7 tips for using the exercise bike at home

An exercise bike at home is a great way to exercise. However, sometimes it is forgotten in a corner. The best way to avoid this is to choose a good routine.

tips for using the exercise bike at home

Do you know why the exercise bike at home ends up being used to hang clothes in the room? Among other reasons, it is due to the fact that we have not acquired a suitable equipment or that we do not carry out the routine that we like the most.

To avoid this frustrating situation, in the following article we will give you some tips to make the most of that device that you have bought or have been given as a gift.

Exercise bike at home: before you buy

You don’t have much time to go to the gym , but you want at least some exercise every day — or a few times a week. So, you think that having an exercise bike at home will be the magic solution to your problem.

However, you should know that, in most cases, this device ends up forgotten in a corner of the room covered by a mountain of clothes. The purpose of this article is not to discourage you, but to consider what can happen if you do not give the exercise bike the place it deserves. Therefore, before buying one, we recommend the following:

1. Borrow one

There is always a friend, cousin or colleague from the office who has bought an exercise bike and does not use it. A good idea is to borrow it and try it out a few weeks before purchasing one, or you may even end up buying it from that person. In this way, you can test if you like doing this type of exercise at home or if pedaling is not your thing.

2. Don’t buy without seeing the bike

You may think that exercise bikes are all the same, but this is not the case. There are dozens of models on the market and, although it may not seem like it, most of them will not be comfortable for you.

Therefore, before purchasing we recommend you try it in a store or go to a gym and use some of those found in the room spinning or apparatus.

Not only do strength exercises and cardio affect hormone production, but any physical activity can have this effect.

Although it is good to pay attention to the price, do not be guided so much by the value of the bike, but by the benefits it has. Consider comfort and the possibility of adjusting the saddle or handlebar. Ultimately, it is those characteristics that will make you use the exercise bike at home or not.

3. Avoid folding

They have been touted as ‘the salvation’ for small flats in the city or for confined spaces. However, a folding bike is more likely to be stored under the bed than to be used, and the idea is that you make the most of it.

4. Choose where to place it

Just as the folding bike is not recommended, it is not good for you to ‘hide’ it or leave it in a corner of your house. It is necessary that it takes a certain role so that you remember that you must exercise and, at the same time, that it does not clash with the decoration. You can choose a bike of a certain color or design and you will end up liking that it is in the middle of the room.

In addition, we advise you that when choosing the site this is the definitive one; In other words, do not change it from place to time beyond moving it a little to clean. Choose to leave it near a window so that when you exercise you can breathe easier .

I already have an exercise bike at home: what now?

Perhaps you have received it as a gift for your birthday, it has been loaned or you have bought it in a fit of athletic spirit … but it has been there for weeks waiting for you to take advantage of it. Some tips so that it does not end up being a coat rack:

1. Create a routine

For example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., write down in the diary that it is time to use the exercise bike. Nothing to improvise because there will always be thousands of more fun things – or not – to do.

Knowing how to choose a spinning bike can save you discomfort when using it.

2. Put it in front of the television

A great way to take advantage of your stationary bike is to exercise while watching an episode of your favorite series or comic movie . You will hardly even realize that you are pedaling and you will avoid the waste of time that comes with spending an hour or two sitting in front of the television lying on the sofa – and probably eating.

3. Play good music to use the exercise bike at home

They have to be lively and entertaining songs, whatever the rhythm. You can use the changes in the music to speed up the pedaling movement. And personal class won’t be so boring!

Finally, we recommend that you start with a half-hour routine and gradually increase the speed and complexity of the exercise. This way you can avoid injuries and the consequences of overtraining. What remains is only will and a lot of courage!

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