9 Best Full Face MTB Helmets [2022]

If you like to run errands or cycle rides, you will need a protective device such as a helmet. Among the most recommended, it is better to lean towards the integral MTB models. They are more secure and resistant.

On the market, these are presented in many prototypes. However, before you ask yourself how to choose the best MTB full face helmets of 2022, it is advisable to take a look at some essential criteria. Indeed, this is the size, safety, locking system and design of the model.

The comparison of the most coveted products below will also simplify your sorting. Yema YM-915 has a laser cut foam that matches the shape of the head correctly, improving the sensations of the biker in full activity. the Kini Red Bull Revolution for its part is as aesthetic as it is cozy thanks to its well ventilated and hygienic interior as well as its stylish look.

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9 Best Full Face MTB Helmets [2022]

In order not to neglect safety, the helmet is chosen after careful consideration. The full model is available in many specimens. This article will help you to know the most popular products of the moment. You will therefore have a selection that will facilitate your search to ensure your protection and your life.

Yema YM-915 Men’s Moto Cross Helmet ECE

This inexpensive MTB full face helmet has a comfortable liner that can be removed. Thanks to this, the maintenance will be easier, thus allowing you to get rid of the microbes and bacteria responsible for the bad odor.

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It has a free space to install a microphone headset, but also Bluetooth glasses. These accessories will help you communicate with other bikers or your technical staff during a competition. Equipped with a ventilation system, the air inlet and outlet are easily controlled. You can then create a constant flow to evacuate heat and perspiration, regardless of the type of course or the event you practice.

With multi-density ABS and EPS construction, this item promises optimum protection for your head. You therefore do not risk hurting yourself too much by falling. This design will prevent serious injury to your face with its reinforced, quick-release chin bar.

For the

Hygienic : This model has a removable antibacterial foam that will allow you to wash it easily and therefore prevent the proliferation of microbes.

Ergonomic : The quick release buckle will help you effortlessly remove it when you are done with your ride.

Resistant : With a multidensity ABS and EPS structure, this inexpensive MTB full face helmet effectively protects you in the event of an accident.

The cons

Heavy : With a weight of 1.4 kg, it sits above average. You must therefore get used to wearing it before using it in competition.

Troy Lee Designs Adult

If you want to make the most of your bike ride, there is nothing better than to equip yourself with a light helmet. Bell presents here a product easy to carry with its featherweight of 950 g. It makes you feel like you’re not putting anything on your head. Anyway, he plays his role of protector against possible falls.

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  • SAFETY: reinforced polycarbonate shell in-molded, EPS liner on sides and back
  • MAXIMUM COOL: 16 total vented ports for cool air in and drawing heat out (8 front and 8 in the back)

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As for its dimensions, this specimen is intended in particular for young pilots. It is less suitable for cyclists with a high head circumference. It benefits from a robust design with its ABS materials. Thanks to this, it is shock resistant and remains intact despite scratches or bumps. Despite frequent drops, the helmet does not break easily. This gives you the opportunity to use it for a long time.

To ensure your comfort during the effort, it provides good ventilation by the presence of openings. It has a cozy inner part pleasant to the touch. Easy to use, it comes with an adjustable visor. You can turn it up when you want to keep your head cool. To meet all tastes, this model is available in many colors. You just have to choose the one you like.

For the

Lightweight equipment: It limits the pressure on your neck. In this way, it does not encumber you during the journey. However, this characteristic does not impact on its performance. This reference ensures your protection against any test.

Comfortable to use: The model provides optimal ventilation helping you stay comfortable despite sweating. To do this, it has a cozy interior guaranteeing your well-being when wearing it.

A solid helmet: Its robustness is evident at first glance. The structure has a resistant and durable ABS design. This promises you safe long-term use.

Good value for money : Even if this specimen brings together multiple strengths, we can see that its pricing is accessible to all budgets.

The cons

Small: It must be recognized that this article is not suitable for everyone. It is only reserved for the youngest.

