We all want muscular and strong arms, however, obtaining those results are the fruits of hard work that we must constantly do. That is why, below, we will give you 10 of the best exercises for triceps that you can perform to improve your physical condition in that specific area.

Do you want to know which exercises we are talking about? Then you better stay until the end. 

Triceps exercises

Next, we’ll talk a bit about the 10 best triceps exercises you can find. It should be noted that all the exercises that we will leave you are very easy to perform and you may already know them, the point is, you must perform them in a routine constantly so that you can see satisfactory results. These exercises are without the triceps machine 

How can you implement a routine with these exercises? Well that depends a lot on each person, however, on YouTube, you can find different examples of these routines that you can adapt to your own rhythm. With that said, let’s see the exercises we have for you.

  1. Parallel Dips: This exercise is very simple and you can do it from the comfort of your home, as long as you have two parallel and firm bases. Once you have them, you can start your routine doing any of the different parallel funds that exist.
  2. Extension of hands with dumbbells: For this, you must have your dumbbell, after having it, you must take a seat and take a dumbbell with one hand and pass it behind your head up to the shoulder blade of the arm with which you have the dumbbell. After doing it as many times as you want, you will do the same process on the other arm. You can consult the article exercises with dumbbells . 
  3. Seated elbow extension: Here, you need a bar so that once you are seated you begin to do the elbow extension in both arms while holding the bar.
  4. Triceps on upper pulley with bars: To perform this exercise correctly, you need to separate your feet at the height of your shoulders, bend your knees a little and respect the 2-second period of descent and ascent between each movement.
  5. Triceps on upper pulley with ropes: Like the previous exercise, you must respect the time of descent and ascent to be able to exercise the triceps very well.
  6. French Press: The classic  French Press could not be missing in this routine, since in addition to giving us the muscle mass we are looking for, it gives us strength that we can gradually increase thanks to the weights. All you need is a dumbbell and an abdominal bench .
  7. Push-ups with dumbbells and open elbows: For this exercise we need the two  weights and dumbbells to grab them and start moving them like push-ups in diamonds. (You can find more detailed videos on how to do it).
  8. Push-ups with hands together: This is another exercise that you can do from home since you only need to put your hands together on the floor, creating a diamond shape and then start doing push-ups.
  9. On the floor with kettlebells: Here you must lie down and lift and lower the  kettlebell kettlebell as if it were push-ups. You can consult other  exercises with kettlebell
  10. Sliding Floor Extension: For this exercise, you need to be on the floor. With a bar, you will raise your arms and lower until the bar touches the ground and extends your arms over your head, followed by that, you will slide the bar flexing your elbows and then raise it again.

Those are the 10 exercises that will help you get those triceps you want so the only thing left to do is, be consistent and follow the routine that is consistent with the capabilities of your body.

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