9 ways to improve treadmill workouts

The treadmills offer benefits that may be much more motivating and even training conducive to the jogging trails.

From GymCompany, we want to give you some tips. Note these tips and learn how to train optimizing the treadmills to the maximum , simulate races , monitor your constants and avoid the harmful elements of running.

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9 ways to improve treadmill workouts

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Combine movements

Take advantage of the benefits offered by treadmills. Running on a treadmill gives you visualization of heart rate or pace statistics at your fingertips, allowing you to gain maximum control over the effort and speed of your workouts.

You can try an “anything goes” workout: increase the incline in the first interval, then activate the quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings with a drop. Finish a race at a good pace.

The advice is that you do not think too much and take advantage of those options that you have in front of you.

Use the constant momentum of the treadmill for motivation to run a low-level hill program or interval training and change them as much as possible to stay motivated.

Create a difficulty stream of work

Not going all out is sometimes good advice. Despite the results that can be achieved by training to extremes, you can actually get a better workout by tuning into what is happening in your body on the day itself.

For example, after a hard day on the tracks running, doing a running workout on a mountainous program will cause even more fatigue .

Instead, breaking away from high-intensity workouts will prevent diminishing returns from happening. For this kind of training, we recommend the Fytter RU-4XR treadmill.

Get a good warm-up

Counter a day’s work from the office by starting your workout by warming up at a slow speed to open your hips. Integrate a slow lateral movement exercise on a 3% -5% incline to strengthen the adductors during warm-up or cool-down.

Another exercise can comprise 30-60 seconds of running forward combined with 30-60 seconds of walking backwards at 2km / h, although the slower the better.

For these exercises, the feet must be lifted to deliberately activate the muscles. After these movements, you can include an exercise of walking sideways for 30-45 seconds and then change, repeating it 4-5 times.

Don’t make small stops

The fatigue may be tempted to stop, catch you, or lean on the railings. Given this, it is better to stop completely than to take a break in the machine and then continue or drink.

For safety reasons, it is always best to get off the machine where you feel exhausted or fatigued.

Work while you train

You can take advantage of the time spent on the treadmill to accomplish some simple tasks.

To make the treadmill another part of your office or your office, you can use moderate or light training to make calls, answer messages or other minor tasks that can be combined with training and a gentle speed.

And if what you really want from this cardiovascular exercise is a workout at home, we recommend our selection of folding treadmills, perfect for home use.

Imitate the running mode in races

Try to reproduce the terrain of proper tracks, race time, or rhythms using the performance of the treadmills.

For example, take advantage of the automatic elevation options of the treadmill if you want to reproduce the conditions of a mountain race, or simulate a racecourse by adding small hills to the training, so that it will seem much more real, motivating and much more effective in preparing for some type of competition.

Run more hills

Treadmills offer the possibility of exercising by going uphill without having to lower it later. This is beneficial since when you are making a descent, you usually suffer some pain and even cause injuries because of the impact on the calf and knee.

With treadmills, therefore, it is easier and safer to do effective training through much more joint- friendly repetitions going up and recovering on a flat surface, as with the Bodytone DT16 treadmill.

Ignore the programmed “burn fat” setting

Pre-defined fat burning programs are not really the best option for this. The lower intensity proposed by these programs only means that a higher percentage of caloric expenditure is from fat. However, you will always burn more fat by running faster than if you run slower.

For example, if you run at about 9 km / h and 60% of your energy comes from calories from fat, it is possible to burn 100 calories for every 2 kilometers.

But if you reach 16 km / h and 40% of your energy comes from fat, you can burn up to 300 calories for every 2 kilometers. It’s basically about increasing speed and fat burning will double.

Avoid using weights

Adding weights to running training can affect the muscle and cause some of your balance to be lost .

Weights can change the body’s biomechanics and the point of impact, leading to injury. You can always add weights for other strength training .

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