Fox Racing Bike-Helmets MAINFRAME Mountain Biking Helmet MIPS

This Red Bull MTB full face helmet is distinguished by its aerodynamic shape. It gives you better air penetration, even at high speed. You can ride at high speed without any difficulty. Along with the Red Bull logo, this item also displays a sporty design. You will therefore have the opportunity to better devote yourself to your activity or your passion. In addition, its UV protection keeps you sheltered from the sun’s rays.

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  • Proven MIPS impact protection system reduces rotational forces in a crash by absorbing and...
  • Extended converage for added safety

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With a coolmax interior, this equipment ensures your comfort when wearing it. Indeed, it is hypoallergenic and breathable. The itching will not be there. You can also use it hygienically, because it is washable.

In terms of safety, it has ECE 22-05 approval. As a result, you can enjoy your activity without running the risk of being injured in the event of an accident.

Where to buy the best full face MTB helmet? If you are still in doubt, you can stop your gaze at the Kini Red Bull Revolution. It takes precedence in design but also in comfort.

For the

Aerodynamic Design: With its looks, this item helps improve air penetration especially if you are riding at high speed. Thus, you will have better performance in various competitions.

Comfortable interior: This prototype has a breathable and hypoallergenic coolmax interior. As a result, you will be very comfortable wearing it, even for hours.

The cons

Lack of glasses: For some users, the presence of a glasses would have been a real plus for this model.

Troy Lee Designs Adult|

The Fox Proframe Mink incorporates several vents (24 in all with a Big Bore design) ensuring good breathability. This prevents profuse sweating, even if you are on a long course. It therefore adapts to Enduro, a discipline that requires pedaling quickly over a long distance. You’ll also find a visor that redirects the airflow to the ventilation channels, keeping your head cool.

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  • SAFETY: reinforced polycarbonate shell in-molded, EPS liner on sides and back plus MIPS for maximum...
  • MAXIMUM COOL: 16 total vented ports for cool air in and drawing heat out (8 front and 8 in the back)

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A liner intended to fight against humidity also exists, which gives this model an anti-microbial property.

Equipped with the MIPS system ( Multi-directional Impact Protection System) , this Fox MTB full face helmet guarantees maximum protection for your head. Its shockproof design absorbs much of the slanting blows, preventing you from hurting yourself too much.

It is therefore also suitable for All Mountain, because it has the certifications authorizing the use in DH. Note that this technology is not yet present in all helmet models on the market.

The Varizorb polystyrene foam also promises good comfort, while attenuating shocks. It then distributes the vibrations throughout the helmet, instead of sending it directly to the cranial box.

And so you can put on and take off your helmet easily, it has a Fidlock magnetic buckle.

For the

Reliable : It has a strap with a Fidlock attachment system. It will be easy for you to handle and ensure an effective hold.

Good Breathability : Several vents are found on this model, with a visor that redirects airflow directly into the helmet. This will keep you cool, while sweating as little as possible.

Optimal protection : Varizorb polystyrene foam dissipates shocks to return them to the entire helmet. So you don’t risk having a serious head injury. The same goes for MIPS technology which aims to reduce the forces of oblique shocks on your head.

The cons

Gets dirty quickly : With a white color, this model stains quite easily, especially if you are on a dirt course. Note also that other colors also exist.

Plastic design : The coating of this helmet is plastic. It could be a plus since it is lightweight. But this is also a disadvantage, because one could wonder about the seriousness of the manufacturer.

POC Kortal Cycling Helmet

When buying a helmet, nothing is more reassuring than to equip yourself with a reliable model. This Fox article persuades many buyers, thanks to the success of its design. It stays tight to ensure your safety and stability. Although you forget to lock it, this equipment does not move despite the small unexpected leaps. This specimen comes with a patented chin bar. It protects your face effectively.

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As for the materials of its manufacture, the helmet has a fiberglass shell. Compared to polycarbonate, this finish is strong enough to withstand collisions. In addition, it is distinguished by its long lifespan.

