment. And the equipment should not get in the way in your free time. It is advisable to place it where there will be access to fresh air. This will greatly improve the quality of your workout.

Experts recommend the following guidelines for using an elliptical trainer:

  • During movement, neither knees nor elbows should rest on or touch anything.
  • The pedals should move freely without stressing the knees and spine.
  • Hands should easily reach the handrails. Otherwise, there will be an additional load on the spine.
  • Don’t grip the handrails too tightly. Hands get tired of this much faster.
  • Pedals should be rotated at a uniform speed.
  • You need to stand straight with a straight back. You cannot deviate and sway.
  • Modes and programs should switch smoothly. Plus, the control panel itself should be accessible and understandable.

Pros and cons of such ellipses

Thanks to elliptical simulators at home, it is possible to work out different muscle groups, problem areas, strengthen the heart and blood vessels.

The pluses of an ellipsoid include:

  • People suffering from diseases of the joints and spine can be engaged. Unlike cycling, stepper and treadmill, there is no extra stress on the knees. Only the muscles work.
  • During the workout, the back, abs, arms and chest are involved. Therefore, additional power shells are not required to form a beautiful silhouette.
  • Blood circulation improves, which means that oxygen supply to the muscles increases, fat burning increases, metabolic processes are normalized. (Read: How to lose weight on an ellipsoid)
  • Classes are effective, but they are sparing, there is no risk of injury.
  • Thanks to the built-in programs, it is suitable for different levels of physical fitness.
  • Helps fight muscle, neurological spasms.
  • Allows you to calculate the number of calories burned and the effectiveness of the exercise. Or you can use our calorie calculator.
  • The ellipsoid simulator can be used by all family members, from children to the elderly.
  • Consumes a small amount of energy.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • The price for such models of sports equipment is higher than for others.
  • Stationary options take up a lot of space, and folding ones quickly break down.
  • The position is unstable due to the presence of castors.
  • The higher the weight of the flywheel, the better the training quality. Therefore, the projectile is heavy and, accordingly, less mobile.
  • Before and after the lesson, it is required to warm up, stretch. And this increases the training time.


For the device to serve for a long time, the following operating conditions must be observed:

  • The room must be ventilated and have a normal level of humidity, be clean. Do not spray aerosols or gas nearby.
  • The working temperature is 15-35 degrees.
  • The floor covering must not slip. Better to use a special mat to protect the surface.
  • It is important to watch the clothes and the towel so that the ends do not get caught in the driving mechanism.
  • There should be about 1 m around the ellipsoid for the range of movement of the pedals and handles.
  • So that your feet do not slip, you should practice in special shoes.
  • Do not level or place objects under the legs.
  • Periodically you need to check the quality of the fastening of the nodes.
  • After the lesson, the ellipsoid must be unplugged from the outlet.
  • Clean with a soft cotton cloth without abrasive detergents.

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