To avoid that terrible and dreaded nacelle body, it is important, and also healthy, to exercise the muscles of the legs. Specifically, calf exercises are essential for strengthening the legs and obtaining greater pulling power.

However, strengthening your calves is not just about going for a run, there are many other exercises you can use to get stronger and stay healthier.

Let’s see some of these exercises for calves at home that you can use, and also of course all the benefits it has:

Why is it important to strengthen the calves?

The gastrocnemius or calf muscle, as it is popularly known, can offer several interesting benefits from being constantly exercised. Some of these benefits are:

  • Reduces the fatigue obtained by doing sports that involve the use of the legs

Improves leg support, thus avoiding the risk of injury

Improves balance and body posture

How to work the gastrocnemius muscle

It is important to know that not all exercises to work calves work the same. There will be some that help you lose weight, while others will allow you to strengthen them and thus obtain better results. Let’s see:

How to strengthen your calves

Strengthening your calves is the best way to avoid leg injuries, as well as gain leg strength. Let’s see some exercises:

  • Calves on the stairs: Stand on the top of a step with the balls of your feet, hold on to the railing, go down little by little, and go up with power.
  • Calf with weight: This is a variant of the previous one, although with greater weight, which will make us obtain larger and well-worked calves. We will need a ballast, and some weight like a steel disc, although you may well improvise as long as it is safe. The rest is to use a platform as a ladder to go up, keep our heels up and then go down. 

If what we want is to work the calves with a machine, we can use the  calf machine sitting down.

How to lose weight on twins

To slim your calves and tone them, in the event that your calves are too large, you can perform some exercises that help you burn localized fat .

Of course, being a localized exercise it will not be easy at all, but there are some options. Let’s see:

  • Straight stretch: Standing, and facing the front and feet shoulder-width apart, join your hands and raise with the calves until you reach the balls of your feet. You can use your hands to swing.
  • Individual stretch: Open your legs as far as you can, until you form a “T” Now, raise one heel and alternate with the next. You can swing using your hands. Leg routine to tone and lose weight CALFS and TWINS – YouTube

Now that you know these exercises for twins at home, what are you waiting to put them to use?

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