You can enjoy it for a long time. Regarding its inner lining, the manufacturer chooses the EPS in 3 different sizes. This type of composition is known for its optimal absorption of vibrations. In the event of a dangerous impact, it has correct shock absorption.

This item stands out for its good breathability. It has 11 air plugs to keep you cool no matter how hard you workout. To ensure its cleanliness, you can easily remove its foams and wash them.

For the

An ideal fit: This material conforms to the contours of your head to ensure its protection. Even though it’s tight, it still leaves room for your ears.

Good finish: Its fiberglass shell promises optimum strength against any impact. Its internal EPS part spreads vibrations on the structures of the helmet, which minimizes impacts on the skull.

Washable liners: To fight against bad odor as well as bacteria, this part can be taken apart and cleaned easily.

Breathable : The article has 11 air inlets that cool your head while running. This reduces your perspiration thus ensuring your comfort at all times.

The cons

Fixing foams open to criticism: As they are removed with each cleaning, this mechanism must show significant strength. It is a pity that the latter turns out to be unreliable. Indeed, the anchoring is carried out using rather thin plastic nipples.

Fox Racing Bike-Helmets Speedframe MIPS Helmet

The Kenny Down Hill is a specimen designed for different disciplines. You can indeed use it for long distance courses such as enduro, for BMX, but also for more complicated tracks, such as DH or Freeride. It will then be useful to you, whatever your specialty.

Fox Racing Speedframe MIPS Helmet, Turquoise, Medium
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Fox Racing Speedframe MIPS Helmet, Turquoise, Medium
  • Proven MIPS impact protection system reduces rotational forces in a crash.
  • Optimized venting with channeled, in-molded EPS provides efficient cooling.

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Featuring 16 vents, this item will keep your head cool at all times. Indeed, the high breathability ensures minimal sweating. This guarantees good comfort, especially during difficult and exhausting journeys.

Weighing in at around 900g, this item is one of the lightest on this list. This makes wearing less tiring, even if you are exercising all day. As a result, you will not have to adapt for long before using it during a competition.

For the

Multi-disciplines : With a versatile design, this Kenny full-face MTB helmet can be used in BMX, DH, Freestyle, but also in enduro.

Breathable : Thanks to its 16 ventilations, this model will cool your head to minimize perspiration. So you won’t be bothered by the heat and sweat during the race.

Lightweight : With a total weight of 900g, it weighs less than most items of the same genre.

The cons

Large size : This specimen is only available in XL. If you have a small head, you better get another item.

POC Kortal Race MIPS Cycling Helmet

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This full face mountain bike helmet meets the DOT standard. It is therefore used on official tracks, but also off-road. Its design promises optimal protection, reducing the risk of injury in case the little one falls.

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POC, Kortal Race MIPS MTB Bike Helmet for Trail and Enduro,...
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It has been injection molded, thus providing a united structure. It will not break easily even in a strong collision. The thermo-Resin construction provides effective assistance during a fall. The size of this model is also suitable for children from 3 to 13 years old. Then yours will be able to wear it for many years.

The exclusive Qtech design is also sure to catch the eye of your little one. Added to this, you will have the opportunity to choose from the different colors offered. Your little gentleman or princess will be all the more happy. In addition, the removable liner promotes easy cleaning. The binding is also easily removed.

For the

All terrain : This item is suitable for use on track, but also off-road, thanks to the DOT certification.

Optimal Protection : With a Thermo-Resin construction and injection molding, the Qtech ATV Quad absorbs shocks well to ensure the safety of the youngster.

Easy maintenance : With a removable foam, the soaping will be done without great difficulty. You will then maintain hygiene to ensure the good health of your child.

The cons

Small size : Given the quality of the product, some adults would have preferred to have it in their size.

Troy Lee Designs Adult | All Mountain | Mountain Bike

The full-face MTB enduro helmet has an injected polycarbonate shell. This construction gives it good impact resistance. It literally swallows the blows to send the vibrations back to the whole structure. This then reduces the power of the impact on the head.

Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Stealth Full-Face Mountain Bike...
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Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Stealth Full-Face Mountain Bike...
  • LIGHT FULL FACE helmet. MIPS, EPP (slow speed), EPS (high speed) coverage. 690 grams
  • EFFICIENT VENTILATION SYSTEM to keep you cool. 25 high-flow intake & exhaust ports for high airflow

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With an adjustable visor, you will be able to have constant and controlled ventilation. This will prevent you from being too hot, but also from being disturbed by an excessively high air flow, in the event of a squall.

The removable interior allows you to wash it separately. This guarantees good hygiene, as the maintenance takes place in depth, thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria and bad odor. With a weight of approximately 928 g, the model will not tire your neck thanks to its lightness. It therefore adapts to enduro, freeride or even DH.

For the

Good Protection: Polycarbonate design allows it to minimize impact. This then creates optimum safety, even in the event of a dangerous fall.

Lightweight : This specimen weighs only about 928g, reducing the pressure at the back of the neck. So you don’t get tired easily while wearing it.

Breathable : With its many ventilations and the adjustable visor, you enjoy a good freshness at all times.

The cons

Binding to review : According to some opinions, the bindings of this model should be reworked, because some do not last as long as the hull.

Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet

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This item has an ABS shell. This resistant structure appropriately absorbs shocks instead of the head, thus reducing the impact on the skull. Hard hits in accidents won’t hurt you too much. Complying with the EN1078 safety standard, this model shows great reliability. You will therefore not be afraid of small falls on the slopes.

Giro Fixture MIPS Bike Helmet - Matte Black,One Size
  • MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab.
  • INTEGRATED MIPS: Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a...

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With an absorbent and washable lining, it guarantees good hygiene. You can indeed clean it regularly to get rid of the bad smell, but also bacteria and microbes.

The ONeal Fidlock magnetic buckle provides effective attachment and easy release. You will be able to remove the equipment with just one hand.

The adjustable visor prevents glare if you are riding towards the sun. This reduces perspiration, this design also promises great comfort. You will therefore not be hampered during your journeys.

For the

Reliable: This Oneal MTB full face helmet meets the EN1078 standard. The ABS construction provides effective protection.

Breathable : With an adjustable visor and multiple vents, you will have more control over the incoming airflow to cool your head.

Ergonomic : The attachment system can be removed with one hand, allowing you to remove the helmet without much difficulty.

The cons

Common design : The appearance of this model is not attractive enough according to some consumers. The aviator style does not appear to be the trend of the moment according to them.

Purchase guide

Choosing a helmet is not always an easy thing, because it is not a question of choosing one so that it looks good on our head, or that it suits our outfits. Indeed, it is a question of safety, even of life and death. Everything else should only be complementary. For now, we will offer you a small buying guide for the best full face MTB helmets, as well as the necessary advice on how to choose a good one.


When looking for where to buy a new MTB full face helmet, size is arguably the number one thing to check. Indeed, what good would a helmet offering the best protection in the world if it does not even fit you? To get the right size, take a tape measure, place it about two inches above your eyebrows, and wrap it around your head, over your ears.

Typically, an adult’s head circumference is between 53 and 66cm, which equates to a size between XS and XXXL. If you fall between two sizes, it is advisable to take the small one, because the foam inside the helmet will settle over use.

Safety devices

In general, the points to check on a full face MTB helmet in terms of safety devices are the material with which the shell was made, the foam, the quality of the chin bar, and the attachment straps. On this point, checking the type of helmet certification can be more useful. Among other things, we have the European standard (CEN) which certifies very robust helmets, especially at the level of the hull. We also have the Australian and New Zealand certifications (AS / NZS2063) and the American certification (CPSC), which have one thing in common: they prefer a less rigid chin bar favoring deformation, this for better shock absorption and to avoid cervical lesions.

There is also an old certification still valid in the United States, the ASTM, with more rigorous tests than for the CPSC, and the DOT certification that we find more in the field of motorcycles.


Bicycle helmets are usually made of three layers, namely the shell or the outer part, the protective padding as well as the comfort padding. As said above, over use, the foam tends to sag. And this is especially noticeable in the comfort padding. Also, when you find yourself on a price comparison, remember to check if this padding is removable, that is to say washable and replaceable. As for the protective padding, it is better if it is “welded” to the shell for better strength.

The materials

Here it is a question of how to buy a MTB full face helmet with a better price-performance ratio. It goes without saying, plastic helmets will be much cheaper than carbon or fiberglass or linen helmets. Everything will then depend on your usage habits. If you are one of those who like to live dangerously, then choose the best helmet that can protect you well, instead of choosing the cheapest. Rely on the standards cited above. The design must be the last criterion of choice.

How to use a full face MTB helmet?

When it comes to extreme sport, it remains crucial to be equipped with suitable protective equipment. Of course, we love thrills, but we shouldn’t risk our own life either. For mountain biking, the full face helmet is one of the most popular equipment for fans. This is due to their foolproof reliability. However, if you don’t know how to use it wisely, we have some tips for you in the following article.

Choose the right size

Choosing the right size is crucial in acquiring a protective helmet. If your equipment does not have the right measurements, it will be of no use to you in your accidents. It is therefore recommended to take a model exactly adapted to your head. Neither too big nor too narrow, but wide enough to give you better ventilation. Try your product first before you buy it. See if you feel comfortable there.

Secure the attachment straps

The tether straps are the devices that will ensure the stability of your helmet on your head. So make sure you adjust them correctly. To do this, tighten them until they reach below your chin. Make sure, however, that there is a space between the latter and the basket that corresponds to the size of your index finger. Place it at this level to be sure.

Ensure the stability of the helmet on the head

To ensure your safety in the event of an impact of any kind, your helmet must be perfectly still. When you have installed it, try to move it in all directions. When you are satisfied and confident of its positioning, you can then hit the road and train with confidence. Otherwise, readjust until the expected result is obtained. Be patient in this direction.

Using the Eject system

When the rider of an ATV is on the ground, it is strongly recommended not to remove his helmet directly, because you must not suddenly move your head. However, some models are now equipped with the Eject system. The latter allows the helmet to be removed gently without its owner realizing it. To do this, you will only have to take the pads out of the cheeks and inflate the folded plastic balloon. This is through the pipette that you will see on the back of the equipment in question.

Clean the helmet

The two main components that you will have to clean here are the thongs and the foams. Detach these and place them in the sink or in the shower according to your preferences. Use shampoo or just sportswear detergent. As for the hull, all you need to do is rinse it with running water and you’re ready to go.

Dry your helmet

This action could damage your equipment. It is therefore necessary that you carry it out carefully. So, avoid the dryer or hair dryer at all costs. The heat will seriously damage the structure of your helmet. Simply squeeze the strips and foam without twisting them. This is to remove as much water as possible.

Most popular brands

Unlike the so-called “jet” models, the “Integral” helmets offer a much higher level of safety. Indeed, these specimens have the advantage of considering the entire surface of the head. This will ensure you are prepared for any eventuality of accident. However, you will need to exercise caution when selecting your item. Not all products that you will come across on the market are as beefy as they seem. We then turn your attention to the most reliable references in the field.

The Fox brand is known today for its products revolving around sport on two wheels. Indeed, this brand presents a wide range of equipment items in this field. We can for example distinguish cross jerseys, cross masks, shoe soles, visors or even overjackets.

Regarding Integral MTB helmets, Fox provides its customers with systems that are as safe as they are aesthetic. You will thus have a large margin of choice of color according to your personality. The padding has been specially designed to offer you optimal wearing comfort.

Sixsixone is one of the biggest brands in the manufacture of safety equipment for motocross enthusiasts. To this end, the brand provides its consumers with products such as boots, knee protectors and gloves.

As for Integral MTB helmets, Sixsixone offers a wide choice of models suitable for all needs. The articles in this reference stand out above all for the comfort they offer to their users. This thanks to materials that are both light and resistant. On the other hand, the prices at Sixsixone are unbeatable. Enough to get started with your eyes closed.

The Bell brand is best known for its wide range of bicycle helmets. Indeed, Bell provides everyone with several models that adapt to all situations, all needs and also all budgets.

As for so-called “Integral” specimens, Bell sets itself apart by its products with perfect ventilation and good practicality. Some Bell references are equipped, among other things, with removable cheek pads. This will make the maintenance of your equipment much easier.

This is one of the biggest brands dedicated to riders. It was created in 1970. This guarantees its expertise in the field. The products made available by this brand are numerous. We can, for example, distinguish all kinds of jerseys, shorts, shoes, or even jackets.

When it comes to Integral MTB helmets, O’Neal is aimed not only at men, but also at women. This thanks to diverse designs according to the sex of the holder. In addition to their beautiful aesthetic, the models from O’Neal are also defined by their lightness and versatility. Most of the products offered by this brand are indeed equipped with an adjustable visor to optimize your comfort.

The Seven brand is one of the best known in the cycling world. Indeed, the brand produces most of the equipment intended for the practice of this sport. This by going from the bicycle in question to the various safety devices necessary for this activity.

Integral helmets from Seven are especially appreciated for their sobriety and their well thought-out ventilation system. The Seven M1, for example, has 16 air inlets ensuring optimal ventilation. In addition, thanks to the breathable interior fabric with which it is equipped, this item will offer you maximum comfort throughout your journey, regardless of the length.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: MTB, full face helmet or not?

When you do dangerous tricks, you have to be prepared to fall. The risk of serious injury is greater, especially on mountain bikes. The use of a simple helmet certainly protects the head, but only the upper part. The use of a full face mtb red bull helmet or another brand allows you to cover every millimeter of the skull, but also the face. It all depends on your practice: Enduro, RP, dirt, street trial, but also if you ride on BMX tracks.

Q2: How do I clean my MTB full face helmet?

The wash only changes slightly depending on the type. Whether you have a fixed or removable foam model, you have to immerse everything in a bowl of warm soapy water. Add a small amount of bleach to disinfect the whole. Indeed, by dint of perspiring inside, microorganisms can proliferate there. This mixture also removes the bad smell from the foam. Then you just have to rinse with lukewarm water and air dry, without direct contact with the sun.

Q3: How to choose the size of an MTB helmet?

Comfort depends in part on the size of the full face helmet. Therefore, select a model that fits you like a glove. To start, take the measurement of your head circumference. Although there is no precise reference, it is 50 to 56 cm for children and 55 to 65 cm for adults, in general. Manufacturers have therefore based their products on this average.

Q4: When to change the MTB helmet?

There will come a time when you will have to replace the helmet. When you see some pretty glaring deterioration, like cracks. This is the most dangerous case, because it will no longer protect your head effectively. There will also be a time when the straps will tear, due to wear and tear. There will also be faulty tightening or quite simply the aging of the product. In any case, consider getting a new model. Your safety and health will indeed depend on the effectiveness of the helmet.

Q5: How to fix a gopro on an ATV helmet?

The use of a GoPro makes it possible to film personal exploits. To install it on your full face helmet, use a specific attachment adapted to the camera. Of course, a helmet that meets regulatory safety standards is required for successful docking. You just have to attach the latter and tighten the strap for a more adequate and quick installation. Also make sure that there is no waiver to ensure that the device does not fall when performing stunts.

Q6: How to adjust an MTB helmet?

In order to obtain effective protection, the adjustment of a full face helmet must be carried out properly. It is therefore necessary that it follows the movements of your head, without pitching. It should then not move, whether you throw your head forward, backward or to the side. Each model has an attachment system. This must be properly tightened before dealing with the straps.

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